Azariel, the Fallen Angel VS Jessica Barton : History listed publicly (52 turns)

Jessica's Lesson...

Jessica: a bratty magical girl student has been late to class one too many times... but will she be the one taught the lesson... or will she prove she is too cool for school?

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Ooph... Sorry I'm late. I just needed to make sure I looked good before class. It takes a while to achieve perfection *she giggles and poses for the class before finding her seat near the back of the room*
have fun, you two :D
I always do...
thank you
Hello there
hey Elena :D
*passes Elena a note about how boring lab classes are*
Uh? *reads the note*
*I look at her, with a disapproving look, that went down to her ass for a second* ~ well look who's finally here ~ perfect, now we have our voluntary test subject for today ~
*passes Jess the same note agreeing with her*
*I smile at her* come to the front please ;)
Quite the day for Ara! :P
Test subject?!?! ... ughhhh fine... just dont get any gunk in my hair... the last girl you used never got it out *she snickers and smacks becky in the back of the head playfully as she walks by her; swaying her hips playfully as she makes her way to the front of the class; cocking her hip and resting a hand on it.* ok so what's today's lesson... summoning a cat? reading tea leaves? oh I know, how to put a class to sleep :P
*she giggles and turns to blow a kiss to the rest of the class*
*grabs the kiss with the hand*
If you weren't late you would know that our topic for today is about futanaris and everything they can do ~ and if you don't know what I mean ~ Futanari are woman with cocks, my dear
lol I already know about women with cocks... I get plenty of them from your boyfreinds *she teases the other girls in the class*
(hi there)
well then show me what you have learned and what you do when a futa like me pokes you with their dick? :P
(have to go, enjoy your game! I will read the log later)
*blinks dumbly for a few seconds; taken aback by your brashness. She wasnt expecting such a "hands on" class... nor was she ready to be the demonstrator today. Her bratty attitude masking some of her more shy feelings as she starts to blush; shifting nervously from one foot to the other and letting you poke her in the face with your length sugestively.* I errrr... umm well I... *she trails off*
(bye Elena)
What's wrong dear? Today should be a not so boring class, at least for you! ~ *I snap my fingers and tentacles appear from the ground, sliding between your legs and under your top* ~ should we repeat the tentacle class again? Becky loved that class ~
Looks like alot of fun in here β™₯
o/ hi all *sneaks into last row of class*
*squeals and writhes; hissing slightly as the tentacles tease her erogenous zones; getting her excited before gripping her and uncerimoniously forcing her onto her knees in front of you; forcing her into an "eye to eye" position with your Futanari cock* I .. I think I may have been absent that day *she gets out as she struggles against the tentacles; not sure how to get rid of them... for now*
oh my look at you ~ I should have done a private session with you a long time ago ~ you are missing a lot of knowledge
*wriggles and jerks an arm roughly* I think you'll find Im a quick study *she says defiantly*
*I get behind her and put one hand on her breast and slide the other in her panties* ~ mmh your resistence to pleasure is ~ weak
we definitely have to train on this ~ what would happen if some evil sexfighter suddenly attacked you?
*she turns abruptly in your grip...* Id lure them in close by acting meek and helpless. Then When they are jsut where I want them... I would use my irresistable body to bend them to my will. *She smirks wickedly; standing up and presseing her chest aginst yours; grinding her crotch against yours; trapping your hand between us...*
so far so good but have you forgotten about the tentacles? ~ that gives some minus points and your body will pay for it ~
*'s grin disapears, replaced by a look of confusion before a flsuh of embarrasment as you "remind" her of what you mean... Her eyes flutter closed as she gasps loudly and moans softly; the front row of the class able to hear her as you catch her off-guard. Instinctively she leans in to kiss you.*
mmh! w-what! *I get caught off guard as you suddenly kiss me and a magic wave emits from me, stripping everyone in class naked*
y-yea I totally wanted to do that!
