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I'm kinda back and will be checking in occasionally ^^

I am currently not looking to play with guys, sorry. Please make your first message interesting! Let me know why you want to play with me and tell me about your kinks and limits if they aren't listed on your profile already.

Hello there, my lovelies :3 I'm a gorgeous, thicc elf lady from another dimension come here to partake in some steaming hot sex fights. I've got quite a bit of experience under my belt by now, but I still love to take on newcomers and pro's alike, so don't be afraid to shoot me a message :3 I prefer to be your soft domme, melting your brain and making your cum boil with my luscious curves and sweet talking :3 Do beware my more... vicious side though, for woe be those who unleash it >:3
If you can take me down, I don't mind you taking your price :P Just, be nice! Even sluts like to be treated well!
I also have a male account if any of you little snaccs are looking for a different experience :3

I am now happily engaged to my lovely betrothed, Gabi. She is my ray of sunshine and my beautiful and punny lover! Not only has she saved me from the Evil Kitsune but she has also taken my heart in exchange for hers. I am forever grateful to have her by my side and we will soon be officially wed by the anime pope.
The engagement happened at the end of a long and passionate fight where we proved to be equally in love but not quite so equal in skill as I made her cum for me twice before finally proposing to her!

Wearing a cute anklet from Freya that says "Freya's Thicc Cushion", recieved after an intense back and forth game with the little Valkyrie where there was no clear winner - or loser!

Bella took my GOTH title after 5 successful defenses in a humiliating 2-0 loss! I now wear a bracelet that says "I love your hands with gloves ❤️ Bella". What a cute little nurse :333

Bets for the curious and daring

DISCLAIMER: All bets are optional and if you don't like them that fine. I love playing with cuties either way <3

I'm generally down for fun bets! I've been inspired by other cuties I've played with to set up a preset list of bets. The way this works is a bet comes in effect based on the net positive of wins. For an example, if we were to be 2-3 in my favor, only the first bet would apply.
All bets can be applied to me losing too but I generally don't do anything IRL. I'm willing to find other fun stuff to do for you though... if you manage to win ;) You're also free to suggest bets of your own!
I also like profile play, so if you want a fun text or a new pfp after we play, I'd be happy to help.

  1. The domme session: Either as an RP or in interactive, I fuck you as hard and as much as you deserve it. In interactive I'll make sure you'll get to have plenty of fun yourself, but if you'd rather have me toy with your character then an RP is fun too.

  2. The collar: Lose twice and show the world you're mine ;) I'll add you to my list of subs and you can add my collar to your profile too!

  3. The Val Special: If you lose to me this much you deserve something fun! From now on, every time we play you have to keep stroking or rubbing yourself. If you have a vibrator, you have to use it instead, hands-free optimally. Make sure to turn the heat up/set the vibe to at least 3/4 intensity. During cum tests you have to go full speed for at least 45 seconds, or until the test is resolved. If you cum at any time during the game, you have to tell me and submit to the next cum-test :3c
    Optionally we can also decide that you're not allowed to cum for 24 hours before our game ;)

  4. Control of your games: Your in my clutches now and nothing you do will never change that again :3c I control the outcome of your games against others and I can make you lose if I want to. Don't worry, I won't be too mean >:3

  5. Control of your orgasms: At this point, you're just addicted to me. You keep coming back just get played with and I don't mind one bit ;) But I now control your orgasms IRL, so I hope you like being teased :333

My cute little subbies ❤️

I defeated little Jira so utterly that she has transformed into an adorable little cat girl :3 She can get her old body back, of course, but she as to win 5 games fist. I do think she looks quite good as she is, though. Those little tits suit her very well ;)
Michelle is my slutty cum cow and I made her cum on her own crown >:3
Lola was forced to cum twice without any retribution and I made her my slutty little Kitty :3
During our last game my little Bunny made me cum hard and claimed my ass! D: I now wear her collar after she humiliated me.
Carmilla couldn't resist my divine feet, perfect pussy and hard strap-on. I broke her mind and she is my foot slut now >:3
Hailey was put in her rightful place under my feet and forced to beg for her shiny new collar. She's my lil goth slut now. I'm currently 5-1 against her and control her profile and games >:3 She finally got a win against me and had me fucked with my own toy by the amazing Fucktoy Tiffany!
Alexys wears a collar and tag marking her as mine after surrendering to my signature move :P
Savanna got teased and dommed until she couldn't take it anymore! The profile picture is a little reminder of what I did to her ;) She got me back nicely though and I have some cute hickeys to remind me of the nice anal orgasm she gave me!
Brooklyn Lewis delivered me an intense fight at first... but when I took my prize in interactive, she begged to be collared after her first loss. She's my little pain slut now :3
After your last game, her and two others fucked my slut body silly and I had to beg her to stop! She got me good and I loved every second of it!
I lost a another match to her insane moves 0_0 This time she cuddlefucked me into gentle submission and is the first person to earn a humiliation match with me on the recieving end!
She hypnotized me into calling her Goddess and then made liberal use of my mouth while licking me until I couldn't move anymore. What a sexual powerhouse!
Alis got fucked and licked into submission, her body offered up to the crowd afterwards. But it was only when she learned what it really means to be teased into submission that her mind and body broke down fully and she begged to submit to me. She is mine now and has a cute gold chain connecting her nipples courtesy of her Goddess <3
I made her fully and officially submit to me now :3c The game was utterly amazing and I love my purrfect Kitten sooooo much <3 You can read the log here:
Diana thought she could take me on and make me hers... Well, I proved to her that my lips and fingers were too much to handle for her, let alone my pussy. She now wears my collar, tagged with "Val's hypno slut", and obediently awaits me teasing her mindless as my prize. She won her third game against me but the little subby just couldn't resist getting topped afterwards and asking me for my special ;) Now I have her in my clutches!
Shirley the slutty math teacher thought she could take down a Goddess in her quest to be the best... she was sorely mistaken, being forced to cum for my mouth and my strappy before I had her rub herself to another orgasm while worshipping my ass. With a little help from my Cherie I then pounded her butt and finally made her cum by fucking my toe in a humiliating and trapped position, followed by making her loser her mind for me IRL... Suffice it to say, she found out exactly why I'm the Slut-Goddess :333

