Akira (Level 10) mail warning

I'm so good, even my sluts are champs! ;)

Bi / Switch

Hello, Hello! Akira here. I'm VERY experienced dealing out pain and punishment to all sorts of jealous bitches! (and a few boys, too!) Excited to show you all your new place around here, which is solidly under me, of course!
Former G.O.T.H
Former LWR Champion (5x)
Former TWR Champion (3x)

Vaginal depth-4.2 inches

Since I get so many pms/requests, I feel I need to make a couple things clear.
1) If you couldn't tell by my galleries below, I'm a pure switch. I don't do strictly domme sessions, and I generally avoid matches with pure submissives, unless I know you and have faced you before. Requests to domme you will be ignored.
2) If you message me and I don't respond, I'm not interested. Repeated attempts to get my attention will get you blocked. Take it like a big boy/girl, sometimes I will ignore a message, only to change my mind and respond later, when a different mood strikes. That option is erased if you pester me, because, again, you will be blocked.

ACTIVE RULES: Courtesy of The Merchant: If I'm defeated twice in a row by the same opponent, I MUST RUIN my next orgasm. (Lasts until I defeat the same opponent 3 times in succession.)


~Violet~ Violet is a rarity in my trophy case, a SINGULARITY, in fact! For she is displayed not as a conquered rival, but as a cherished new friend! A fellow collector and a powerful witch, Violet and I hit it off instantly, but it seemed that sadly, inevitably, one of us must make the transition from ''new friend'' to ''collectible''. NOT SO! declared the witch, and was she ever right! Using her magic, and good common sense, Violet devised a brilliantly simple solution to our dilemma: Become trophies for each other! For someone of her immense talents, the process was quick and painless, and even now, dear guest, as you admire the beautiful witch below, you can visit a lovely gold Padparadscha in Violet's ever growing collection, one that might remind you of me. ;)

Shirley Shirley is a VERY well decorated competitor in EF, a fact that is even more impressive when you take into account that she is also an inveterate whore. After defeating me in our first meeting, Shirley was unsuccessful in securing both her status as dominant over me, and my LWR title, in the rematch. She instantly demanded a third and decisive contest, and as you can see, it didn't work out well for my newest trophy slut. Despite her best efforts, the proud latina surrendered to my fingers, declaring herself an owned bitch in the process. As a small token of respect for her once storied career, Shirley has been installed in an exhibit conducive to her favorite pass time: being pounded and bred by as many men as possible!

Laura Laura and I were tied at one victory apiece, and apparently she couldn't leave well enough alone. Demanding a third contest, and so confident that she would win she even vowed to become my permanent free use slut if she was unsuccessful. She was unsuccessful. Thoroughly humiliated and broken, Laura has a new name AND a new place of ''honor'' in my gallery. Anyone wishing to use this pitiful, broken butt slut need only drop my name to her, and she will gladly oblige!

Police officer Alicia Alicia popped into my Dms the other day, teasing me about the lull in my acquisition of her slutty law enforcement colleagues. She should have kept her pretty mouth shut, since now she has rectified that problem. Despite her best efforts to capture me, she ended up cumming her brains out on my ''Bitch Tamer'' before meekly accepting the leash and becoming MY prisoner. Now she is displayed in a replica of her own cell, with no dignity provided, to be used as bait for her pathetic cohorts as I resume my quest to crush the EF Police Force once and for all!

