Belle 🇺🇸 (Alisha’s Foot Slut) (Level 12) mail warning

Lesbian / Switch

Cross-gender alt character made for competing in the LWR


Hair: Blonde
Height: 5”3 (160 cm)
Weight: 115 lbs (52 kg)
Breasts: 34A

Image Title
Hey, I’m Belle 😘. I’m extremely bratty and I hate to lose. Very much into the wrestling part of sex wrestling, and I’ll really enjoy breaking you before I finish you off. Can’t wait to watch you tap out for me 😉


My right ass cheek now has a cute little tattoo, with the words “Property of Miss Alis” written across it. A nice shiny collar fastened around my neck, making it clear to everyone who I belong to.

Active Rules:

Inactive Rules:

Rules set by Miss Alis
Every time someone penetrates my ass, I’m going to thank them for doing so and beg them for more...

Goddess Devon
I had been trying to rile up Devon for a while, trying to lure her into the ring, so I could take full advantage of her, but she didn’t even let me get that far, countering everything I threw at her, before finally I had no choice but to submit to her, smothering my face underneath her ass. That wouldn’t be the end of it though, as before I could recover, Devon quickly had me hogtied and spread across her lap, where she used her generous collection of toys to completely break my body and mind. I submit to her fully now…

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Despite initially bullying Freya, making her my bitch on a couple of occasions, I never quite got around to putting a collar around her pretty little neck…
Something I’d go on to regret when Freya decided it was time to put me in my place. After enduring all manner of pinches, slaps and squeezes, she finally broke me, wasting no time locking a collar around my neck. I’m now her little collared bitch

Sassy Selena (3-1) kept telling me how she was going to beat me, and for a while she did pretty well, trapping me in some painful holds. In the end she couldn’t handle me, as I forced her to cum with my tongue. Afterwards I made my little Latina Loser apologise. She’s so obedient now giggles

Oriana (1-2) beat me in our rematch, telling me my win in the first match was a fluke. She made me tap out first, before having me surrender to her strap on. Finally she forced me cum all over her fingers and I must now call her Mistress Oriana.

Erin Quin (0-2) completely defeated me in the ring and made me her little sub. I now have a new profile picture demonstrating my place at the bottom.

Jamie Valentine (2-3) and I finally had our rematch, which she completely dominated. Despite my best attempts, she forced me to cum twice and then went on to humiliate me, by making me lick her feet. Fast forward to our 5th match together and we were both 2-2. As the bell rang Jamie immediately tangled with me, fighting aggressively as she tried to put pressure on me. After a little back and forth she managed to overwhelm me, putting me in some painful holds and humiliating positions. I fought back and scored some holds of my own against her, before she finally forced me to submit in the most humiliating way, demanding I lick her foot as she locked me in. From there I was broken as Jamie forced 2 more orgasms out of me.

Dianne (2-2) talked big before our match, but with only 1 win and 1 loss I was confident she couldn’t back it up... After one of the closest matches I’ve ever had, she proved me wrong as I finally succumbed to her tongue and fingers. 1-0 to Dianne, as she made me her bitch and showed me who is superior....

... At least until we had our rematch where I completely dominated her 😉🤫

Had so much fun bullying Emi (4-3) and teaching her some manners in the ring. She fought so hard, but in the end I had her tied up calling me Mistress Belle. She demanded a rematch, where I gave her the same treatment again. This bitch just wouldn’t learn her lesson though and came back again for a 3rd match, where I finished her off in dominant fashion.

As she challenged me to a 4th match, I decided it was time to collar Emi and make her mine for good. She started well this time, getting rough with me and slamming me down onto the mat multiple times, while I tried to remain composed. I fought back hard, beginning to even out the fight, both of us making the other cum and Emi even managing to make me tap out. Just as it seemed as though i’d taken the upper hand she slipped free and caught me in a hard back bend, making me whimper in pain underneath her, before she flipped me over, straddling me as she finished me off.

