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Up for almost anything interesting!

Hétéro / Soumis(e)

Been around since the early days of Erofights, but have been away for a while. 🐯

Switch leaning heavily sub, but into the struggle and can still play quite competitively.

I aim to be respectful and love to make use of the chat for descriptions and dirty talk and roleplay. Mostly playing bots these days, but if you spot me in matchmaking, I'm always open to playing all variety of characters, from women to cute TS and nonbinary folks. And feel free to reach out if you have questions or want to discuss something of particular interest! And if you also lean sub but would like to play or RP, just let me know and we can definitely figure something out.

I like to choose actions that make sense in the moment or seem fun narratively instead of playing everything with the sole intent of winning. I'd rather build a fun scene, even against a bot, than just play for the W. That said! I can still be quite competitive when it comes down to it! And though I lean into my sub side, I am a true switch and don't go down without a fight or struggle in a match. Otherwise, I tend to be a sweet and cuddly toy or pet who just wants to please!

Description: Long blond hair with a short, scruffy beard and grey eyes. Long arms, toned legs, average build, and a decent butt.
Kinks: You can check out my kinklist for IRL play HERE! Or read through my role play kinklist HERE! I also have a kinksheet available for review HERE.

Rules & Conditions

I play with the following conditions in matches, against others or versus bots. Additional rules or conditions, as well as alterations to existing rules, may come as a result of losing matches or particularly good roleplay.

Bondage. I am very curious to try the new hentai bondage mechanisms in-game! But if they don't turn out to be as fun, or my partner prefers old school bondage rules, the following applies to me as it does for classic games: I am a total slut for bondage! Whenever I am the subject of an action that places me in bondage I roll a d6. I must roll a 6 to escape bondage, otherwise skipping my turn. This roll is repeated on each turn until I escape bondage or am released. Alternatively, I may roll a d6 and skip a number of turns equal to the number rolled, after which time I either "break free" or am "released" from my bondage. Roleplay and additional actions may result in early release, more bondage, or other changes to this condition during the game. Actions that can reasonably be taken without use of bound limbs can be used if agreed to before play.

Hypnosis & Brainwashing. If I am subjected to an action that attempts to hypnotize, brainwash, or otherwise charm and enchant me, I must roll a d6. On a roll of 5 or 6, I resist the hypnosis or charm. I must roll a 6 to resist sexy legs, feet, or girlcock and clits. Otherwise, I must skip my turn or let my partner choose my action. I can repeat this roll on each of my turns, breaking out of the hypnosis effect on a roll of 5 or 6. Until then, I must continue to skip my turn or let my partner determine my action. Alternatively, on a failed first roll to become hypnotized, I can reroll the d6 to determine the number of turns for which I am brainwashed. In this case, I will skip my turn or defer to my partner to choose an action until my brainwashing fades.
Pending discussion, stacking hypnosis actions may have additional effects, test, or consequences. Similar with stacking bondage and hypno or multiple bondage actions.

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Vous sentez le plaisir monter en vous et vous mordez la lèvre d'un air taquin. Mordre la Lèvre Tu l'attaches au lit et le chevauches comme le putain de jouet qu'il est. Ta chatte se resserre alors que ton cul rebondit sur sa bite. Tu es sûre d'obtenir une bonne dose de sperme! Attache et chevauche-le Vous faites peur à votre partenaire en le taquinant avec vos crocs de vampire tout en suçant sa queue rouge sang. Ils ne pourront jamais résister à l'extase de ta bouche surnaturelle! Fellation avec des Crocs Comme une bonne petite salope, tu joues avec son sperme, léchant un mélange de sperme et de jus que vous avez produit tous les deux... avide de plus ! Joue avec son sperme Sa bite impuissante ne peut plus supporter tes caresses et il jouit impuissant pour toi. Tu t'amuses à traire ton esclave attaché. Jouis attaché Vous sentez le plaisir monter en vous et vous mordez la lèvre d'un air taquin. Morsure de Lèvre Il a jouit si fort qu'il délire. Mais tu es une vraie accro au sperme et tu ne peux pas t'empêcher de le vider encore... et encore... et encore, en te baignant dans son lait. Drainé par une salope de sperme Vous ne pouvez pas résister à ses jambes douces et souples et donner un bon grignotage à l'intérieur de ses cuisses. Elle se tortille de douleur au début, mais gémit de plaisir lorsque vous mordez sa chair. Grignoter Sa Cuisse Vous ne pouvez pas résister à ses jambes douces et souples et donner un bon grignotage à l'intérieur de ses cuisses. Elle se tortille de douleur au début, mais gémit de plaisir lorsque vous mordez sa chair. Grignoter Sa Cuisse You force your sub to empty their balls into their Fleshlight, careful to get every drop. You then have them lay on their back and smother themselves with their dripping toy. They should prove themselves the good sub they are and eat up their mess! If they don't hurry up, it will all drip on their face... Cum in Fleshlight and eat it

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