Freya Freya was panting after me for a DM sexfight for AGES, and tonight I made all her dreams come true. The feisty redhead sure talked a good game, and when she started out on the offensive, she got rolling like a freight train. But once I recovered from that initial shock, and got my fingers and thigh working on her, Freya faltered, and quickly collapsed. Helpless to resist me (who can blame her!?) It wasn't long before my newest conquest was face down on the bed, mewling pitifully as I wrapped endless amounts of rope about her, for safe transport back to my gallery. Once trussed like a turkey, Freya's new ''Mind broken cum slut'' ensemble was completed with matching panty sets: Mine in her mouth and her own draped over her head as a hood, allowing her to taste her Mistress, and breath her own miserable failure all the way back to her new home. If she ever manages to free herself from my clutches, (doubtful) I hope that her display's rather nasty little fucking machine will have trained her to be a more worthy adversary. But who am I kidding? It's probably just going to break her irreparably!
Freya ready for transport:Freya

Freya in her display:freya2

Ritzy Ritzy lost his TWR title to me a few months back, and obviously he took it hard. Ever since that day he's been demanding a rematch from me, lately he's even threatened to put me on display, once he'd finally defeated me! (WHERE could he have gotten that idea!?) Well, he got his rematch, alright, but the results were the same. Though it was close from beginning to end, I outlasted him just as I did before. Finally, flat on his back, with my foot on his face, he admitted to another defeat. As a consolation prize, I baptized him in a rush of victorious nectar, which he failed so completely to induce himself!

Cora Jade Bratty little NXT starlet, and self proclaimed ''Bad Ass'' Cora Jade has been spoiling for a fight with me for some time, and tonight she got it. She proved a stubborn little minx, and well suited (as might be expected, given her chosen profession) to delivering punishment. But in the end, her lack of rope skill undid her, and I was able to force my little latex clad rival into a squealing submission, she even called me ''MOMMY''!! Now, I don't force ALL my trophies to earn their keep, but the rent for my gallery doesn't pay itself, and we live in inflationary times. And so, since Cora has such a skilled tongue for sass and insults, I decided to put her to good use. Anyone dropping by to admire my conquests can linger a while at her gloryhole display, and help to keep the now somewhat less cocky Miss Jade nice and quiet!

Iris After my embarrassing defeat in the attempt to regain the LWR championship, I decided to get right back on the horse. Picking a fight with Iris, a powerful, cocky woman who was intent on defeating and domming me, and wasn't shy about saying so! We had a long, hard fought match, and she proved capable of absorbing incredible punishment, crawling her way back from a single remaining HP to nearly seize victory. But at last, the confident powerhouse crumbled, fucked into a screaming, pride shattering orgasm that had her squealing my name. Having learned her proper place, (at least for now) she meekly followed ''Miss Akira'' out of the ring on her hands and knees, sporting a pretty new leash for her journey to her new home among my trophies.

Officer Jade As a hard working, independent businesswoman, (albeit, one engaged in....''grey market'' acquisitions!) I was understandably perturbed by the sudden proliferation of pesky, authoritarian law enforcement officers around EF. Another newbie on this ad hoc police force, Jade decided I was breaking some law, and demanded I surrender to her authority. Sadly for this rookie piglet, she was quickly overwhelmed physically and mentally, cumming first in bondage, and then on my simple verbal command. I'm planning a new wing in my trophy room, dedicated to as many of these nosy ladies in uniform as I can acquire, so poor Jade will soon have plenty of company!
officer down

Secret Agent Zoe Voss Not really a ''secret'' agent, Zoe announced her job title loudly and proudly, which I assume made her employers cringe. If anything, her performance in the ring only heightened their feelings of embarrassment, as the lovely Frenchwoman was easily subdued and taken prisoner. Another pesky do gooder conquered, and poor Zoe's NEW career will be no secret at all!

Mistress Marissa Marissa is big, strong, arrogant and proud. In short, the type of girl I LOVE to humiliate! She challenged me to play her dice game, and was obviously flustered by how poorly that turned out for her, it was a portent of things to come. I taught her how a REAL dominant handles ropes and cuffs, frustrating her early and often. She fought back gamely, but couldn't keep her emotions, or her lust under control. After surrendering two climaxes in quick succession, she had little choice but to accept a collar, and crawl meekly out of the arena at the end of my leash. Maybe an extended training session in my gallery will make her a better Mistress, if she ever gets free, that is.