What was supposed to be redemption for me and a chance to prove that Emi’s last victory had been a fluke quickly unravelled for me. After a chaotic opening skirmish, she quickly took control, punishing me with some humiliating moves before she forced me to tap out, only releasing me when the ref got involved. Things only worsened afterwards after she forced me to cum twice in quick succession, before forcing me to tap for a second time. Despite a late match resurgence, it was already too late as Emi took her most dominant win against me so far, before leaving my broken body for the audience.

Nisa (0-2) has been constantly teasing me about losing our first match since it happened, so I demanded a rematch in order to put this little brat in her place. After a close start though, Nisa got the upper hand again, first making me tap out, before going on to make me cum for her. She then went on to cruelly deny my orgasms in the post match... “That’ll teach you to run your mouth”. 0-2

Mistress Cassie (0-1) lived up to her name, controlling me for most of our match, before dominantly pinning me at the end. She showed me that she’s the superior woman between us.

Alyx (0-1)
Wanted to take on Zendy but sadly her mistress made her all subby and weak, so I figured I’d take her on instead. Despite all my aggression towards her, she just kept teasing me, eventually doing enough to push me over the edge as she made me her slut. Finally she denied my orgasm when I couldn’t shut my bratty mouth and left me begging her in the ring.

Trix Pyke (0-1)
I met queen Trix Pyke in the ring, after a long build up of trash talking from me, I played aggressively and struggled, using my bitchy mouth to trash talk again, and I paid for it. I fucked her in the ass once and she definitely didnt like that, fucking me in 2 back to back orgasms, until i collapsed in the ring, first letting the crowd have their way with me, before making me clean her like the good little loser I am.

Twinkle (0-1) was supposed to be an easy win over a sub for me... But despite my best attempts to make her cum on my strap on, she managed to hold on, turning the tables on me at the last moment as she forced me to cum all over her tongue.

Naomi (0-1)
This cum cow was gonna be my little bitch in the ring... But she proved to be tougher than I thought. First smothering me underneath her ass, exactly as she said she would, before spreading my legs and forcing me over the edge with her tongue.

Tanya (4-4)
Image Title

After taking a win over this Korean brat in our first fight, she begged me for a rematch... Of course I obliged, keen to show this bitch her place again as I dominated her in the early stages of our rematch. Completely in control of the match, I used my strap on, trying to take a decisive lead, but despite using all of my energy, she refused to cum. Exhausted, she quickly turned the tables on me, making me cum first, and tap out not long after as she trapped me between her thighs... From there Tanya had me under control, making me cum again and causing an upset as she claimed victory.... 1-1. Next time it’s my turn for revenge!

After a total of 8 matches together now, the score between us sits at 4 wins each. I’ll be training hard to make sure I win this little rivalry, and make her my Korean slut for good!

Raya (0-1)
A new rookie who had only competed with men in the ring before, and had never won. I was unfazed by her height advantage, and disregarded her claims about Taekwondo training, but she soon made me pay. Throwing me around the ring, as she dominated most of the match, before finally making me admit to being her little fucktoy.

Anna (1-1)
I gave Anna her first ever LWR match. She put up more of a fight than I’d expected, but I ultimately ended up on top, finishing her off after she couldn’t handle my fingers

She must have had enough of being my slave since she foolishly challenged me again. It was close again, both of us getting on top at different stages of the match, but in the closing moments I had her pinned down underneath me as I sat on her face. In my eagerness to smother her though, I’d not realised that she’d slipped her finger down between my thighs, as she relentlessly fingered my ass while licking my clit. I came hard for her and she took the opportunity to bully me in the ring afterwards, completely humiliating her (former) mistress...

Natalie (0-1)
After my team completely dominated Tanya’s team in our first ever tag team match. Tanya’s team-mate Natalie decided she wanted a shot at me herself. Standing a good 4 inches taller than me, she threw around the ring more easily than I thought she would, and built up an early lead, scoring 2 submissions over me. After I tapped for a second time, she moved in for the kill, using her fingers to finish me off.

