Dark Princess Jackey Jane (Level 8) mail warning

The Brattiest of Princesses! Ready to Compete and make your serve!

Bi / Switch

Bets Welcome
Bondage/Hypno rules welcome
2x GotH
2x Hentai Champion
1x Champion Wrestler

Don't ask for or show me anything IRL.

I don't enjoy playing with people who are pure dom or pure sub. If you have every kink set to "giving only" or "receiving only" please don't join. It's ok to have a few kinks set to those but not all of them.

I'm a spoiled bratty princess, looking for some competitive matches. Im a sub but will put up a fight. I will make fun of you if you lose. And will cry if I lose.

Try to teach me a lesson that I'll never learn. I love being humiliated. If you give me a satisfying defeat, I will put on my list of Princess Tamers.

Princess Tamers:
Teasing Tim turned this Princess into his Royal Pet Cumdump. He fucked my brains out after the winning the match. Giving my bratty pussy and ass what they deserve.

The Princess was no match for Star! A quick and easy 2-0, I was breed like the loser I am.

Steev beat this princess in the ring. Making me cum twice in a row, a clean 0-2. He then came on my face, after using my hair bow as a choker.

Smite defeated me twice, taking both the wrestling and hentai titles from me. Leaving me fucked, filled and covered with cum, and a crying mess both time.

Vincent challenged me. I thought he would be no match for my sexy bunnysuit, but instead he made me his little bunny bitch, and then fed me to the crowd. I was thoroughly fucked.

The People of Bratland (My character roster):
Princess Jacky Jane (cis/bi) - Princess of Bratland, my main. The most bratty. A silly woman who is always trying goofy gimmicks. She acts confident and entitled but she secretly loves getting punished. Prefers Classic, Hentai, Wrestling, LWR, and Bad End Battle (Heroine)

Queen Adriana (trans/lesbian) - The Queen of Bratland (Jackey Jane is married to her). Confident and cool, but honorable. Loves competition. Is looking to make rivals and add woman to her harem. Prefers Hentai, and LWR.

Prince Eliza (male/bi) - Jackey Jane's twin brother. Femboy prince. He's nice but can get rough. Made in case I need a male account for tournaments or something, but will break out on occasion. Prefers Classic, Hentai, Wrestling, and Bad End Battles.

Lady Elizabeth Marron (trans/bi) - A dutchess of Bratland. Shy and self-conscious, but determined to work on her more dominate side. Prefers Classic, Hentai, and LWR.

Lady Veronica Dominaque (cis/bi) - A baroness in Bratland. Believes herself to the most dominant. Is cocky and aggressive. Hates losing. Prefers Classic, Hentai, Wrestling, and LWR.

Orihime (cis/bi) - Based on Orihime from Majo Taisen/War of the Greedy Witches. Bratland's most famous idol singer. Cheery and passionate about showing her love. Be careful, there is a rumor going around that she kidnaps people. Prefers Classic, Hentai, Wrestling, and LWR.

Aphrodite (usually cis but can be trans if asked/bi) - The Goddess of Love and patron goddess of Bratland. Cocky but gentle and loving. Loves to see what mortals and other gods are capable of. Prefers Hentai, and Bad End Battles (Boss).

Legacy Characters (Characters I keep around for archiving, but will pull out every once in a while):
Rosanna Xavier - My first character
Sexy Swift - Taylor Swift, lol
The Love Defenders - Aphrodite's heroes. Will rework. Maybe make them separate characters.

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You beg her to stop the fight for a bit. You just can't take much more, or maybe just tricking her for a surprise attack. Beg for a Break Beg for a Break You unsnap the bottom of her leotard, exposing her pussy and ass. Unsnap Her Leotard