Lady Veronica Dominaque This (FORMER) ''Lady'' had the 2 things I look for most in an opponent: undeserved arrogance, AND the LWR title. Boastful and haughty to the end, she nonetheless was soundly defeated by a REAL champion. Perhaps her new occupation under my reign will teach her a valuable lesson in humility.
Queen Adriana Different character, same result. Another shameful defeat, and loss of the LWR title, as neither a ''Lady'' nor a ''Queen'' is any match for Akira between the ropes. Perhaps I should go for a clean sweep, and collect ALL the alts of this poor, outmatched girl?! ;)

Scarlet Fire This big, busty, muscle bound blonde had 2 things that attracted my attention: her interest in starting a collection of her own, and the LWR championship. She remarked on my great confidence before the march, and I promised her she'd soon learn it was justified. SPOILER She did. Poor Scarlet was the victim of a completely one sided affair, succumbing to my fingers and then, in rapid succession, she came again on my strapon. As the beaten blonde surrendered her title and her freedom, she admitted she was nothing but a loser trophy bitch. And, while that's true, at least I've displayed her in a manner that may improve her stamina!

Emile Roseberry Emile claimed she was a fellow 2x champ of the LWR, and she had the ego to back up her claims. Unfortunately for this ginger grappler, ego doesn't win matches. Despite taking the early lead with a miracle forced ''O'', she proved a paper tiger, her only ''offense'' writhing and fighting like mad to not give the satisfaction of surrender. But she was doomed from the start, ultimately submitting (and squirting) to a combination headscissors/finger fucking. Humbled and exhausted, poor Emile was placed into tight bondage, and carried away to my trophy room. i've situated her to show off her best assets, which are assuredly NOT her wrestling skill!

Claire Dimui This horny little cat girl found herself the Lesbian Wrestling champion, and as a result, under my gaze. She turned out to be more house cat than tigress, begging for my tongue and fingers, surrendering the title to me even before she came the final time. But for all her failings, she IS rather adorable, so I favored her with a plush new pet bed in my trophy room, where she can worry about pleasing me, and not trying to defend the title.

Niel Big, imposing, and harboring a SERIOUS military fetish, Neil informed me he was security for something called the RFD, apparently the enforcement arm of Frikka's empire. Having been after Frikka for a while now, and not taking kindly to being told I was ''under arrest'', I decided I needed to send a strong message. The outcome was never really in doubt, as Neil, like most men, found that his strength of arms couldn't compensate for his weakness of spirit. After draining him of his martial airs, and all of his seed, I caged the disgraced, would be Rambo, and left him for his superior to collect. Whether Frikka will finally face me herself, or throw up more roadblocks remains to be seen. But I won't rest until I've added that particular jewel to my growing collection. And if she has plenty of her old employees around to keep her company, so much the better!

Detective Darkice Back on the prowl and looking to cause trouble, I stumbled upon another annoying foe who operates not QUITE within the law. Though he was supremely confident in his abilities, this shady gumshoe was no superhero, just a regular man. To his dismay, he quickly learned that he was no match for my wiles, nor my sexual prowess. The good detective won't be solving any cases from my trophy room, but I DID decide to liberate that stylish hat!

Robin The Collector A cocky young upstart, Robin claimed to be a peerless thief, though the contents of his collection, or lack thereof, seemed to indicate otherwise. This didn't temper his enthusiasm , however, and he was determined to gain his first conquest at the expense of yours truly. He proved to be a tough opponent, and would no doubt be gathering victories at an impressive rate, had he not aimed so high, so fast. One hopes he can assuage his disappointment at failing to collect me by appreciating the lovely addition he has made to my own gallery of the vanquished!