I quickly retaliated, forcing her to cum on my plastic cock, before she used her expert oral skills to take back control of the match. I knew she had me under complete control as she climbed up onto my back, her strappy penetrating me deeply as she demanded I crawl like a good horsey for her 😳. I tried hopelessly to get back into the fight after that humiliation, but I was done... She locked her lips around my clit again, and made me cum for her a 3rd time! 2 tap outs and 3 orgasms...

Linlin Mira (0-1)
After completely dominating rookie Anna, I put out an open challenge to the entire roster of EF. First challenger to step up was Linlin, and after a pretty even start to the match, she managed to strike first, forcing me to tap out. She took charge of me for the next few minutes, pinning me and fucking me however she pleased. I decided to try something risky, letting her fuck me, banking on her not being able to outlast me, and it worked. She came hard for me... Which seemed to enrage her as she returned the favour to me, not long afterwards.

Moving into the final moments of the match, I’d managed to make her tap out myself, but it wasn’t enough to stop her from making me bounce up and down on her cock until I came... I tried to recover, still not ready to give up, but she straddled my body, managing to send a hard slap to my face, finally extinguishing the last bit of brattiness from my body as I surrendered to her.

Destiny (0-1)
Another pink haired bitch wanting to test her luck with me. She’d already lost to Tanya so she wasn’t exactly on my radar as a threat... That soon changed though as she completely out-wrestled me in the early stages, repeatedly pinning me to the floor, and putting me in some humiliating holds. It didn’t take her too much longer, before she made me crack... A painful boston crab forcing me to submit, after which she stripped me, and wasted no time as she slide her plastic cock into my ass. Fighting back hard, I turned the tables, getting her on her back and forcing her to cum in a way I knew would humiliate her the most 🦶

Knowing how easily she’d thrown me around the ring earlier, this was probably an error, as she fought back angrily, keeping me pinned to the floor for several minutes, before she decided it was time. The fight continued with her mostly in control, even getting a little revenge for earlier... She finally finished me off her lips wrapped around my clit as she licked and sucked hard. She took me as her prize, as both her and Miss Poki spit-roasted my broken body...

Farrah (0-1)
I underestimated Farrah, thinking she’d be easy pickings. After a pretty even back and forth tussle between us, she slipped one of my holds, to quickly trap me as slipped 3, and then 4 fingers inside my ass. Unable to take anymore, I surrendered to my Egyptian Queen as she demanded… I won’t underestimate her again!

Jenny (0-2)
Another feisty blonde trying to shit talk her way to the top? Who does she think she is? Me?! The match started and after a brief skirmish, she managed to put a big move on me, stunning me for a moment as she took advantage.
I fought back with some moves of my own, before she took a big lead after smothering me underneath her and putting me to sleep.
I tried to recover and get back in the fight, even managing to make her cum, before she rammed her strap on inside my ass and spanked me into submission.

She wasn’t finished there though, as she continued to fuck all my holes with her strap, ignoring my pleas for her to stop, before finally fucking my defeated body to sleep.

I finally got my rematch with Jenny, and heading into the halfway point of the match, it looked as though I was going to get my revenge. After slamming her body to the ground, I fingered her peachy little ass, but to my amazement she held on. I wasn’t done with her yet though, placing my foot on top of her clit, I forced her to cum all over my pretty little feet.

I knew Jenny wouldn’t be finished that easily, and sure enough she came back strong, lifting my legs into the air as she folded my body up, and using her tongue to lick my pussy until I couldn’t resist, she evened up the score. She whispered sweet nothings into my ear as she began to take control, trying to break me mentally, before she slipped a strap on deep inside my pussy, spanking my ass as she forced a 2nd orgasm from me.

Evelien (1-1)
Having dominated this little bitch once already, during my longest win streak to date. How could I possibly say no when she asked me for a rematch?

