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Title (dev): Tease Flash pussy panties aside [f4a] [2 pics] (For Classic)
Difficulty: Medium (3)
Flash pussy
Flash pussy

Flash pussy



Description [POV Attack] (english):
You spread your legs apart and pull your panties aside to show off your beautiful pussy. You are awarded with a very horny look...

Bot dialog (english):
Oh.. it seems you would like to eat me now, wouldn't you?



Description [POV Victim] (english):
She spreads her legs apart and pulls her panties aside to show off her beautiful pussy. You can't help but hornily look at her cute pink pussy.





Type of action: | Teasing


- Pulling implies doing so towards oneself. Doing so aside will give a better view u.u (Make a new Action from the first picture or move it to an existing action)

- Never knew that you also went under "A very horny look Illusion~" Unless you meant awarded with ♥ Also fixed the 2nd desc so "her" isn't abused.

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