The Collector As my status continues to rise in the EF universe, it was inevitable that Akira would attract the attention of some of this site's most notorious gatherers of trophies. After a few weeks of circling and banter, I finally arranged a time to meet The Collector in his private arena. What ensued was a back-and-forth struggle between evenly matched opponents, one that was in doubt until the last moment. Perhaps he was over confident in his abilities, or drained from an earlier romp with one of his broken captives. Whatever the case, he proved incapable of keeping me restrained, and I freed myself from his ropes just in time to send him over the edge, spraying his defeat all over my toned, and VERY red ass. As I left the fearsome curator spent and more than a bit embarrassed on his floor, he vowed revenge. I have no doubt I've not seen the last of him. UPDATE Round 2 against the Collector, this time fought on my own turf, was another decisive victory. I sent him from my domain with a swift swat on the ass, and a warning of what he would face if he dared challenge me a 3rd time.

Goodboi Another championship reign for Akira! Wagering my body against the champion's title, I stepped into the wrestling ring for just my 3rd match ever against a male opponent. Luckily, I'm a fast learner. It was a close contest, and hard fought, but in the end the superior wrestler left with the belt. Poor Goodboi, he DID get to go back to the locker room with me, as he'd hoped to. But it was NOT in the manner he anticipated!

Andromeda Sterling Akira is finally where she belongs: The very top! Andromeda was a fine champion, and she gave me everything I wanted and more. All told, it was as close a battle as I've ever faced, with both of us in the single digits for health and having surrendered two climaxes apiece. But I had just enough strength left to rip the decisive cum from the proud champion, using my strapon to fuck her into defeat and unconsciousness. I promise to defend my new title with pride, and hopefully give my worthy foe a rematch when she recovers!

Countess Sasha For my 4th LwR title defense, I faced off against the woman who handed me a defeat in my in ring debut here at EF, and thus far, the ONLY woman to best me between the ropes. With not just my title, but pride and revenge on the line, I showed Sasha no mercy. Taking control early, I ravaged the overconfident pretender to my throne, slutting her THREE times in succession. Her squeals and pleas filled the ring until, at last, she screamed the name of Goddess Akira with my conquering strapon lodged deep in her loser ass!!
Sasha broken

Emily Addison What a delightful surprise to find my old ''friend'' Emily around the EF universe, and she's just as big a whore as ever! Threatened by the presence of a FAR superior wrestler and all around superior woman, poor little Emmy vowed to beat my ass and then fuck it. She managed the latter while failing miserably at the former, inevitably begging to be finished off and declaring me the owner of her loser cunt! She may need a few reminders of her place going forward, but for now? she's right where she belongs!

Emi ANOTHER Emily Addison?! I thought I'd settled things with this jealous bitch, but her came a new challenger, swearing that SHE, not the loser tied up and drooling into her gag, was the genuine article. She proved to be a tougher test, for whatever that's worth, but any Emily Addison is by definition inferior to me! She conceded that soon enough, declaring herself the loser, and her weak ginger pussy my property.

Marc Twice this eager boy has tried to breed me, and twice he proved no match for my pussy. Good thing, too! I can't afford a nine month hiatus in my line of work!

Zachary Demon Hunting Adventurer Maybe he should stick to mythical foes. A cocky little adventurer, he quickly crumbled under my feet, quite literally. He grumbled in protest when I forced him to lap his cum off my soles, but what choice did he have? A bad end for Zach, but a new exhibit for Akira!
UPDATE In a rematch, Zachary evened the score between us at 1-1, gaining revenge for his initial failure by fucking me into a drooling, desperate mess who agreed to be used any way he liked.

Vanessa Rhoades This hard body brunette was out on the prowl, intent on capturing and humiliating any and all Trump supporters in her path. Now, I don't take too many sides when it comes to politics, but she was such a delicious looking crusader I decided to fake my way through! She tried hard, but soon found herself fucked into submission, and packaged tightly for display. Using her own phone to post a few photos, every one of her Instagram follows, regardless of political affiliation, was invited to drop by and teach this little bitch a lesson in humility!

Blank Slate Feeling confident, I accepted the challenge of this arrogant man, knowing I risked joining the ranks of his mindless sex slaves if I was defeated. But my skills carried the day, and I left him drained and shamed, cursing the name of Goddess Akira as I sauntered away victorious! **UPDATE** Another battle, another defeat for poor Blank, who received a hard strapon fucking for his arrogance. Will he learn his lesson, or try again?

