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Roleplay, mixed fights, lesbian fights, wrestling. (Cross-gender character)

In game...

Hi everyone, I´m Hitomi a JAV star that decided to do a private movie as a favor with and for a friend in the industry. It resulted the movie was an erotic wrestling fight, she was a lot more experienced than I in “those kinds of things”, seems she took a liking after doing some movies, after some back and forth with she in the lead due to her experience I tried to make a win by burying her between my tits but she managed to reach my pussy with her hands and I couldn´t take it anymore, I ended up cumming all over the mat while she rolled over me and started playing with my body.

After that incident, and maybe a couple more with my friend, I discover a couple of things, first of all I too had a liking for “those kind of things” but knew that if I tried to do them in the movies I would have been interrupting the scene all the time by breaking the scripts so that was out. Secondly and most importantly I want to do and have it all the excitement of winning, knowing that you bested someone physically and sexually, having the chance to do whatever you want with them, touch and savor their breasts and cocks after they have surrendered wholly to you and other people doing the same to me, losing to supper attractive men and women that know how to make me their play thing while I can just think about all the pleasure they are giving me.

Don't always have the time for full mathces but also interested in RP trough DMs.

I was Nisa´s first fight, it was pretty fun and despite she being a little bratty, it was lots of fun, I consider her a friend.

Tanya and I had an incredible match, we were in a back and forth until the both of us could barely resit cumming anymore and where despite I managing to make her cum first by licking her pussy she still had some stamina left in her and surprised me with a vibrator that drained everything I had left, now every time I cum I can´t stop thinking of how she made me feel in that fight (For the next 5 games I must moan Tanya´s name the first time I cum in each fight 5/5)

Sous is an amazing fighter and lover, we have had only two fights until now but they were so full of passion and desire, in a word they were incredible, I wouldn't mind losing to her every time we fight, even in that I feel like a winner for doing it with her. She is also full of surprises, both of the ways we ended out fights were a very pleasant surprise and I hope to see more of that soon.

JayJay and I were matched in a figth for Ultimate Sacrifice and he was amazing in it, my first loss in the season, even if I made him cum first he managed to turn it around and made me cum twice. Maybe another match wouldn't be a bad idea.
So there´s that hope to fight you soon.

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(Just in case this necessary this is a character)

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