April hunt day 12

Only 2 left

Congratulations to all the people who found eggs yesterday, here are the names of the people who found them yesterday

Alice : 10
Maxime (snugglebunny) : 10
Isa’s cute cow slut Amelia : 11
Aaron : 8
Miss Angel : 9
Max (Vanessa’s Spanked Sub) : 10
Bella : 10
Alyona : 10
Monica : 10

Today's pic is
Image Title

Quick reminder of the rules

  • When you find the egg, take a screenshot of the page and send it to Clara by message on EF. Not on Discord, not on the Forum, not on Reddit nor by messenger bird. Only messages sent on EF will be counted in the results.

  • You can only find the egg during an EF game, which means screenshot taken in the action search page aren't valid.

  • The game can be against bots or other players, it can only be during a public game you're watching if you're lucky.

  • I will hide one egg per day in several actions: FvM, MvF, FvF and MvM to ensure that you have a chance to find it no matter your gender and orientation.

  • However, only one egg per day can be validated. Even if you find one egg in FvM and one in FvF it will only count as one to keep things fair.

At the end of the event, the one with the most eggs found will receive a "EroEaster 2024 Winner" badge and probably some coins. (Still need to check under Boss' desk for spare change).

Anyone who found at least 7 eggs will receive a "EroEgg Hunter 2024" badge.

Happy Hunting!

The Wrestling Ring Tournament

The Champiooooooooooons!

Well folks, it's been a bumpy ride, but we got there! Please congratulate your TWR champions for this year - Ruck and Mika!

The tournament season will now enter a well-deserved break, but never fear - Charlotte is already planning for June's Classic Tournament - I hope to see you there 😉

Shout out to Mister Valentine and Lady Dusk for their valiant efforts in pushing Ruck and Mika all the way!



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