Tianna This confident little domme was eager to tell me all the ways she planned to use her monster strapon to break me, but she never got the chance. Even after cumming twice over my fingers, she was defiant enough to refuse to call me her Mistress, and vow revenge in a rematch. She'll get the chance, but until that day comes, she'll be safe and secure in my trophy case, reflecting on her unwarranted arrogance!

Star This aspiring Harem Master failed in his first attempt to tame me, and stubbornly insisted he ALMOST got the job done. He came closer in the rematch, but once again proved he couldn't finish the job. His unfounded arrogance will cost him now, as he takes a place of dishonor in my trophy room. UPDATE After finally gaining a victory over me, Star decided that the tide in our relationship had turned, and brashly challenged me to a "winner take all" battle. He soon learned, to his dismay, that his fluke victory in our last encounter was only that, a fluke. Defeated again, definitively, he now belongs to me, an obedient little pet. I have decided not to claim the women who have previously fallen into his clutches, if only because they must, by definition, be unworthy of a Goddess.

Bossy Brooke Confident, demanding and utterly self-possessed. All admirable qualities in a woman, but ONLY when she can back them up. Brooke was certain she could place me in her employ, but after a long meeting in her private office, it was she who was ''reassigned.'' She loudly and somewhat messily accepted her new duties while in tight bondage, with both her holes filled. She now holds the lofty title of ''Boss of the trophy room'', but out of sympathy for her fellow exhibits, she'll need to mumble her commands through her gag at all times.

The Merchant Overconfidence is any competitor's worst enemy, and even the great Akira falls victim to it at times. Despite my lack of experience in Hentai battles, I felt certain I could defeat this mysterious business owner, even IF he held the advantage of fighting on his home turf, so to speak. It turned out I was badly mistaken. Poor luck and a far more experienced foe combined to fuck me good and hard, leaving me exhausted, beaten, and leaking freely from both ends. As a reminder of my failure, I awoke to discover not only a new, rather embarrassing PFP, but far worse: I'd become the unwilling ''employee'' of this shady sex peddler! I will certainly get my revenge eventually, but until that day comes, I have to content myself with the cold comfort of knowing that as reigning LWR champion, at least I'll fetch a high price for my....."services''.
A set of faulty restraints at long last gave me an opportunity for revenge against The Merchant, but the manacles malfunctioning is where my good luck ended. In a battle for freedom from my temporary holding cell, I was bound, clamped, spanked and wanded, and finally enchanted into crawling upon my captors lap and riding his cock to another humiliating defeat. Too worn out to do anything but obey, I licked both our juices from his victorious member, and submitted meekly to degrading suspension bondage until his return,at which time my ''Obedience Training'' will be ramped up to new extremes, presumably before I'm returned to his employ.
After trying (and failing) A 3rd time to defeat the Merchant, I'm thoroughly humbled. In addition to a......''frustrating'' new rule, (listed above) I've also accepted his superiority over me. Henceforth, I will play the submissive for him in all our interactions.

Mistress Marikah Determined to teach a cocky young upstart dominant her place on the totem pole, I challenged Marikah as soon as I saw her. Early on, she seemed as overmatched and hopeless as countless others, as she squirmed and pleaded in her bounds, and begged for release. But she didn't crumble, and what followed was a highly competitive contest of wills that ended, finally, with me bound helpless and hopeless to a sybian, and abandoned to it's not so tender mercies. When Marikah (err....MISS Marikah) finally returned, I had just enough sense and energy left to blubber my unconditional surrender, and left this lost Domme battle chained, plugged, and crawling meekly at the end of her leash, on my way to her dungeon.

