Eropets. The punishment kennel

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This is the place for all rueful pets to deliver their punishments once done.
Feel free to be fun and descriptive. :)



After a long and close battle, KL didn't quite have enough to finish the job and get the victory. It left him at the mercy of Rey as his victor. She took him back to her farm, and decided that KL would be left empty but not satisfied. She took him to her milking chambers, and edged the cock to get him nice and full for her, before cruelly ruining the orgasm, leaving the pleasure behind.

One was not enough though, and after letting him recover and fill up again, it was back to it once more, and a second set of edges before ruin to leave him empty without the pleasure to go along with it. Safe to say, KL lost today!


Diana Adams

I may sound a bit not myself when writing this, as I have just completed my punishment. So, to bring you up to speed, I asked Silvena if she wanted to give me my punishment and debuffs, as she is my new Master/Mistress and all. And she did. Now, my punishment was to masterbate in a public place for two minutes or longer. However, she said if I wanted to be an even better girl and impress her, I should ruin those orgasms as well.

So, finding a nice secluded parking place on campus, I settled in to do just that. Pulling up some female ruined orgasm videos while rubbing my clit and fingering myself while mostly dressed. Like a slut, I had my windows rolled down (as I was doing this in my car) but luckily only two people drive by (make that three as someone just walked out and drove their van away). Neither of them was during the orgasms, so I was able to stop and cover up.

Lastly, the debuff chosen for me was "Restless Syndrome", so I could be needy IRL and IRP when I'm supposed to be resting.

Now excuse me, I need to have a PROPER orgasm before driving away.


Katha(The German Queen👑)

hello there folks of ef =)

first of all sorry for the late response.

As i lost to Slash, i decided to let her choose my punishments, cause i cant decide myself ;)

she decided to let me edge 3 times for every cum … i have to edge 12 times and she gave me the first debuff to edge when my new team gets a cum test .

so i did edgethe first 6 times when i was reading some hot profiles here on ef. oh god, what nice profiles we have here. to be fair i dont call the names here . but maybe some get a dm from me hehe

my pussy was dripping wet after this and i felt a little subby so i decided to play against a bot and let him overpower me, i did the next 6 edges for the two cum test he gave me … in the end the bot used me totally .

im looking forward to the next rounds =)


Herman the German ☕

Hi Everyone!

It was during my one week vacation (read: EF play break), when Katha told me about her punishment. Having had the honor to be her owner for one round, I told her that I will declare myself in solidarity with her and join in on her punishment.

So today, I returned horny, eager to play again, looking forward to do some naughty things after a week of denial. I first lurked around for a bit to get in the mood and then I started one of my favorite past times: Playing Interactive as a Switch against a Bot. I was able to deliver the 12 edges in no time and here we are.

All the best for your ongoing matches Katha! And more importantly: Enjoy your journey!



Well now… was a post I was hoping to never need to write….
After losing my first match of EroPets I left my punishment/debuff choice up to my new master. He has instructed me to preform the 12 edges. Which would normally be no problem but with the idea of denial following the tournament was making each edge harder and harder. Knowing that I will be teased and frustrated as it all progresses. Here is hopeful for victories in my future to be earning a good reward



Well this is mighty embarrassing for me aka the best slut fighter. Being thrown back into the punishment kennel after promising to do my best moving forward. I was aware that if I lost this match it would mean being a week in denial as per my Masters orders. So to add to my looming denial it seemed only fitting to ruin twice in one day…..Knowing that my last potential orgasm was a ruined one for a week is extremely frustrating. I really hope time moves quickly after the tournament.



Such a good & communicative pet! Others could take a leaf out of her book! 🤬

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