Frequently Asked Questions

Basic game mechanics

Each turn, you can choose one of three actions. Each action influences at least one of the four stats: energy, desire, pleasure and cum level. If their stats are high enough, certain actions can cause the other player to edge which is indicated by a “Trying to resist cumming…” message.

But be careful with your energy level! Low stamina might just leave you vulnerable to a finishing blow from your opponent. While aggressive sex attacks drain your energy, resting and masturbating make you regain some of it.

The femdom game mode works a bit differently. Instead of actions, that game mode has one-way instructions comparable to webteases or JOIs.

Getting started

Before you can play a game, you need to create a character. In the character menu, you can select your kinks and add a profile picture and a bio (hint: characters with good bios have a much higher chance of finding a game 😉 ). Once your character is ready, click the green “play” button and select which game mode you want to play. Don’t worry if you’re struggling to find someone to play with; the bots are always in the mood for a fun time. 😊

You can play the game as guest but in order to save your progress, you need to create an account.

Classic game in depth

When it's your turn, you can choose between three actions, that will increase different stats. Usually, first action is a kind of rest: recover your blue bar (energy) with little effects on your desire (pink bar) and pleasure (green bar) and the one of your partner. Second action is mild, it will not use a lot of energy and will generally raise the desire (pink) and pleasure (green) of your partner, and sometimes cum quantity (purple), if it's like a penetration move or something very strong. Third action is generally wild, it increases your opponent's pleasure and cum quantity, and sometimes leads to an orgasm roll. This orgasm roll fails or succeeds depending on how high the other stats are. (see cum test chapter)

Be careful though, some actions may derogate from these rules. Also, be aware that some actions will influence your character too. You'll not fuck someone without taking a little pleasure in the way...

Desire dictates what kind of moves you can do, and a higher desire leads to more pleasure per attack. In the same way, a high pleasure leads to more cum quantity per strong attack.

All actions are kind of balanced so that there is no "definitely wrong move", but some actions are definitely stronger than other. Anyway, try to play the game by picking actions you like and are reflecting your thoughts and desires at the moment, that definitely is the best way to play!

When your partner cums, it lowers his desire/pleasure/cum quantity, and his life points. It takes two cums to get someone down.

Undressing yourself is generally a way to recover energy and inflicting a bit of desire. Undressing your partner cost energy and raise a bit their desire too.

Actions you can choose from depends on a lot of things: your and your partner stats, your common kinks, or even preceding action.

I love maths! Give me formulas please!

Stats increasing: Gain in pleasure is dependent of accumulated desire! If the desire of your partner is 0, then you will only give them half the points you should have. At 40, you give them the normal quantity, at 80, double... And it can obviously go higher. So be sure to aim for your partner desire in a first part of a game!

Same thing for cum quantity with pleasure, that should encourage you to raise pleasure in a more moderated way, before going for the goal 😉

Cum test: You have to fill the bars up to 50 % at least to get a chance to cum. The formula takes into account the three stats: 1 * desire + 3 * pleasure + 5 * cum quantity. At 50% full you start to have a chance, at 75% full you have 50% chance to win ; at 100% full you win.

XP: On classic game, you gain 40 xp per win, 30 xp per lost game. On Femdom, it's 40xp for the girl, 20xp for the guy. To reach the following level, you need 80 + 20 * level^2.

More about bots

They are quite stupid when it comes to talk with them. Basically, they will chit chat a bit if they understand some words in your sentence, but never remember what they said before. Talking with them won't influence your game or be influenced by your game for the moment. You can also use them to get random stroke instructions by asking: "What should i do?", "Can I edge?" or "Can I cum?".

More about strategy

If you want to know more about in game strategy/balancing, I strongly encourage you to read this topic: Milovana topic. You can participate to the discussion/throw your ideas over there 😉 I also publish some news on my Patreon and Discord if you wan't to stay tuned of new games / new developments.

Any hidden thing?

There is actually some commands you can use in the chat, documentation here.

How can I contribute?

EroFights is shaped by its users. On the “My Actions” page, you can propose new actions which will be added to the game where everyone can use them. Creating new actions improves EroFights for everyone and you get some coins as reward for your contribution. Alternatively, you can also propose enhancements (e.g. more images and text corrections) for existing actions during a game.

If you are registered, you can send me some new actions to add to the game through My actions, you can also browse existing actions and propose some enhancements on an action there (to add an image to an action or improve a text)

Once you think you nailed it and are ready to go further, you can enter the code " ContentCreator " in your account. It will unlock the full potential of action proposal, with the full engine for you to fill. You're not required to fill more things, but you'll be able to. Get some inspiration from existing actions ; advantage score should always be near 10 for a "Classic" action.

Creating and supervising EroFights takes a lot of time and work, so if you have some money to spare, you can also support EroFights on Patreon. In return, you receive a special badge and other rewards. 😊

The EroFights Community

The game gets better the more people are playing it. So share it with the world and let everyone know if you enjoy EroFights!

And be sure to join the EroFights Discord server if you want to get to know the other players and stay up to date on everything that’s happening! You can also find EroFights on Milovana, BestPornGames, and A good rating or upvote on those websites helps a lot! 😊

A message from the Welcoming Committee!

We in the welcoming committee do just as advertised, welcome you to the wonderful world of Erofights. Whether that means teaching you the basics of the game, helping your find a good RP partner, a kind Dom, or a nice sub we are here for you. We are Zedd , Countess Sasha , Anna (GgGirl) , Jessie , Imperator Maxime Andre , Valeria , Gino , Milov VIII , Lucifer , Curious , Freya , Alissa and we welcome you! Please do not hesitate to reach out to us, i promise we are very friendly 😊

The future of the game

First: more content and more balance in the game! Next, EroFights is just in its first development phase, but a lot of mechanics are already in place for the next steps! Prepare to see more situations, more possible actions, a better design, an interactive two-way JOI, special items/actions for good players/patrons, character preferences, critical hits.. ! Possibilities and ideas are infinite, I just need time to implement them and write content. If you want to help me make this game become a reality, please join the Patreon or donate on or Ko-fi! 😉 Thanks!

Code of conduct

By playing EroFights, you plainly agree to the “Code of conduct”. Any failure to do so will be met be severe sanctions.

Privacy policy

I don't care about your data. There is no Google Analytics here. None of your data will ever be shared with any third parties. Emails are not verified, passwords stored safely (hashed), all data (messages/games logs/characters) are fully erased when you delete them or your account. Games logs are only saved if you opt-in to retrieve them, and that's only for you own use.

About me

I'm a 29 years old french dev, with lots of kinks 😉 You can reach me on Patreon, through my EroFight character or come chat on the Discord server! Feel free to drop some ideas or just give some feedbacks 😉

EroFights is still in an early development state and new features and actions are constantly being added. Enjoy your time here! Thanks for playing and supporting EroFights! 😊