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Maintaining mode. *wörk wörk wörk*

Bi / Dominant(e) et soumis(e)

No pure subs, no anime chars, nobody below lv3, no all one sided kinks. Dislike skipping?
Want to go super hard boiled/ humiliating?
Tell me pre game please. :)
Info regarding classic mode maintainance 👇... below.


My rp- project : Floor 14
IRL is more your cup of tea? Tainted throne

The "real me" part
Hey there – nice to meet you!

I'm a switch who's really into bondage. Just here for some mutual fun with boys & girls alike.
Just be kind, kinky and imaginative. ;)
Also please tell me what you're up to at the beginning! I enjoy a lot of kinks & bets if the sparks are flying but please be aware that
1) my native language isn´t english, so responses may take a minute. I´m trying my best here. ;)
2) long games are pretty rare with me since my free time is quite limited.

Regarding appearance: More on the petit side of things with a runners physique. 1.61m "big" and rather slim with small boobs, dark blonde hair down to my shoulders, light blue eyes. (Obviously not me in the picture but close in a lot of aspects)

The rp- part:
Hey there – nice to crush you!
I learned how to fight back as soon as i was able to stand upright. Please underestimate me!
Nothing is more fun then to watch the surprise growing in my opponents eyes as they realize that they have nothing to oppose me.
Please don´t be too scared. After your crushing defeat i´ll gratefully accept your submission if you delivered a worthy fight and beg for it like a good loser should. Down at my feet that is!
For the improbable case that I lose: I never ran from a fight or it´s consequences and I´m not planning to do so in the furture.

My left lower arm shows a tattoo from my wrist up to my arm crotch. Delicate runes in blue colours tell a story in a long forgotten language about a treasure I will never give up again, accompanied by the name Lucy .

I am the certified bestie of the wonderful and ferocious Red Mystery Girl. I am proud that she has my back both as bodyguard and as lover. ❤

On the back of my left hand, a less subtile tattoo in the form of a circle opening towards my fingers can be found. In the center of that claw like tattoo the name Alis is written, close to the words "offered, taken, kept"

Glad to have Noah around to remind me that beeing clever is just my safety net.

I am also a proud little labrat at Jen's lab. I tried to scam her for ten spanks and got away with it. 🐀😏

I received a very special symbol from a very special girl.
If the word "happy" had a face or "encouraging" had a voice, it would be hers.
Iqueen bee
I call it Bee-nie since it was given by Greeny

Active rule(s):
Account: 1300 Redits
And for the bottom of my bio: Held every title at least once. 🙃

Classic mod: Please feel invited to ask any question you might have regarding classic mode. I'll try to be as helpful and transparent as possible.
You can also discuss here:


wc Est bi
autorenew Est dominant(e) et soumis(e)
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check Fantasmes OK : Domination féminine, Domination masculine, Hardcore BDSM, Pro Wrestling, Anal, Douleur, Torture de pénis (CBT), Pussy Torture, Pet Play, Humiliation, Moquerie, Bondage, Fetishisme des pieds, Chatouilles, Lick Ass, Threesome/Participation de l'audience, Exhib/Extérieur, Jeux de sperme, Adoration des bites, Pussy Worship, Contrôle d'orgasme, Breath play, Latex, Nourriture
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"Hands behind your back!!" you murmur into her ear before you French kiss her and let your fingers slip down southward. She moans into your mouth as you increase the speed of your rubbing. Kiss and finger her Out of breath? Your opponent grants you a short break but only for a prize!
They want you to get to the edge and you obey. In a minute you will be refreshed.... but also more horny then ever. Recover and edge Your opponent left you alone! What an impertinance!
Time to follow her and continue where you stopped. You lick her fingers and look deep into her eyes. Join and lick her fingers "Put your foot on that counter!" you murmur into her ear before you start to pound her from behind, holding her hips in a firm clasp. She follows your order and gives you unhindered access to her pussy. You intend to use that to your advantage! Leg on the counter! Catch some breath and rub your dick You carefully lay her on her back and soap her wet body up. Of course you make doubly sure that you don´t miss a single spot! Caress her soaped up body She went into the bathroom and threw some inviting glances over her shoulder but you prefered to not join her. Now you wait for your opponent to return while you get hornier by the second. What is taking her so long? You wait for her outside the bathroom Time to fuck your sexy opponent into a brainless bliss. You see her eyes rolling back as you piston your rock hard cock into her wet greedy pussy and her moans are the sweetest of all desserts right now. Fuck her on the counter Your opponent fled into the bathroom, so you decide to take this chance to turn up the heat and join her. Loud music included of course! Join the shower dancing You gave your best, but she truly is one tough cookie! Even if she moans like crazy, she has enough breath to lick that dildo. You better come up with a new recipe fast! She endures the toying.

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