Code of conduct

EroFights is a positive place. And we need your help to make sure it stays that way.

By using the website, you agreed to our Terms and Conditions, furthermore:

The EroFights community is populated by a diverse group of people from all over the world with kinks and fetishes of every stripe. It is a place for you to explore your sexuality in a safe online environment. EroFights is a place for tolerance and understanding, not for discrimination and ignorance.

We ask that you comply with our EroFights Code of Conduct to ensure that everyone has the best time they can possibly have here.


1. Be kind to each other! We are all humans here, so respect and politeness are always important. The game chat and messaging system are a great place for conversation, roleplaying and dirty talk but definitely not for insults and harassment.

2. Intolerant language is not welcome. EroFights is a place for everyone to participate and enjoy. Any discrimination or hate speech based on one's race, creed, gender, or sexuality is NOT acceptable.

3. No means no. If someone doesn't want to receive or reply to your messages, or if they don't want to roleplay in a particular way, respect that. Rape or beating fantasies can only be played in private and with total and clear consent from both ends.

4. No kink shaming! It's different strokes for different folks. We're all different and get off to different things. DO NOT make anyone feel bad over what they like or dislike.

5. No player fishing in public games. Don't interrupt a game by asking a player for a game. You can speak with other spectators but do not disrupt the game, don't be too insistent.

6. No pedophilia, necrophilia or beastiality. EroFights is a place for the kinky, but not a place for illegal content. Please report to lllusion or the Moderating Team if you find any member of the community distributing such content.

7. Do not cheat. Any attempt to manipulate known bugs or to otherwise exploit features of the game in order to gain an unfair advantage will be met with a ban.

8. Take responsibility for your own safety. Avoid playing EroFights if you are under the influence of alcohol or narcotics, as it can impair your judgment and cause you to commit acts that you may later regret. We will not be held responsible for any injuries or damages caused.

9. Keep profile pics tasteful. Do not use profile pictures featuring ONLY genitalia. Profile pictures featuring gore, violence, illegal acts, offensive symbols, emblems and iconography are also not allowed.

10. Do not share any personal information. Do not ask for a member's personal information and do not share any to others if you have it.

11. Do not abuse the timeout feature. We're all eager to participate in EroFights, but using the game's timeout feature to get ahead of the queue is not only in poor taste, it is a bannable offense.

12. Have fun! EroFights is full of warm personalities eager to help you enjoy your time here. Come on in, mingle for a bit, and don't forget to have a good time!