My fierce dominants ❤️

Currently wearing an adorable collar by JayJay with a little bell that has my name on it. I like it enough to wear of my own accord :333
Originally collared by Shaco with a cute pink collar that says "Shaco's favorite elf". I plan on getting him back for that, though :P
Collared by Ramona, I now have a tag that says "Ramona's Fae Enchantress~" on my collar. One day I'll collar her too, hehe.
Evilthorn had me collared after two losses, but my Knightess in shining armor saved my precious neck!
Oh Seductress, the sweet Cherie on top of my Sundae... She has made me submit to her intense skill 3 times now, every time making me lose my mind for her superior techniques... While I have beaten her in the LWR tournament, she's still much to powerful for me, easily carrying me around the mat and making me her slut. And I love every second of it <333

Kink lists and other stuff

I like to play with my audience when I play a public match, so if you see me playing don't be afraid to jump in and say hi! The more the merrier, hehe :3
HOWEVER! If you play against me and use audience participation for moves that involve multiple people, ABSOLUTELY ask me first.

My time zone is UTC+1 currently ^^

I have a kink list below:

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send Lesbian Wrestling Ring (LWR): Has won 9 games and lost 7 games
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check Kinks: Female domination, Anal (female), Chastity belts/cages, Pain, Cock and balls torture (CBT), Humiliation, Bondage, Foot fetish, Lick Ass, Threesome/Audience participation, Cum play, Tickling, Hypnosis
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Your messages together