Ruck After tearing through both the goons and the proprietor of Compound 14 and forcing them to close their doors in disgrace, (Don't believe the lie, that's how it REALLY happened! ;) ) I decided to complete my set of trophies from the defunct facility with its disgraced, erstwhile Warden. Unfortunately, I was out of practice in dealing with the shady underworld types of EF, and my collection remains incomplete. I can take solace only in the knowledge that I will inevitably triumph, and that I won't be languishing in the bowels of the Compound, as so many before me. Though it was an uncomfortable evening, as I was left in the below seen sticky situation.

Sinn Sage It had been awhile since I faced off with a rival of mine from the world of porn, and I guess I was rusty. I thought I had Sinn in trouble, but she took control of our battle, tying me spread eagle to the bed, and forcing orgasm after orgasm out of me. Utterly defeated, I sucked my juices off her fingers on command, and left the battle field leashed and collared, crawling at her heels with my own strapon in my mouth.

Anton I accepted Anton's challenge.....BIG mistake! Even after an extended period of hypnosis, I managed to score the first fall, but it was all downhill from there. He evened things at 1-1, and then almost immediately forced the decisive orgasm from me, leaving me an exhausted, quivering mess. As a result, I have a new name and status for my next 5 games, and also a burning desire for revenge.

MrBigCock Lots of thirsty boys have threatened to dominate my pussy and turn me from dominant sexfighter to breeding bitch, but none have ever succeeded. Until now. This horny young stud proved aggressive and resistant, using his stamina and incredible endowment to rock my world! I barely managed to get one orgasm out of him, after which he quickly regained control, fucking me into a drooling mess, one who even called him "Daddy'' as he tamed me. Afterwards, he asked if I was ready to bear his children, and I had no choice but to agree! Beware the power of good dick, girls.

Violet Lightning This clever little ninja was on my tail for a long time. When we finally squared off, she seemed to be an easy conquest, surrendering to my fingers almost instantly. But she proved too determined to quit, and with remarkable endurance and her natural cunning, she managed to tie me down and vibe me into drooling, quivering surrender. Afterwards, she left me in bondage to await her pleasure. I plan to make her regret it...

MoMo The Huntress It's always a delicious challenge trying to beat a cocky domme at her own game, but it comes with plenty of risk. I tangled with MoMo in a back and forth affair, but she triumphed in the end, her tongue out dueling mine and leaving me exhausted. I had little time to rest, however, as for failing to properly lick her pussy, I was immediately put to work on her toes.

Lisbeth Rose It's hard to be TOO upset when you're defeated by the best LWR champion in history, but I was. After a long battle, I had Lisbeth teetering on the edge of defeat, only to see her slip free. So close, but in the end she wore me down, fucked me dry, and ended my 3rd reign as LWR champion.

Captain Liz This dashing, flamboyant buccaneer looked like the perfect addition to my trophy case: A firm body, big mouth and ego in need of destruction. Alas, the best candidates don't always work out the way you hope. Liz proved far more resistant AND resilient than I'd anticipated. Worse still, she seemed to know exactly what buttons to press to drive me wild. In the end, I found myself Shanghaied by the cunning corsair, my drained, defeated body tied fast to the main mast for the benefit of her leering and horny crew.

BDSM Stacy I took the appropriate amount of pleasure In seeing the haughty blonde dominatrix humbled in her present predicament, but I guess I shouldn't have poked the bear. Despite forcing an easy first orgasm from EF's resident anal whore, I eventually found myself in inescapable bondage, and being pounded mercilessly by Stacy's strapon. With no escape possible, I struggled as long as I could before moaning my submission as I soaked her cock. Adding insult to injury, she forced me to call her my Queen, before securing my OWN collar around my throat.

Reaper Sadly, my first reign as TwR champion did not last long. Perhaps drawn by the glitter of my title belt, Reaper appeared after a significant hiatus to answer my open challenge. Taking advantage of his ring rust, I scored the first fall easily enough, but after that it was all downhill. He dominated the rest of the fight, resisting my best efforts and finishing me off with consecutive forced orgasms. Adding insult to injury, he tied my beaten, exhausted body in the ropes and fucked my now former championship pussy with the belt still around my waist. Thoroughly defeated, and filled with his cum, I was left in bondage as he took the title and walked out, triumphantly.