*steps back; both arroused and confused as her clothes vanish into thin air. She instinctively covers herself; her right hand over her aching eager pussy; its labia flush with excitement. Her left arm covering her chest tightly; hugging her breasts to herself as she gazes out over the naked class.*
How did... what... everyone's clothes but why?
when I get aroused, I can't control my magic ... why am I telling you that! I didn't give you any permission to just kiss me ~ so as punishment ~ *I push you on all fours and spread your ass cheeks, showing the class your pussy and ass*
let's give them a good view of your "ass"-ets
*blushes crimosn red and shakes her head... she should simply scramble away... but her brain isn't working (possibly because she is still so arroused) as she reaches back to grab your wrists to try and stop you... which accomplishes nothing as you part her cheeks and leave her lewdly spalyed open for the entire class to see.* DOnt! Dont look! * she yells dumbly... acting embarrased and helpless as you hold her open. However, while your hands are occupied you dont notice her using a binding hex as she binds your wrists together and then jerks her left hand up; over the hanging loop for suspending bad students (whole different kind of suspension)* I may have missed tentacle class... but I always pay attention in gym... particularly to the ropes course :P *she giggles with a smirk; reaching down to stroke your length* now then. Lets show the class how Futanari cum... shall we?
*My face gets red and I look at her ashamed* ~ mmh now you've done it ~ *I rip apart the wrist binds and grab her head, forcing my cock in her mouth and down her throat* ~ You want to know how futanari cum? Well you better go to work then!
*'s eyes go wide and she manages to get half a swear out... * fuc...* before she is impaled through the mouth on your thick hard shaft. She gags roughly; her eyes tearing up as you hilt yourself in her mouth and throat roughly. Her naked body in profile to the class as you have your way with her mouth. She leans back; managing to get control of the oral action and starts to tease the tip... bringing a hand up to stroke your length slowly.*
*I move my hands over your body, tracing along your skin, stopping at your breasts* ~ now stop misbehaving and be a good student ~ if you behave I will make you feel good ~
*feels your hands on her breast; your length in your mouth... and your words in her ears. She cant help herself. Her fingers let go of your shaft as she starts rubbing herself furiously as she resumes sucking; obediant and pliable.*
see that's better, right? ~ *I take her hand on her crotch and move it away, only to replace it with my own*
*looks up while sucking as you enter her for the first time; your fingers slowly explore the folds of her womanhood while she sucks... as her love juices coat your finger... and the potion she drank last week that turns her love love juices into a potent aphrodisiac soaks into your bloodstream through your skin.... She leans back; letting your length slip out of her mouth and bounce off of her pert, upturned, breasts; leaving a wet saliva mark. She giggles and steps back* Now then... you want to taste don't you... *she doesent wait for an answer* thats ok.. go ahdea... be my guest :D
Now class... this is how to handle an unruly teacher :D
(hello there)
Oh the student is teaching us today?
(Talk soon actually, on my way home and it’s a nightmare typing and moving)
Our teacher is a bit... tounge tied... I thought I would finish the lesson for her... Miss... Day is it *she play-acts likea substitute teacher; not knowing who you are*
*my eyes start to get clouded, I can only see this glisteningly, wet pussy right in front of me ~ I move my head between her legs and start licking, getting more and more aroused, the more I taste you*
*gasps and moans softly;placing a hand on top of your head; more for ballance than to urge you on*
(hi Day)
*I unconsciously start to stroke myself as I lick you*
I nod my head eagerly with a grin. β€œYes Miss Barton. Just Day~”
*leans over you while you lick and suck and thumbs through your teachers copy of the text book....* oh yes here it is* she points to a passage and gives the wand you left on the table a quick flick; speaking the incantation to reverse the attraction of the tentacles... before summoning them back... They advance on you this time...* See I told you I was a quick study... :D
Well then Just Day... you are even more late than I.... That will be a demerit... I'll see you after class :P
*In the last second, I was licking and tasting your sweet pussy, in the next second tentacles burst into my mouth, forcing me to drink their sticky cum!*
I pout and grumble to myself. β€œFine fine, yes Miss Barton...”
