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Started by Frikka (Lucy´s wife)

Frikka (Lucy´s wife)


Golden rule: Be safe!
This tournament encourages IRL actions and BDSM content.
It goes without saying that all participants are requested to act SAFE, SANE and CONSENSUAL!
We don´t push people towards decisions they don´t want to take.
We don´t take any risks (be careful with bondage, blood circulation eg.)
We don´t involve other people outside the game (be careful with outdoor actions, indecent behaviour).

“Master“ and “pet“ mean all genders (simplification).

When a pet loses a match, they must choose a penalty from the following lists. The more you lose, the stricter the punishment will become. The punishments are cumulative.

Loser punishment: Pick one each time you lose a game

  1. (Edges) Edge 3 times for each time you and your master came during the game.

  2. (Denial) X days of chastity/denial after the tournament (X being the number of times you and your master came during your games combined.)

  3. (Forced orgasms) 2 ruined orgasms in one day.

  4. (Outdoor) Masturbate in a public place for 2mins or longer.

  5. (Humiliation/ Body writing) Write "Loser pet" onto your inner thighs (non-permanent) before your next game and make sure to keep it for its duration at least.

  6. (Toys) Don’t wear underwear for the next day

  7. (Pain) Spank yourself 30 times.

1st Debuff: Pick one after your first loss in addition to your punishment. These will be active for the rest of the tournament, so be sure to choose wisely.

  1. (Edges) Edging slut : You must edge once each time a cum test is used against your team.
    1b. Backfired: Everytime you make your opponent cum, you must edge 5 times (whenever feasible, even after the game)

  2. (Denial) I swear I did my best : For each individual loss you earn one week of chastity/denial after the tournament.
    2B Pack tactics: Try to convince other pets in your team to share your penalty. If they agree, both of you earn four days of chastity/denial after the tournament.
    If they refuse, you have to endure 8 days in chastity/ denial yourself.

  3. (Forced orgasms) Team spirit : You need to cum once for every cum success against your team. You will deliver those orgasms on all 4s like a good pet.
    3B. Greedy for orgasms: You try to get as many orgasms out of your opponent as possible. If you are able to convince your opponent to orgasm for you during your next match you are allowed to ignore one punishment next round. If your negotiation doesn´t work and they dont agree, you need to cum 1D4 times in one day.

  4. (Outdoor) Natural habitat for a pet: Achieve at least 3 edges outdoor within the next 48 hours after your loss.
    4 B. A pet’s jewellery: Wear either nipple clamps, a butt plug, a collar or a cock ring outdoor for 30 minutes or more after each own loss.

  5. (Humiliation/ Body writing) Crawling ad : Your master turned you into a living advertisement. They can write what they want on you (nothing permanent)
    5B. Unlimited trust: You feel so connected to your master(s) that you trust him ultimately.
    For the rest of the tournament he chooses your punishments and you are happy about it.

  6. (Toys) Support items : You get to carry the support items for your team. Too bad you don't have pockets. You need to wear a plug/dildo for all the games of your team. (If you can't see it live, wear it for the duration of the game ex: if the game was 90 mins long, wear it 90 mins)
    6B. Leashed pet : Your owner wants to keep you close by, wear a leash for all your future games and each time you’re watching one from your team. Owner can choose to pull on it when they want.
    6C. Who needs armor anyway: You’ll play your future games of the tournament completely nude, maybe you can at least distract the opposing team that way.

  7. (Pain) Stress relief : You are your trainers stress relief. Each time your team loses, you get spanked 10 times.
    7B. Talent for improvisation : Use a household item (wooden spoon, spatula eg.) to spank our butt 2D6 times each time your team loses.

  8. (In-game debuff) Absolute Sucker: Each time you use an oral action, you have to suck on a dildo/ your fingers for 20 seconds minimum.
    8B. Paws Up!: During your game, you're not allowed to touch yourself during opponent's turn.
    8C. Restless Syndrome: Each time you use an action that gives you energy back, stroke/rub for 20 as fast as you can. You are allowed to reduce pressure but you have to keep your pace.

2nd debuff: If you lose a 2nd time, you must pick a debuff from this list:

  1. (Edges) Edging frenzy : You can't help yourself, you're just so damn horny. You will edge twice for each cum test of the following round. But you can't cum unless your team won the game.
    1B. One for all: If you play a group action, edge two times for every allied involved in the action (max. 4 people)

  2. (Denial) Pathetic loser : It's getting embarrassing to lose so many times. Are you sure you don't love this? To be sure that's not the case, you'll be denied three days for each loss your team suffers in the next round. Maybe that will motivate you.

  3. (Forced orgasms) Dubious loyalty: You change trainers as you change panties. Loyalty isn't really a concept to you. For the next round, you consider even the members of the opposing team as your teammates. So each punishment that involves "your team" involves all players.

  4. (Outdoor) Can’t contain yourself : You must cum once out of your home.

  5. (Humiliation/ Body writing) Dripping mess: If an hypno action is played on you, lube your genitals (with saliva eg.) and rub/stroke until the end of opponents turn.
    5B. Drooling mess : If an hypno action is played on you, you must keep your mouth opened and drool on yourself until the end of your opponent next turn.

  6. (Toys) I'm stuck!: If a bondage action is played on you, you can't move anything but your hands until you're free. If possible you have to tie up your feet/legs.

  7. (Pain) Exotic Milking: When you receive a pain/anal action, pinch your nipples 3 times

All punishments must be blogged in this forum thread ( once they are done.

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