Poki I thought this popular Twitch slut would be easy prey, and maybe I got distracted thinking of all the tips I'd acquire humiliating her in front of her audience. In any case, I ended up defeated by her not once, but TWICE! Poki is my favorite streamer of all time, I understand that now. Watch closely next time she's on, you might catch a glimpse of me licking her feet while she games....!


BiancaTS Managed to outlast me in a lengthy battle. I scored the first forced O, but she rallied to make me cum twice, draining my will and leaving me a drooling mess. I ended up coated in her victory jizz, and currently sport a fancy new ''CUM DUMP'' collar. Image Title

Bondageman After a fierce battle for supremacy, I found myself locked in inescapable steel bondage, and subjected to repeated anal punishment until at last my will crumbled. I acknowledged my defeat, and submitted to be his bondage slave. **UPDATE** I gained a measure (well, MORE than a measure!) of revenge, defeating Bondageman and claiming him as my groveling submisiive for the month of February! winner

Defeated Akira

Countess Sasha My first foray into the LWR was a tough battle against a confident veteran. I scored the first forced orgasm, and thought I was a natural, but in the end, her experience won the day. Trapped in a punishing armbar, I had no defense against her skilled fingers, soaking the canvas with the decisive cum, but certainly not the last.....


Cumdump Brooke After my close lose to Bianca, I was determined to get back on the right track, and what better way than to humiliate a worthless submissive? That was the plan, and it went HORRIBLY wrong. Brooke handed me the most one sided defeat of my short EF career, trapping me in inescapable bondage and breaking me with two unanswered climaxes. Before it was all said and done, I was forced to call her my Mistress, taking her victory load on my face, breasts, and tummy, and also in my ass. It is with great shame that I admit to being a cum dump's cum dump.

Cum dump

Natasha Natasha handed me just my second ever defeat in the LwR, putting an end to my title reign in the 5th defense. She resisted my tongue on multiple occasions, wearing me down to the point that I could not resist her Hitachi assault, surrendering my championship and plenty of juices in a violent forced orgasm.

Jeanne Jeanne and I waged a fierce battle for dominance, and though my skills with ropes and cuffs were FAR superior, she stubbornly refused to surrender. The finish to our fight is shrouded in controversy, don't let her tell you different. But sexfighting is a results oriented business, and this particular result was all to her benefit. She claimed victory, and placed my in tight bondage, subjected to a relentless fucking machine. She left no doubt who the superior warrior was on this occasion, but once I get free, my vengeance will be terrible!
UPDATE My attempt at revenge failed, and I once again found myself fucked into submission. My profile photo for the next week is at the mercy of Jeanne.

Blank Girl Karoline Having already bested Blank Slate, I saw no chance that any of his brainless whores could pose me any difficulty. I was quite mistaken. Karoline proved elusive to my ropes, and relentless on the attack, quickly regaining the haughty attitude of her former self. I fought back with everything i had, but ultimately suffered the twin disgraces of cumming under her trib assault, and then having my ass aggressively taken with my own strapon, until I sobbed my unconditional surrender. Afterwards, I was ordered to lick her soles clean, a tuneup job for my new status as her footslut and maid.

Lewd Sister Silvena I had two objectives entering this battle against the slutty Sister: Stop my losing streak and claim the Hentai championship. I failed. After a fast start, and some good fortune, I sensed victory was mine when my tentacled minions bound up the pleading nun and forced a powerful climax from her. But her Gods intervened, sparing her a fate of humiliation and shame in my trophy room, and with just a single HP left she rallied for victory. To make matters worse, those devious tentacles pounced on their Mistress's weakness, pounding my exhausted body until I passed out. I fear the reversal of roles, with them controlling ME, may be the status quo for the foreseeable future.