As the 2nd match began, she managed to take an early lead, trapping my head tightly between her legs, but it wasn’t long before I would take her down myself, asserting my dominance as I forced her to submit to me. I didn’t let up from there, keeping her mostly on her back as I took control of the match. She stubbornly kept fighting back though, forcing me into some humiliating positions. As I let my guard down for just a moment, managed to wrestle me to the ground, showing off how much she’s improved since our first match, and fingered me relentlessly while I was trapped underneath her. I had no answer for her as I helplessly leaked all over her fingers and she took the victory away from me. I must now call her Mistress until I can beat her in a match.

Lana (1-1)
Lana and I had a very long and intense match, both of us taking control of the match during different points of the match. I scored the first point of the match, forcing her to cum all over my fingers, but she fought back to turn the tables on me, forcing her strap-on deep into my ass to even the score. Then almost immediately she took a commanding lead, forcing me to cum over her vibrator, my body still recovering from the first orgasm. Getting desperate, I made a lunge between her legs, my tongue flicking relentlessly against her clit as I finally managed to even the score. I let my guard down for just a moment, but that was all she needed to put me in a humiliating position, as she drained the winning orgasm from my broken body.

Grace Robinson (3-2)
This little slut thought she was going to make an example of me, put me in my place, but after I made her my little bitch twice, I think she now understands her place. Such a fun little pet to play with. Perhaps she’ll need a collar next time I beat her…

Mariah May (2-1)
After getting randomly called out by this overconfident bitch, of course I had to take her up on her offer. Upon squaring up the “The Glamour” I was surprised by how much taller she was than me, and this seemed to work in her favour as she threw my smaller frame around the ring. Tiring her out I struck first as I forced her to tap out. She was far from finished though, The Glamour getting inside my head degrading me as she branded my small tits “bee stings”, before fingering me hard to force my first orgasm. I retaliated, clearly angered by her taunts as I fingered her pussy hard, giving her an intense orgasm. I went on to make her tap out 2 more times during the match, feeling confident as I kept her under control towards the climax. The Glamour however had other ideas, lifting me onto the turnbuckle as her fingers worked my pussy once again, finally becoming too much for me to handle as she drained one final orgasm from me to take the victory.
I see now that I was wrong, I could never compete with The Glamour.

Dakota (1-2)
Where do I start with this one? Fiercely competitive and with a killer body to back it up. In our first match, I took her down and made sure she didn’t forget about her humbling loss, by torturing her tiny tits with nipple clamps. Something I’d go on to regret as she turned the tables in our second encounter and went on to get her revenge on me with those same clamps. Fast forward to our 3rd match and I was a lot more cautious this time around, being careful not to get caught out by her. Despite her scoring an early tap out by relentlessly spanking my ass, my strategy was working and as I put the poor red head through as much pain and pleasure as I could. Just as I thought she was finished though, she somehow got back up, her tongue flicking against my clit as she splayed my legs wide. I had no choice but to cum and surrender as she took her 2nd victory over me.
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Leo (0-1)
In a rare mixed match, I took on Leo (AKA Huff and Puff). I took great pleasure in finding out his secret weakness, exploiting it whenever I could to gain an advantage as he threw my smaller body around like a rag doll. It wasn’t too long before I managed to wear him down, using his weakness against him as slowly tried to break him. I got inside his head, made him call me Mistress, before I perhaps got a little overconfident… With his hand around my throat and his fingers on my clit, he forced a humiliating orgasm from me and took my win away. He went on to pound my ass in the post match until I declared myself his buttslut. Not finished he locked a collar around my neck. I’ll be claiming that key back in the rematch…

Juli (0-1)
I was confident of putting this German slut in her place, but she soon made me crumble, trapping in a number of submission holds. I was completely overwhelmed by her strength as she went on to score a flawless victory over me, even making me tap out in the late stages, completely humiliating me after such a dominant performance. I’m now forced to stay in her cage for the next four weeks…

Little Tara (0-1)
After hearing that this little bitch had brutally dominated and then pegged one of my little pets, I had to respond, demanding she join me in the ring. I started well, trapping her tiny body in a number of humiliating holds, but no matter what I did, the little goth bitch refused to break. By the end things were quite even, but Tara broke my will, driving her fingers inside me until I couldn’t take any more.