(Also hey ara πŸ‘‹)
*but the tentacle seed neutralize your aphrodisiacum juices, so I regain my senses* ~ ohh thank god you always make such simple mistakes ~ *I push her head on the ground and her ass in the air* guess I have to use harder methods to make you learn ~ *I say as I enter your pussy with my hard cock, stirring you up*
*groans lewdly and loudly; getting louder and louder as she approaches cliamx as you fuck her roughly and forcefully in front of everyone... She begs you not to continue... she yells she is cumming... and then bursts into a puddle of slime. *she giggles from the back row; still sitting in her seat*
you really had me there teach :P
*sigh* I should have known ~ *I snap my fingers and the real Jess gets restrained by magical ropes* ~ why do I even bother with you ~ I should just press this vibe on you, set it on max and watch you squirm ~ that's way easier
redrew a set of actions
*squeals and struggles as your bindings snag her... She tries to pull free but she is hoisted up by the same hooks that she suspended you from a second ago... She writhes and groans moaning loudly and lewdly for everyone to hear as her real body (we assume :P) has no way to muffle itself as you toy with her helpless, suspended, frame* ohhh fuck *she groans and bites her lip; trying to hold back but failing* mmmphhhh ohhhhhh god oh god! *she glares down dumbly; desperate for realease... either sexual or physical... knowing she cant stay like this.*
ahh you are too noisy ~ *I make you suck my cock as you vibe away* ~ mmh yes that's better
*groans and drools from both ends as you use her like a sex toy... while using a sex toy on her. SHe sucks loudly and entheuseasticly; rolling her tounge under your length as you move her mouth up and down your length.*
ahh you give a really mean blowjob when you are this aroused ~ *I let out a moan, as you lick up my leaking precum* ~ but I always wanted to test this new machine, that I built recently ~ so let me ask you: are you ticklish? :3
*'s eyes go wide and she thrashes wildly* please no! pleas enot tickle me Im super ticklish no no please *she thrashes ad wriggles roughly trying to get away and failing* no fuck ... I cnat... ha hahaaahahahahahahaha... .hahahahah ahah *her protests are drowned out by laughter as her naked body writhes and she struggles to not let go*
ahaha you look so cute, wriggling like this πŸ˜‚ ~ *I remove the machine and the vibe and give your poor pussy a kiss*
*pants and whimpers softly; her pussy dripping untainted love juices (the slime was treated, she isnt :P) as you kiss her snatch delicately; leaving a listick stain on her labia. Unable to do anything else... she reaches down with her toes and can just barely get them close enough around your length to stroke it; trying to distract you.*
is resisting cumming (15% chance of cum) => Resisted!
oh you want my cock? You should just have said so ~ but what to fuck with it? Pussy or Ass?
how about we let a coin decide? ;) ~ heads is pussy, tails is ass
oh guess your pussy it is ~
*I align myself with your entrance and start fucking you missionary*
*'s eyes roll in panic as she looks from classmate to classmate* someone help stop her please! I can... ohhhhhhhhh *she groans as you slowly slip into her; sawing in and out of her womanhood firmly and confidantly with powerful thrusts; her breasts and hair bouncing as your hips slap her ass.*
redrew a set of actions
*I grip your hips and start thrusting faster and harder, slamming into your tight pussy again and again*
is resisting cumming (60% chance of cum) => Came!
mmh come on cum for me! Cum your brains out! Show me what you look like when you burst with pleasure!
no please! ohhhh god fuc... someone sto... fuck oh god oh god *she groans lewdly; desperately trying to appeal to her class for help as they watch on; disinterested... or merely taking notes as she cums in front of everyone; all for a class demonstration. Her back arching as her thighs wrap around Aranei tightly. Her fingers gripping the air as she humps her teacher mindlessly; giving in to pleasure like a good test subject should*
Must be getting used to being bred at this point :P
*I arch my back and cum deep inside her, filling her up* ~ ahh that felt good ~ and now a lesson about futanari, we can cum as often as we want, so if I have the chance to breed someone, I will do so ;)
*cant hear her classmates lewd comment over her own slutty moans. He is lucky. His life was saved by her sluttiness*
*'s mind feels like it is breaking; the intense orgasm rocketing through her body coupled with the massive amount of cum flooding her pussy enhancing her orgasm as she squeals and moans at the top of her lungs; all thoughts about anything but pleasure temporarily banished from her mind. She feels compelled... she needs more... as you let go she simply keeps humping; desperate for more...*
is resisting cumming (60% chance of cum) => Resisted!
mmh still not satisfied? Well we can keep going! Let's show you around! Shall we? ~ *I lift her up, while fucking her from behind, walking around, showing her off to all the class mates*
Ah, Saved By The Bellend
*'s mind is gone; addicted to the pleasure as she moans helplessly; being showed off as her pussy is stretched wide around your Futanari cock; no longer fighting. SHe rubs herself lewdly; trying to get off again.*
*I put you down, as I can't hold you anymore and give your needy pussy another kiss* ~ ahh I'm getting all sweaty with you ~
Oh normal classroom procedure has been restored I see?