Superhero Whilst prowling the city at night in search of her next trophy, Akira was confronted by a costumed do-gooder, determined to prevent her from claiming a new prize. Perhaps it was over confidence, or simple bad luck, but whatever the reason, the huntress quickly became the prey. Fucked relentlessly by his "Super cock'', I was rendered helpless, a drooling mess who was easily restrained and carted off to jail. But no prison cell can hold Akira! I'll be free and back on the hunt. Eventually.....

UPDATE After escaping my imprisonment, as well as stealing the precious GOTH title, I sought out the pesky hero and demanded a rematch! Much to my shock and chagrin, he managed to show remarkable resistance, surviving my best efforts and ultimately taking both my new title, and subduing me definitively. Now back in custody, I find myself in a cramped cage, forced to rely on sexual favors for the bare necessities of survival! Superhero no doubt believes he has put Akira away for good, but I WILL get out, and get my revenge! I think....

LinLin Mira Twice I've tangled with LinLin in an attempt to wrest away the LWR championship, and twice she has proven too much for me. After falling to her in the ring the 2nd time, she carried my spent body back to her locker room and continued to pound my defeated pussy with her fingers and girl cock, until the tiles in the shower were slick with my juices. Accepting the fact that, for now at least, she is the superior wrestler, I acknowledged her as champion and offered my womb for her victory orgasm, which she readily accepted.

Supergirl This gorgeous blonde Kyrptonian would make a splendid addition to my trophy room, an opinion I believe she came to share during the course of my battle. In fact, she seemed so amenable to a new career in my power, that I got careless. Her submissive, slutty attitude lured me in, and her tongue and fingers did the rest. From the dream of what seemed almost too easy of a triumph, I awoke to find myself slutted, bound securely, and serenaded by approaching sirens. I may be cooling my heels in custody for no, but I always escape before too long. And that Super slut WILL be mine!
At long last, I got my chance for revenge on this Kryptonian cutie. In a long, desperate battle, I finally managed to subdue her, first with my fingers and then, once she was securely imprisoned in Krptonite enhanced restraints, with my trusty "Bitch Tamer''. The humiliated, exhausted heroine had no choice but cum again, and squeal for Miss Akira, just as she was told. I left her disgraced, bound and stark naked in the street, to ponder a future as my trophy slave, should she dare to try for revenge.

Cassie the Ringmaster This confident blonde was so annoyingly self assured that I simply HAD to challenge her. A back and forth battle ensued, in which she proved her cocky airs were warranted, though no less irritating. I thought she was headed to my trophy room at the business end of her own crop, but she managed to escape a tricky bondage predicament, and then rip the decisive orgasm from me with her fingers. Drained and helpless, I found myself trussed up tightly and left displayed in the center ring! I'll get my revenge in the rematch, no doubt, but I may have a loooong time to stew on this setback.

Blair The Witch Blair the bratty witch MUST have some kind of magic on her side, as she has somehow managed to prevail in our best of 3 series by a score of 2-1. It's embarrassing to lose two matches to a self described submissive, but the defeat I suffered in our rubber match was almost too much to bear. Not only did Blair defeat me in the ring, my strongest arena, avenging her loss in that mode earlier, she ALSO claimed my LWR title!! Humiliated and beaten, I surrendered my championship to Blair on my knees, only to suffer the further indignity of being tied to my stool in the corner, left on display and for the ringside fans to sample and tease, as Blair left with the championship gold.

Lexi the Bounty Hunter Another embarrassing lose in a best of three series. After handling Lexi easily enough in our first meeting, she somehow found her way to a victory in the rematch, setting up a winner take all 3rd contest. I started strong, but she was persistant, and ultimately manged to fuck me into a drooling submission. To make matters worth, after being bound securely and dragged back to her Guild headquarters as a prize, she sentenced me to serve hard time in the Guild gloryhole, providing relief to her hard working fellow hunters. I will no doubt get my revenge, but until that day, I'm being kept quite busy with my ''rehabilitation''.

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