Iris (Level 19) mail warning

Just looking for casual fun <3

Bi / Switch

Hair: Brown
Eyes: Hazel
Boobs: C
Not very good but I like to have fun ;)
Mostly into the competitive side of things and fighting for control though still open to longer games with RP and bets.

When I get facefucked I have to skip and say thank you to my opponent. (7/7)
All hypnosis moves made against me will stack until I break free (5/5)
Whenever I lose a piece of clothing I must skip a turn (5/5)
Whenever a blowjob move is used I must skip (5/5)
I must use a move including my tits if able (5/5)
If a hypnosis move using my mouth is used I can only roll a 6 to get out(5/5)
If I'm being fucked behind in a cum test rolling a 6 will make me cum instantly (5/5)
I must pick any move including buttplugs, fingering, and fucking if they show up.(5/5)
If someone tries to make me cum from penetration I must cum unless I roll 5 or 6 (5/5)
I must start every game hypnotised until I roll out (5/5)
Until I win 3 games my opponent can activate any of my profile rules for that match.
I must skip my turn when my opponent fucks my ass(5/5)
When A bondage move is used against me I must skip my first turn. (5/5)

After being completely dominated and cumming so many times to Reina she collared me and turned me into her pet.
(As well as a new pfp~)

Dominated 7 times by Endo and he's not done filling my loser pussy and mouth full of cum just yet. You can thank him for my
PFP. Currently collared and owned by him meaning he can use my pussy 24/7.
Formerly a pet to Joshua after he beat me 3 times and took a lead over me.
After cumming myself silly around King's cock. I admit to being addicted to him and i need his cock like i need air. He can fuck me senseless anytime he wants.
Kain completely dominated me in a game and made me submit to his cock. I now wear a collar from him and he can use me when he wants.
Kyura now owns me after completely dominating me and making me squirt on his cock.

I fought two wrestling matches againstThe CumQweefTador , Confidently thinking i was going to win but he quickly proved me wrong, fucking me hard and making me squirt all over the mat and making me submit to his cock. He continued to dominate me in the second match, making me cum against the wall then quickly making me squirt with his fingers without even cumming once.

I had a close wrestling game with Teasing Tim who I thought I could win against after making him cum twice in quick succesion. However, he managed to resist, and quickly turned it around by fucking me quickly and making me cum on his cock.

During a game with Frank The Tank I was able to make him cum early but he quickly took the lead hypnotising me and forcing me to cum. Before i could react he tied me up and made me cum again by fucking my ass, Dominating me completely.

I thought I could get revenge on Moe but after he beat me a second time I became his bitch.

Ritzy Fucked my ass nonstop and made me squirt twice on his cock letting him use my pussy for his pleasure after he had won.
We faced each other again in a rematch but I was quickly reminded why I lost the first, Quickly cumming to his skilled fingers and being forced to submit to his cock after he fucked me into a second orgasm. After a fourth round, I was quick to try and win but he quickly made me submit with his cock making me unable to resist it, making me cum twice in quick succession and squirt all over his cock once again. Completely dominated me 4 times in a row.

In a game with Colonel Jeanne she made me completely submit with her tongue.

Ace fucked me silly.

Shiloh made me his after dominating me 3 times and filling me with his cum.
After losing toMike he cummed in my pussy and bred me

Ben Fury fucked me relentlessly and dominated me throughout the game. Making me his little bitch at the end.
After losing to Chris i became his cumslut.

I couldn't resist Milov's oral lifting.
After a close game with Ryan he overpowered me and filled my pussy with cum

James fucked me hard and made me cum after a long match.

Jatefromsteakfarm had me begging for his cock before he used it to make me squirt.
Max's Slave

After winning against Timothy he got his revenge in a rematch and made me squirt all over his cock.
I challenged Mike trying to take control but he ended up dominating and breeding me.

After a match against Hunter i was completely dominated and turned into a fucktoy by his cock.

Juan tied me in bondage and fucked me relentlessly causing me to squirt all over his cock

Alex I tried to dominate alex but ended up getting dominated and passing out.

After losing to Frank i became his little free use cumslut and i love it.
Alyx used her oral skills to make me squirt all over her toungue.

I attempted my luck with The Merchant, thinking myself better than him. But he thoroughly outfucked me, leaving me breathless and filled to the brim with cum.

I thought i could beat Subcamslut after he cummed into my pussy early and submitted to me. However he caught me off guard and forced me to cum on his cock.

The newcomer Achillies made me his cumslut after making me cum 3 times.

George fucked me nonstop causing me to squirt after a long match.

Kai The Young Demon tricked me by being submissive and made me squirt with his tongue before fucking me into submission.

After being overconfident. The Bra Bandit pounded my pussy into submission and made me cum twice without even cumming once. After defeating me he took my bra and added it to his collection.

I went against Archi J expecting it to be easy but he quickly showed me I was overconfident after making me cum early on in the match. After that he proved he had more stamina making me cum two more times making him the winner and making me submit.

After a long struggle and making me cum twice on his cock Joker changed my heart and turned me into a cum slut.

LFCJustin challenged me to a rematch after i won the first time around though this time he quickly showed he was stronger making me cum four times on his cock.

After a close game where we both got to cum twice. I was finally beaten by DanDan and let him cover my face with his cum.
I am addicted to Tbone's cock.

Ben dominated me by fucking my ass and easily making me cum twice.

After an intense match with Jate i was close to winning but he quickly turned the match around and made me cum twice in quick succession by fucking me in the ass.

Gentle Sir made me cum twice on his cock after a close match.

wc Is bi
autorenew Is a switch
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check Kinks: Female domination, Male domination, Pro Wrestling, Pain, Pussy Torture, Humiliation, Mocking, Bondage, Foot fetish, Threesome/Audience participation, Exhib/Outdoor, Cum play, Hypnosis, Cock Worship, Pussy Worship, Alcohol
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