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Cross-gender character LWR-Classic-Wrestling

Emily Anderson, Emi, is bitchy, little bit selfish but as sexy as a porn star and she knows it. She likes to play with her contrincants while being in control, takes her time to make them scream and moan but if she is in the receiveng end of the action, she is moaning like crazy being so sensitive and horny for and to so many things.
Daughther of a rich family she seeks experiences hard to find in other places and in here she is going to enjoy a lot of them.

Trix and I had a rough fisrt time when I met her but after a fight in which I made her learn her place, we had develop a kind of romantic rivalry, after all she is not a bad domme in bed when she tries to be, but it would be better for her to be careful in the ring, after all I´m not very kind there. This is a pic I took after our first fight, isn´t she beautiful whe she is out of breath? Also she is very pretty when she doesn´t try to be all covered up, right?

Belle managed to beat me three consecutive times in the ring, each more humiliating thant the last, in our third fight, after I failed to make her cum in it, she used my face to relieve herslef and made me say in front of everyone that I could never beat her. She left me used and broken on the ring, I honestly was scared of facing her again but I wanted payback for the humilliations she had done to me more than I was scared of her. So I challenged a 4th time, She even said she was going to collar me after she beat me again, I was so done with her, I was tired of losing to her time and time again and wanted to make her feel pain and humilliation she made me feel, so I slamed her to the mat multiple times, after that I put her in hold after hold until she taped out, she got a second air and alomst ends me after the both of us had already came, but I managed to slip from her and made her scream before finishing her by fingering her pussy. The audience and I had a great time having fun with her after the match.
Our last fight was the 5th she was so secure she was going to beat me after comimg back from her training, she was stonger than before no gonna lie but nothing I couldn't handle. I knew it would end just like las time, with me as the victor as the public went to have some funt with her, what can i say I'm generous. The fight went fine I would say, I made her tap twice, even punished her a little before the ref decided I wasn't allowed to do more to her, also of course I made her cum 3 times, I was surprised she resisted so much to be honest but no matter I made her pay my past humilliations and even made her a plaything for the cute Haru and my sweet little kitty Abby. I can't wait to do it a 3rd time and tie the score.

Amberly challenged me to a fight after I humiliated her brat in the ring, she managed to pull off a "win" and she and her brat used me for a while but the dumb bitch made a great mistake and didn´t finished me then and there, at the very end after her trash stepdaughter and her were separated I "admited" defeat and took advantage of the cow. played with her in front of the brat and made her cum in front of everyone by striking her weak pussy with my knee. I've even got a suspension from the league, but this pic I snagged of Amberly after I wrecked her was more than worth it

Tanya and I could finally have a fight between ourselves after waiting a log time, we both had good moves in the other but when I finally had her in a strap she managed to not only get out but out me in a hold while she assaluted my poor pussy. The worst part is that after the fight she humilliated me and bind me, even took a damn pic while at it.

Haru and I had a very intence match in which I was clearly dominating at first but she just couldn't stay down, after each of us had 2 orgasms each she somehow managed to get up and ambushed me with a dildo, she humiliated afterwards while I couldn't do anythingn to stop her. I will get my revenge on her and she will be the one humilliated by me this time.

Abby and I had a very nice match, even if she is a newcomer she knows how to use her tongue, when I tried to smother her with my pussy she just started licking and made me cum first. After that is was a serious back and forth and of course I got the figurative and literal upper hand, making her cum in my fingers and finally putting that tongue to good use. We had a little incident I would not talk about but I did make sure of making her pay for that, honestly I would love another match against her.

I lost against Kendra in our last match, so for the next 5 games I must skip my turn anytime an action with boobs is played (Finished)

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