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Lesbian / Switch

Hello, I'm still green to the world of RP. Would like to learn more as I play! I'll try to keep up!
Feel free to DM me! I don't bite... or maybe I do?

I don't do well with full subs, I prefer things... A little more spicy or... competitive if you'd put it that way.
Not a fan of empty profiles as well... Not that I will not totally play with you but yes...

-~A little about me~-
I'm about 155cm-ish and 47kg-ish the last time I measured~ But hey, look down on me and you'll definitely regret it!
My age.... its rude to ask a woman her age~ wink
I'm somewhere in Asia~ And yes, I have Asian blood~
Like my pfp, I have dyed ash blonde hair, but I'm not a blondie... I get that alot...
Without the dye, I have raven black hair... My eyes are black too!

I tend to prefer playing in the style my opponent/partner prefers! Whether its banter/trashtalk games, RP games etc.~ I'll try my best to keep up!

Oh! If I don't reply to your message I wasn't trying to be rude! I tend to afk alot!

Also thank you for all the veterans which matched me for guiding and bearing with me! <3

Hitomi.... My first opponent here! We had a fun match, where she taught me the ropes! Rivals turned friends!

Lisbeth.... Lisbabe underestimated me a little and accidentally gave me my first win! But wiped the floor with me on our rematch... Wanted to take me in as her pupil but I prefer to learn things myself the hard way~

Belle... Belle oh Belle~ the "Mistress" that... underestimated me on our first encounter. Begging for a rematch for some time, we had one in which she still can't back her words up~ I would like to think I treated her nicely though despite what she says~ Hehes!

Tanya... Never a dull moment with this bi-.. babe Tanya :>. Little frenemy situation that... well, I'll leave it to your imaginations~

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