In the post match she did exactly what she said she would do, tying me up and gagging me while she fucked my ass, worse than she fucked my pet’s.

Image Title

Bri (0-1)
I got called out by a beauty called Bri and had fun throwing her around in the wrestling ring. I had completely dominated her for the first half of the match, until she managed to smother me under her pussy, knocking me out. From there she dominated my weakened body and forced me to cum all over her fingers, and in RL

Kylie (1-2)
After taking this little blondie on a couple of times in classic, she told me she wanted a little “training” in the wrestling ring. Well I’m nothing if not helpful… I made sure I gave her a full demonstration and her whimpers told me that she really enjoyed “learning” from me. Of course I let her fight back a little, but she’s a total rookie in the ring and it showed 🤭. I hope she’ll be back for some more “lessons” soon…
Image Title

I guess I taught her a little too well as she became the teacher during our second match. After forcing me tap out between her powerful thighs and draining multiple orgasms from me she punished my ass, and made me admit to being a rookie’s bitch

As my 3rd match with Kylie began, I knew I had to beat the rookie to salvage what was left of my reputation. She had other ideas, using everything I’d taught her against me, piling pressure on as she tortured my body in the ring and built a big lead on me early in the match. I did my best to claw my way back into the match, but Kylie made sure there was no doubt about who was superior between us, slamming a vibrator between my legs, demanding that I declare “Kylie is better than Belle” as she turned me into a moaning mess and she took the win. Not finished there, she hogtied me, forcing me face first into the little puddle I’d just made on the mat, before making me bark like a dog, so I don’t forget that I’m her bitch.

Hayley (7-6)
I tried to take on Hayley in another wrestling match after dominating her last time, but she taught me some respect this time.
Hayley dominated the 2nd half of the match, forcing me to declare myself her bitch as she finished me off with my own strap on.

She called her BF into the ring to fuck my defeated body, a payback after I dominated her in front of him in the last match. He came inside me, before Mistress Hayley forced me to lick his cum from her fingers.
SPOILER ALERT: I totally kicked her ass in the rematch.

After 8 matches with Hayley and 4 wins each, it was finally time to settle the score and see once and for all who the better woman was. What ensued was one of the closest and hardest fought EF matches in history. Both of us giving everything to come out on top, scoring tap outs and multiple orgasms on both sides.
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In the end, despite my best efforts, Hayley forced me over the edge for the decisive orgasm, resisting my attempts to finish her off as she pressed her vibrator firmly to my clit as I screamed my surrender and she proved herself to be the better woman.
Image Title

My ordeal was far from over though and now both Hayley and Laura began climbing into the ring, bending me over as Laura took me from behind, fucking my ass with a strap on, and Hayley forced her own strappy inside my mouth.
Image Title

After evening the score last time out, Hayley decided it was time for her to take some revenge. It didn’t go well for her, as I slammed, choked and stroked the life out of her, completely dominating the poor girl. After forcing her to cum hard, she was totally done.

At least that’s what I thought, she managed to pin me down and smother me under her pussy, I fought hard to stay conscious, but all my bratty trash talking in the first half of the match came back to bite me. Hayley wasn’t taking any prisoners and smothered me until I passed out underneath her to claim the win. She then woke me up by cumming all over my face, before fucking me with her favourite pink strap on…. I was soo close to cumming when she cruelly pulled out, denying me and telling me “losers like me don’t deserve to cum”. I guess this is what I get for running my mouth 😓
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Image Title

UPDATE: I tied the score with Hayley again after completely dominating the slut with a flawless victory.

