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well hello,

my good girlfriend (Juli aka Katha) told me about this erotic site, so i decided to make an account.
i played with her in irl a lot of competition, and now im here giggles

yes its me on the pfp, im not so shy like my friend Katha ;)

if you wanna see my whole body take a look here or my sexy legs

About me:

Name: Nadine
High: 5,5
Weight: 58kg
Shoe size: 37
IRL action: body writing(marks),....

I watching porn for over 10 years, so i had many fantasies and fetishes.
I love porn sites like kink, ultimate surrender, the evolvedfights, fwr, defeatedxxx( what a site this is oh my =) ) and if somebody now this site shg-media :) ...

you know ? yeah ! then write me =)

Thats where the most fetish come from.
I love the back and forth action in movies and in the games.
Dont go easy on me, i like and do it rough, hard and painful.
Im down to bets and rules.

I dont like ageplay and mommy daddy issues. thats weird for me sorry about that ;)

Maybe i write more about me when i lose a bet or something else
Im also fine with adding a name to my mainname

My look and outfits for




Maybe you like to see me in chastity decives chastity


My try to be a superheroine

Let me now from which outfit u will get beaten or get i beat? Find it out ef friends


I have to skip for every move where legs are wrapped around me.(2/5) given by the strongest legs around here Darina

permanent rules

after i lost to Katha i got 2 new permanent rules :

if i get the TapOut Option i have to do this
If you Cuntbust or slapped my Pussy/Cunt/Ass or tits, i roll a d6. Is the number 4 or less, you decide my next turns according to the number i rolled.



After beating Cyrus once, I started to tease him, promising to get him in more trouble by giving him even more rules to follow next time we met. However, my predilection for a high-stakes bet landed me in trouble instead. This time, he made me edge again and again, forcing me to rub myself as he dominated me. It wasn't long before I was fucked to orgasm and begging for punishment as he smiled an evil smile.

I found my needy pussy locked inside a cold steel chastity belt, an inescapable collar around my neck as he pulled firmly at my leash. I'm now his obedient chastity maid, serving his cock in whichever way he desires. I'm still waiting for my master to grant me the pleasure of orgasm, but I'm sure if I behave he will consider it. I hope!


after a long confrontation vs me we finished our long tournament (best of 5 sexfights) and i lost and need to serve him as her pet from now on

Golden Boy
I saw him in the streets and was getting horny, thinking about how I put him in chastity and dominated him the last time we met. So, I decided to challenge him to a sexfight, again!
In the beginning everything was going great. I slapped his face, his balls, was laughing at him while getting him closer and closer to the edge. Me and my friend [Katha(???)] were trying to make him cum, but then the fight took a turn.
He pushed away my friend[Katha(???)], bound me with tape, slapped my pussy and started fucking me from behind. I was in shock, overwhelmed by his big cock and couldn't think. When I understood the situation I was in, it was already to late. In a desperate attempt I tried to make him cum with my feet, but I was to weak and he was to strong. Before I realized what had happened he put a plug into my tight little ass and fucked my dripping wet pussy to the edge. I tried to stall, charm him with words and he was even giving me a moment to catch my breath, but I was edging so hard already, it didn't matter. He took the buttplug out of my ass and put his throbbing cock in. I was done for, came so hard and so fast, totally humiliated!
After I surrendered, he started using me as his little fucktoy and I was liking it so much, I couldn't stop cumming. He punished me for cumming, which made me cum again and I ended up in a cycle of ecstasy. Punishment followed by me cumming again. I don't even know how many times I was cumming on his dick.
In the end he patted me on the head, belittling me even more, and just walked away to attend to his business.

this little cute petite girl called Kate, was able to make me 3 times cumming at lwr! she forced me to kiss her feet during the match and then her tongue making me orgasm hard. in the end this natural sub make me her bitch. i was used by a blonde sub. i have to follow her instructions. she collared me after i orgasm the last time, so im her plaything.
Right after the match she ordered me to a public match-room. I had to bark and my fours to every in that room, then another pet came and licked me to an assgasm and filled me up with his cum. At the end of this nightmare she plugged my weak spot with that buttplug to keep the cum in me! How humiliating she made me! And fuck i love it! Kate has totally control over me, im her playpet!

