Babygirl (Level 12) mail warning

Opens the door after hearing a knock

Hey welcome to my room, nice to meet you.

Please excuse the mess, I'm still trying to get the room organised, living on my own is a bit tougher than expected giggles
Maybe I should have stayed at Daddy's place but I wanted some independance after a while so a room at the dorms will do.

Hmmm? What I'm doing later? Well I have cheerleading practice but maybe we can hang out after that?
Talking about that, I need to change in my uniform so no peeking I peek my tongue at you and close the door

Tada, do you like it?
I show off the outfit to you, the name Samantha on the back of the shirt, visible through the blond hair cascading over my shoulders

Need to go to practice, catch you later!

About me in games. I love to roleplay and won't play any silent games, that's not my stuff.
I'm not talking about twenty lines monologues but at least a bit of story going on to link the actions together.

I enjoy classic and wrestling modes. No IRL stuff.

As indicated below, I'm set as submissive, which means I'm happy to have you take the dominant role in the game but that doesn't mean that I'll let you do what you want from the start. You want me wet and ready to obey your orders, earn it.

I tend to prefer soft domming, with gentle words and cuddles, but I also love hard pounding, hair pulling, dirty talking sex once the mood is set.

I won't go more into details as I think it is funnier if we discover each other in game so catch you there ^^

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