Sasha Foxx (0-2)
Image Title
Sasha’s picture didn’t leave much to the imagination. I knew exactly what she was going to try and do to me, but she really didn’t waste any time, slipping off my socks and panties and soon as the bell rang, and gagging me with them as she fingered me. She scored the first point of the match, forcing me to cum hard under her, and making me kiss her feet before I had a chance to recover. Not the best start, but after a few failed attempts, I turned the match around, evening the score and then going ahead thanks to a conveniently placed dildo. She somehow held on though, fighting back and finishing me off to win.
I knew what was coming next, reluctantly accepting my fate as Sasha turned me into her little foot bitch. Forcing her toes deep into my mouth, making me gag, while her other foot slapped the side of my face, she didn’t let up until I mindlessly worshipped her perfect feet.

Steph (2-0)
One of the biggest losers I’ve faced. She talks a big game, and I’ll admit she had me pinned under that phat ass of hers a few times, but in the end she always ends up in the same position… On her knees, ready to serve her superior 🤭

Lily (0-1)
A Korean rookie who’s mouthy and wayyy overconfident? Now why does that seem so familiar?. I started the match confident that she’d be joining Tanya as one of my pretty little slaves, but almost immediately I realised this was not going to be easy. Lily took the first point of the match after forcing me to submit, smothered underneath her.

It wasn’t long after that when she took the score to 2-0, something she enjoyed mocking me for, but I wasn’t about to give up. I brought the score back to 2-1 by smothering her under my pussy, before she got the upper hand, starting to exploit my weaknesses as she wore me down. Grabbing a vibrator she decided it was time to finish me off and make the final score 3-1 in her favour. She left me defeated and humiliated in ring and branded me a dumb blonde bimbo. I have to show more respect to my Korean opponents and any rookies I face, or she’ll back to teach me a lesson…

Alice (0-1)
A long overdue match! Alice has been (not so) quietly running her mouth to me now for as long as I can remember, but whenever I challenged her myself she was always conveniently unavailable… Nothing more pathetic than a girl scared to back up her words 🤭

Well yesterday, I finally got my opportunity… Finally I’d get to shut this cocky bitch up. After a heated opening skirmish, she managed to catch me in a pin, her legs pinning my arms down to the floor as she slid her fingers inside my ass, before working her way around to my pussy.
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Freeing one arm, I tried to rub her panties to send her over the edge, but she brushed it off like it was nothing, before ordering me to kiss her foot. I caved, giving in to her demands, but the moment I kissed her foot, her mouth went to work on my pussy. My eyes rolled back and the next thing I heard was the score moving to 1-0 in her favour. Not the start I had imagined…

Finally released from her grasp… I lunged at my opportunity, frantically rubbing her panties, my fingers between her legs as I desperately tried to even tone score… She laughed at me, my fingers seemingly having no effect at all. She wasted no time shoving me back down to the floor before she slammed a vibrator against my exposed pussy and before I knew it 😳… 2-0 to Alice!
Image Title

After a long tussle, I finally managed to pull one point back, trapping Alice in the corner as I spread her legs and hooked them over the ropes so she couldn’t escape, my tongue going to town on her pussy until she squirted like a fountain for me. I wasn’t giving up!

Taking the upper hand for a little while, I started to bully Alice, spanking her pretty little behind until it started to turn red for me. I was finally going to have her apologise for running mouth to me all this time… Until she broke free and grabbed my strap-on from the side of the ring, slamming it inside my pussy, before yanking on my hair and forcing me to watch as she increased her pace. I was FINISHED… I knew it, she knew it… It was only a matter of time before I came again, making a little puddle on the mat beneath me as the score moved to 3-1 and she took victory. She planted her foot on my chest as she taunted me, before moving it up to my face again, really rubbing it in, both literally and figuratively as she turned me into her little foot slut
Image Title

Lee Miho (2-1)
After taunting this feisty Korean about her 4 straight losses to Japanese competitor Skyla, Lee thought it would be a good idea to challenge me herself. I planned to make sure she regretted that decision, throwing her around in the ring and making her my little bitch. Until I didn’t… The little Korean slut forcing a dildo deep inside my pussy at the end of the match to steal rather victory away from me.

