Kekki (Stufe 8) mail warning

Love to bet. Also open to every rp scenario

Lesbisch / Switch

Hi, im a bratty girl. I like humiliation, verbal degradation and anything involved with it.
Be aware I won't submit easily and I will do whatever I can to win and make you my pet.
I love to rp and trash talk.
We can also just chat, and don't be shy i love to talk and listen to your pervy and spicy ideas so dm me whenever you want.
Im willing to get on the site more often and get more relationship with you all.

I am the good girl of EF's minx masseuse. Vanessa/Green Velcro made me orgasm over and over again from her pink strapon~ and she promises to give me endless foot rubs as a reward after having such a hot and steamy wrestling match. I am hers to control for a week~ as she has earned the right to be my dom. I love being her good little girl and getting all the relaxation in the world from her hands and toys.

100% Switch
94% Brat
93% Degradee
91% Pet
90% Submissive
87% Brat tamer
87% Masochist
83% Degrader
81% Dominant
80% Slave
72% Voyeur
67% Mistress
54% Owner
48% Sadist

Best victorys
I just added my first pet Madison it's not that bad be on the other side for once. I made her crawl on the ground and kiss my feet like the little foot bitch she is

I made BiancaTS my bitch, and make her cum twice soaking the mat.

Jamie Valentine is my footbitch. I lost our first fight but then she decide to give me a rematch also betting that the loser would have been winner's footbitch. Guess what happened? I defeated her and now she is crawling on all fours like a dog licking my sweaty feet!
Update: We had a rematch and this time she left me no chance, she made me cum 4 times in game, but that's not the worst part!! She teased so much in game that made me cum even irl, after that i submitted to her and now i am her slave. This was so humiliating...

Humiliation loss

Shy Girl Completely humiliated me and made me submit to her, now i am her pet

Mistress Belle
I have lost a match against her, she completely dominated me during the entire game making me tap out 4 times. I standed no chance against her and she made me worship her feet after the match and even cum from them! So humiliating.
Now im waiting for a rematch!
I had that rematch and i lost it she made me cum again and again!

Solara Mal
I have lost 2 times against her! The first time i was cocky but ended up as her anal slut!
I even asked her for a rematch where she used a handicap, but even with it she managed to win again. And now im also her bitch

Katha i lost the first match against her and she made me submit while trampling my face.
Update: i got my revenge now we are 1-1 i made her cum with a vibrator in het slutty ass!.
Update: We had a 3rd match, she annihilated me in that match, not only winning the match but she also broke my will to fight making me submit. That way I became her Italian footpet submitted to her superior german feet.
Now i lost also a bet and she can also call me in public matches only to humiliate me.

If someone use a feet action on me i have to roll the dice and as a hypno action i have to roll 5/6 to get free. If i don't i have to skip. (4/5)

wc Ist lesbisch
autorenew Ist ein Switch
access_time Zuletzt aktiv: Vor 2 tagen, Erstellt Vor mehr als ein Jahr
star Hat 14 Sterne
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vpn_lock Private Spiele
timelapse Dauerhafte Effekte
radio_button_unchecked Mit Halsband versehen von Belle 🇺🇸 (Alisha’s Foot Slut)
mode_edit Markiert von Clarissa
radio_button_unchecked Ist Halsbandeigner von: 💖Gymbunny 💖Sarah💖
check Fetische: Weibliche Dominanz, Hardcore-BDSM, Pro Wrestling, Anal, Keuschheitsgürtel/Käfige, Pet Play, Erniedrigung, Erniedrigung, Knechtschaft, Fußfetisch, Arsch lecken, Hypnose, Monster
shopping_cart Spielzeuge: Knebel, Analplug, Kragen/Halsband, Leine, Schnürsenkel


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