*leaking cum she struggles up to her legs; summoning a strap on* I..Im not done with you yet *she gasps* leaning heavily on a desk* Get back here and submit... *she staggers towards you and manages to push you down... not sure if you are letting her or simply caught off-guard with the brazenness of her lack of acceptance of defeat. She raises your ccock and slips into your pussy*
ahh! what are you d-doing! ~ *I bite my lips*
*I let myself sink on my desk, bending over, letting you fuck me for good*
is resisting cumming (79% chance of cum) => Came!
*'s hips slap agaisnt your ass this time as her sweaty body leans forward; her breasts hanging on your back*
Will be amazed if ara last through this though...
(all under control :P)
(no need to worry... your detention session will not be affected :P)
(Hmm we will see about that πŸ’‹)
*my eyes roll back and I moan loudly as I cum from my pussy!*
*smirks smugly*
*I turn around quickly and shove my cock in your mouth, and fil it up with my seed!* nngh!
ahh that felt good ~ my pussy and ass are getting neglected far too often ~
*cant help herself as you force her to swallow what feels like several loads worth of cum; her entire body flushing with desire. she cant help herself;;; she rips the dildo out of the harness and shoves it up her own ass roughly; her shoulders slumping as your cock muffles, what you can only imagine, was a loud grunt. Your love juices work as a serviceable lubricant as she pistons the sex toy innad out of her own ass as she desperately tries to satisfy her own lust as your cum enters her ssystem again.*
oh please ~ let me show you something way better than this small dildo ~
*a big red tentacle forces its way inside your ass*
*'s anal passage opens wide as the thick snake-like appendage works its way up her back door. She groans around your cock and leans back; your shaft slipping out of her mouth... She risies up; still in the process of being hollowed out from behind as she leans in and kisses you again; forcing your own seed into your mouth. Her body acting more on instinct than any concious thought; suffering from the affects of your cum on her brain.*
mmh! *I accidently drink some of my own cum, making my dick rock hard again*
*I start to slowly stroke it, as I kiss you passionately*
*lets her tounge slip into your mouth as she continues to kiss you; having forced all the cum she was holding in her mouth into yours at this point. Both of her hands joining your hand on your cock... her body ocasionally jerking as the tentacle in her ass thrusts; making her jerk like a puppet*
mmh *I too stopped any thinking and just act on instinct ~ and that instinct is telling me to breed ~ *I push you down and slide my cock back into your welcoming pussy, slamming up and down fast, like a beast*
is resisting cumming (66% chance of cum) => Came!
Seems like I came in at a good time
*'s already cum filled pussy squleches loudly as you push yourself in... and the cum in there already out as her legs splay out wide and she cums again; helpless as the two lengths work in tandum with eachother; pistoning in and out of her lower holes with mechanical patients; drawing out her second orgasm.*
Seems so.
*she slumps helplessly; one more test subject for the class.*
Poor Jess has been having bad luck recently
*I groan and fuck you hard and fast as I cum again, filling you up again, my semen flowing out of you*
*I fall back and pull out of you*
ahh *pant* and that's how futas breed their prey, everyone ~
*groans glassy eyed and breathing heavily; ocasionally letting out a soft slutty moan as cum runs out of her pussy in a thick white river... while the students take final notes and get up; dismissed from class. She is unaware of your smirk as you strike her name from the class roster and add J.B. to the list of learning aides registered to your class.*
Been awhile since class was this fun to go to
*After I rest for a bit, I pick you up and throw you over my shoulder carrying you to the cleaning room, while happily humming*
(gg ~ the end :3 ~ hope you enjoyed yourself)
*grunts and rubs ehrself; vaguely aware that she is moving as she leaves a trail down your back... and from the class room as you have her cleaned...* (I had a wonderful time. That was a fun one to lose... still... would have liked to teach the teacher a lesson... maybe another time :P)
(thanks for watching :P)
mmh I already had one game today, which I lost ~ can't afford to lose a second game on one day! ^^
(it starts a slippery slope... :P)
Thanks for the match you two
The parts I saw were fun as always~
thanks for watching ~ I'm off now looking for some food so cya all!
(bye Silvi thanks for the match... cheerred me up after being stood up. I appreciate it)
As none of you seem particularly vocal right now, im going to close the room. yes?
Have good sex everyone

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