I wasn’t going to accept that, immediately taking her on again in 2 matches in quick succession and coming out on top in both, to make sure she understands her place at the bottom. And if she does happen to forget her place, I’m sure my fingers can make her remember real quick 😉

Jewel (1-2)
Image Title

After a long hiatus, Jewel has returned to the ring and of course after losing to her last time out, I was keen to set the record straight. Jewel had other ideas on how the match would go and repeatedly thwarting my attempts to put her down and putting me in some painful holds. She took control of the match early on and went on to score the first point. Twice in rapid succession I tried to even the score, but both times Jewel laughed in my face and even forced me to tap out. I finally did force the second orgasm from the little sluts body, but by this time, she had me in the ropes and she knew it, toying with me until she could get me into her favourite position where I helplessly tapped out my submission.

I finally got the goth bitch! Had a rematch with high stakes and totally wrecked her… I don’t know how the hell she was so tough in our last match, but this time she was frankly pathetic. I just toyed with the little goth slut, keeping her pinned and tiring her out so she couldn’t fight back. In the end I made the bitch cum by sliding not one, not two, but my whole fucking fist inside her loser pussy. “Now who’s the ring slut Jewel?”

Jenny Kirch (0-1)
I had two matches with Jenny, but I totally got lucky against her the first time so my victory for that one is null and void. Jenny showed me what she could really do in the rematch and dominated me. Not finished there though so ordered me into a domination session at a time of her choosing. She tapped into my most shameful and vulnerable kinks as she dismantled me, working me over with a riding crop, zapper, handcuffs and even a flogger as she reduced me from a proud wrestler, to her pathetic painslut.
Image Title

Lady Dusk (1-2)
Where do I start with this one…. Another mouthy redhead, nothing I hadn’t faced before and I didn’t really expect much of a challenge. To my surprise, she actually fights as good as she talks… After 2 fights together our score currently sits at 1 win each, me humiliating her in first, while she got like totally lucky in the second as she used some of her toys to gain the upper hand. This rivalry is far from over and I’m already looking forward to teaching her a lesson when we meet again

Roxy (5-4)
After 8 matches with this bitch, the score is a lot closer than I’d like it to be…. You gotta be careful with this one, she’ll act all subby making you think she’s given up, only to flip things around and end up stepping on your face and stuffing your mouth with her dirty socks…
Image Title

Veronica (0-1)
Image Title
Another cocky little goth bitch to join Jewel… She managed to beat me in classic, so I figured I’d take her on in my own arena. I threw her petite little body around the ring as we both battled to take control. For a total rookie in the ring, she held her own. Never letting me gain too big of an advantage as she choked, grappled and teased her way back into the fight. In the closing moments of the match both of us were right on the edge. It was going to come down to who could outlast the other. Unfortunately for me, her tongue was just that good… She restrained my legs as her tongue got to work, driving my pussy wild as she tonguefucked her way to victory

Tiffany (0-1)
I lost to Tiffany in the ring a long time ago. I’d always put this down to pure luck on her side and never thought anything more of it. How could I resist then, when she offered me a rematch? This time we’d be facing each other in her bedroom, but I’m not stranger to ropes and restraints, so I brought a few of my own toys with me. We got underway and it wasn’t long before I had her tied up and my mercy. I took full advantage forcing her to moan out loud for me as I drained the first orgasm from her body. After that thought, she took back the advantage, tying me up with a few ropes of her own as she evened the score. Things wouldn’t get any better for me as she revelled in keeping all tied up like a little present for her, as she went on to fuck both my holes, finally finishing me off as she relentlessly licked my pussy. Tiffany > Belle in both the ring and the bedroom.

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radio_button_unchecked Currently collared: Kekki, Skye, Belle’s Bitch, Madison the Hypno Bitch
mode_edit Currently marked: Hayley
check Kinks: Female domination, Hardcore BDSM, Pro Wrestling, Anal, Pain, Cock and balls torture (CBT) (Give), Pussy Torture, Pet Play, Humiliation, Mocking, Bondage, Foot fetish, Lick Ass, Cum play, Hypnosis, Pussy Worship
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