After a crucial lost against Alice Rose, she made me during our matches tapping under her fantastic superior pussy the first time, then i was close to turn the tables and make her a massiv orgasm. But she made me tap out again with taunting me in a scissor move. Then she broked me with one minute of fucking my tight ass and made me bark to my submission. She double the effect and making me an unbelieveble assgasm. Now im her pet and she made me her pony for long as she wants!! pony

Lepicard finally defeated and break me in TWR. He spank all of my body during our 2 games. Then he used is friends to melt down my mind. He put me into an anal full nelson, what's lead in totally and permanet surrendering to him! Im yours now! and forever. He collared me and marked me!
As long as he wants im his slut!! i have to call im master !

Darina give me a nice rule:
If my energy is zero, i have to roll a d6
5-6 i can go on
2-4 i must skip
1 i must please to get tied up. Can only escape then when i roll higher then my pleasure level. (d100) 3/3 rule will erase when i get 3 wins with this rule.

After a second fight with her i was able to close this rule with comeback win in the ring by using my fingers in her pussy first and then she showed her truth by cumming from my fingers in her butthole.

after a bit of a struggle switchy Simon4u gave me a pretty buttplug to get me excited, filled me, made me orgasm hard while making faces and in the end squirted for him, I am now his. Simon4u owned me!!

Jamie Valentine picked me out of mm. after some nice trash talk we start our fight. She used my special move, german suplex, against me and i had to tap out the first time. As penalty she took my tight little german butthole. After some back and forth action, she made me tap out twice, she used her superior feet on my cunt to make me cum. After the game she used my butthole for more humiliation.

Mario fingered and rubbed me in the ring hard enough to win by pinning me down !
After the game im now his bitch!
After a long time we finally met again. We both want a high risk game. The match was right from the start awesome. We battle each out in different bondages and teasing us with words! I was able to made Mario cum with the help of my friend katha! But his stamina was incredible, right after his orgasm, he fucked me right to my orgasm. Then mario decided to call his friends and stuffed all of my german holes at once. I could hold it on and his friends covered my face with cum. I tried to break him with my strapon but it failed. Mario decided to punish me with an anal ahego move, i begged him to stop, but it ended in my screams for surrendering! He dragged me to my new home, a cage!

The little english girl Jenna looks like an easy match for me, but im totally wrong, i cant handle Jenna, first she used all of my holes soon in the game, then she fucked my ass like this or this makes me cum with a huge strap in my ass, then she broke my will to fight back with this nightmare machine. Jenna had no mercy with me and spanked my german ass till i cum so hard and put me in this machine.

After a strong and intense match vs Babygirl (1:0) i was able to finish her off with my fingers, she squirtet my mat really wet. I took her away to the classic room, where we have soon our rematch.

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You grab her hair and pull upward while she lies on the mat! Standing hairpulling You tie her to the ropes and rip her bra from her sexy tits. Hands tied up, bra ripped off You push your opponent on her back and force her to raise her legs up, cause it’s anal time! Legs up - anal time You show your wrestling and sex skills, easily pinning him down with your feet. You mock him with some push-ups while sucking his cock. Pinning push-up blowjob You grab your your opponent by their hair and force your cock deep into her their throat. Tied up as they are, they have no chance to resist. Tied hair pulling deepthroat You place the slut on her knees in front of you. Stretching your boot to her pussy. After you hear a soft moan, you are starting to fuck her wet clit with your boot. Fucked by her boots You lift her up and slam her on your standing knee! Belly to knee drop You fuck your opponent in an unbelievible way in her butthole by pressing her against the wall. Anal fuck against the wall You force her down to the mat with his face, putting up her ass and convince her who will win this match with your strap in that ass!! Face down ass up fuck You tie your opponent on a wooden chair, spreading those legs wide apart. Bondage: Wooden Chair

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