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Mostly busy for Hanukkah~ Low interest in playing men unless I know them well already~

Bi / Switch

Alis - Fiercest Free Kitten!

I mostly play Classic and LWR but I can be tempted into Hentai and Het WR. It's so rare a case that I'm okay with playing the interactive modes that you really should not ask about it. I generally look for RP games but might play quicker games with just dirty talk sometimes. No genital preference, Bisexual (Kinsey scale: 5) , NB and Trans cuties welcome 🥰 ~

Collar status: Free!

Active rules None

Vivid red hair topped with small feline ears, bright sweet green eyes and a curvy but short frame at 157cm faces you. Her throat is currently decorated with a slim black choker.

Delicate runes of the elder futhark adorn her right bicep in a circle, declaring her pleasure to submit to one known as Frikka.

A ring of dandelions encircles her left arm just above her elbow, the stems entwined to present a full circle of alternating bright yellow flowers and pale puffy seedheads~

A trail of pretty violet flowers trail up her back, following her spine from her hips up to her shoulderblade, each end finishing with a single letter "V".

For those that managed to spot it~ The sole of her right foot is decorated with a cryptic tattoo of a small white snowflake~

A little stylized alarm clock tattoo has appeared on her left hip with a cursive letter 'D' looped around it and four small hearts trailing forwards and up towards her belly~

A tattoo in red ink of a lipstick kiss is marked just below the level of her tailbone on her right ass cheek~

Humiliation focused both as a Dom and a Sub. Love detailed and inventive roleplay partners! If you're not chatty I'll probably want to leave. Love people who want to win, but can still enjoy themselves when they lose, but can tailor RP to hard subs and hard doms when needed~

I sometimes play public games so that witnesses can be there for the humiliation regardless of who endures it, and I love people who can really drive the knife home.

I like to bet sometimes on the outcome of matches though I prefer humiliating rules to making games harder to play, but adding marks to my body, permanent jewelery or talismans of submission is kept separate from bets and given freely to those who truly make the time spent with them delightful~

Kink List

A little shrine to Goddess Valeria

Though Alis no longer considers her collar to be claimed, she will never forget the Goddess who seemed to melt her heart with a single glance and warmed her for days with a brief embrace~

There will never be a moment where she does not love and remember her beloved Goddess and hope that she returns from her divine realm to hold her close once more~

Placed on the stone surface of the shrine is a slim shining golden chain, each end attached to a barbell piercing~

Notable losses

Goddess Valeria made me squirt all over the mat and insisted I wait for days to take my full punishment! I couldn't get halfway to the match before her teasing broke me down into begging for her collar and more of her addictive touch! She made it feel so good to give it all up, swear myself to her as my Goddess and submit to all her wicked desires for now and forever!'

I know that she's making me slip deeper and deeper towards being a mindless toy for when she gets me in front of an audience, but I can't resist her pull. I'm helpless no matter how shameful a state she brings me to.

Frikka Defeated me in a fierce scramble for control over several hours, her ferocity impressed me enough that I allowed her to mark my skin with ink to show the submission she earned from me, she is a wonderful Lioness I am proud to associate with~

Kira The beautiful, dominant Miss Kira claimed me as a pet after the most crushing loss of my wrestling career, Kira' leaving me helpless and squirming with need as she smothered me into submission in a 100-0 loss. My hair is dyed pink in her honour to match her choice of new picture~ I call her Miss Kira whether in public or private~ I greet her with a nuzzle and kiss before kneeling at her side to await her commands~, I serve as her training dummy for wrestling~ and she has the unilateral right to alter the terms of my submission as she sees fit~

Treasured Footslut Snowy (Weiss Schnee) Snowy smothered me into submission~ But even in victory she couldn't resist the urge to be a sweet treasured loser~ Giving in to her footslut urges and worshipping my feet as she stroked her beautiful body to a climax~ The dubious prize of her 'Victory' is a soft white snowflake tattoo on my right sole~

Ben Bravo fucked me senseless and left me bound and bred, hanging in the window for all to see. My cum and spit covered face is barely recognizable, and the words 'Broken Breeding Bitch" are written across my chest and stomach. Every person who stops to gawk sends another wave of shame and pleasure through me.

Myranna Myranna taught me a lesson for dabbling with powers that I barely understand!~ Melting my mind and body to her will with her control of magic and turning me into an exhausted desperate and drained toy pleading for mercy~

During the battle of the plump asses, I lost to Tanya and ended up as her ass eating bitch. Her ass is far superior to mine; I loved worshipping and licking every drop of sweat from her perfect ass~

Bianca Kept me bound for twenty straight turns in our rematch after breaking free for the first time!~ Losing double or nothing I'm now her cumdump once more, and can only escape from bondage on a roll of 6!

Jeanne -After much back and forth I finally managed to win another match against Jeanne though the record is still well in her favour! " 4-6

Alisha - After a visit to Alishas home, Alis has been thoroughly trained to be a good little kitten for her - Cumming repeatedly as Alisha dominated her backdoor, earning her a new collar to wear when visiting, bright pink and marked 'Alishas Anal slut kitten.'

Notable Victories

Belle The little blonde beauty came to me in the ring with a 6 win streak - and left humiliated on her hands and knees with a well used behind~ Until she gets 5 more wins, she'll need to thank anyone who penetrates her butt!~ Such a good buttslut -- After her second defeat on my wiggly little fingers, I decided that a cute brat like that was too dangerous to be left free, and collared her as my prize until she earns her freedom!~

Hellcat Jewel Hellkitten thought she could take me because she managed to beat Belle~! But I wasn't falling for any sweet goth brats today and finished her off with a vibe!~ Just to remind her of her place, she has to thank her top and beg for more when her delightful pale booty is used, just like her idol Belle!~

Hope Hope was left hopeless by my skills - and after threatening me with a cruel rule if he won, I made sure that he didn't get any mercy from me. Now he's a cute little catboy with a fun new rule to go with it!~

Shameful kink highlight!

After winning Jeanne has demanded I add some experiences of my biggest kinks!~

Pain - There is absolutely nothing in the world that makes my knees go weak than being a good painslut getting choked, spanked, caned and painfully used into oblivion.

Ass Worship - I find it so hard to resist when someone demands I kneel down and worship their booty, no matter how much I blush I love being smothered by a firm cute ass~

Spit - Saliva, drooling and spitting make me melt into a shameful little puddle, my mind gone and my tongue hanging out for more.

Smothering - I am a complete smotherslut and my fondest memories are of nearly passing out with a dominant partner firmly trapping me beneath them.

Anal - I hate that I love it - But it's so easy to make me into an eager little humiliated buttslut riding back to meet your thrusts~

Public use and sharing - I love the the amount of times I've been broken down and left by my opponent to be the audiences public use toy~

Spring outfit provided by the wonderful Miss Kira!

Alternate Subby Easter Bunny outfit provided by Miss Kira!

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