With your prize fully immobilized you press your hand over her mouth and a vibrator on her clit. Her whole body is shaking and she's screaming and moaning into your hand! Tie her down and vibrate her clit Your cock is up there with the best and you know it! Give your opponent a good look! Bring out your heat! You get on top of your opponent, plant your pussy on her face and pin her legs under your arms. Then you eat her out, working her pussy over with your lips and tongue! Pinned 69 You get behind your opponent and use your bikini like a garrotte! Use your bikini to strangle him! You wrap your thighs around your opponent's head, and lock them tight! He has two choices here, kiss your ass or lick your pussy! Headscissor You lift your opponent on your shoulders and attack his exposed cock with a relentless handjob! Firegirl's Carry You tie your prize down securely and then start to fuck her pussy with your fingers! Her moaning and shaking is so hot! Tie her down and finger her! This slut needs to be pounded into submission! You throw her flat on the ground and fuck her hard from behind. She's squirming under you, clearly enjoying you showing her how much stronger you are! Fuck her while prone You play with her butt as she hangs in the ropes, feeling how soft and jiggly her cheeks are. She's making cute little moans while you handle her assets. Play with her helpless ass Your opponent is on the ground and you use the opportunity to trap her under your pussy and tease her sensitive clit. Her squirming tells you exactly how much she loves it! Facesitting pussy-tease You wanna heat your opponent up properly. With a vibrating wand you get to work on her clit, making her moan as you pleasure her. Use a vibrator on her clit You've had enough of your opponents shenanigans! You hang her into the ropes, her pussy exposed. Then you ram two fingers deep into her, making her moan and squeal for mercy! Impale her pussy on the ropes You lift your opponent on the top rope and start to lick her pussy. She's gushing under your tongue, moaning louder and louder but unable to get away. Lick her on the top rope (special) Damn! Even though you have her stock on the top rope she resists! Her pussy is dripping and her moans echo through the room but she just won't cum. Time to rethink your strategy. Fail to make her cum on the top rope You and your opponent both can't wait to taste each other! You embrace her in a loving 69, burry your face between her legs, as she quickly gets wetter and wetter under your tongue. The way she pays you back the favor makes you moan gently... Dressed 69 Gah! Your opponent comes to her senses before you can make her cum, unwraps her legs from your head and gets up. She was edging pretty hard but in the end managed to resist your divine mouth, though she did leave you with a nice offering of honey smeared on your face. Resist the delight! There she goes! The helpless cutie on top of you can no longer resist your relentless licking of her pussy and cums hard for you, moaning and covering your lips and chin in her juices. She lets out a last cry of orgasmic agony before her legs finally unclench and she tries to get away from you. Overcome by delight! Mhmmmmm, not quite... You don't manage to get your opponent to cum on your face but it's so clear she wants more, needs more... With the lustful expression she clambers on your face and starts to ride it, moaning out as her pussy just can't leave your divine lips. While it does work her up quite a bit you're also suffocation under her grinding lips as she takes control of the situation. You need more, more! Your opponent may be on top of you but that doesn't mean she's in control! You get your feet under her head and make sure she has to watch as you start to lick her clit hard, driving her into a frenzy until the thought of you stopping becomes unbearable and she locks your head against her drooling pussy. Her shivers and moans tell her just how hard she's edging for you... Goddess' Delight Argh! He resists your hand and you didn't manage to make him cum in his boxers! Maybe you should try and undress him... You couldn't milk his cock You put your cute feet on your opponent's panties and softly tease her pussy. Let's see if she can resist your feet! Foot tease You bend down and shake your chest. Your opponents cock is trapped between your soft bouncy tits! Slap your tits against his cock You sit on your opponents throbbing cock, taking him all the way into your slick pussy. Shaking your fat bubble butt to tease him even more you then clench your pussy over and over, hoping to milk his fat load right into your warm cunt. Valeria's kegel exercise You kiss and tease him, acting playful and sweet until he can't take the heat anymore. He removes his shirt, letting you see his sexy chest and stomach. Make him take off his shirt You slide up behind your opponent and under her body, wrapping your legs around her body and pushing her head down. With both her tight rosette and dripping pussy at your disposal you go to town on her, licking, nibbling and fingering her into heaven. Valeria's Trapped Cunnilingus You put your foot on her wet pussy and tease her with your soft soles, your big toe playing with her needy entrance. Is she enough of a slut to get aroused by this? Lesbian footjob You don't even bother to remove his boxers, instead just working his throbbing cock with your hands... Let's see if he can hold his load or cum on his pants. Handjob in boxers You can't wait for you and your opponent to get naked! With no panties in the way you start to rub your pussy against hers, building up her lust... and yours. Clothed Tribbing You wrap some rope around her throat and then push your cock down her throat, watching as her face turns red and her eyes tear up. Choked blowjob She didn't stand a chance! Your cock and fingers were too much for her holes and with a loud scream of pleasure she is overcome by an orgasm, shaking on top of you while her pussy and ass helplessly squeeze. Succumb to Tim's cock There he goes! Your masterful technique makes him burst in his boxers, the fabric now marked by a big wet spot! It's a shame about all that wasted cum, though. Make him cum in his pants! Mhmmmmm, you made that needy and pent up pussy cum nice and hard under your fingers! Her panties didn't help one bit and now they're soaked with her juices. Time to take these off! She squirts in her panties! She can't resist any longer and under your powerful finger succumbs to orgasm! Her squirming gets harder as she tenses up, choked moans escaping her lips. The fingers in her cunt were wet before but now they're dripping with the proof of her shameful orgasm. Fingered to orgasm! Mhmmm, there he goes! Unable to resist the furnace that is your pussy he cums for you hard, his seed spilling out of your hot pussy as you get up. But this isn't over for him! Despite his protests you sit right back down on his freshly milked cock. You have plenty more of exercise to keep your pussy in top shape after all.  You're done, she isn't! You simply couldn't escape her soft thighs! The pressure and subtle movements of her legs were too much for your overworked cock. With a final clench she sends you over the edge, forcing you to cum on her thighs! Thighjob Cumshot! Though her panties are soaked now she manages to get away without cumming! Maybe you should have taken off her panties. She resisted your fingers What the hell?! Somehow she resists your powerful fingering and manages to get her soft hands around your cock! As you start to moan, your own attempt to make her cum falters and you're in her control now, exposed to her hand jerking you off hard and fast. You got him where you want him now! You can feel his cock throb on the edge, barely able to resist your intense squeezing and teasing. But you want more! Standing up you leave his cock standing in the air, ready to cum at the most gentle of touches. She's not done with you yet! You need a break and both of your pussies are so needy! You can't help but slide a finger into her while she does the same with you, kissing and moaning into each other's lips. Kiss and finger each other If she won't take off her panties you'll just make her squirt in them! With deft rubbing and teasing you take her right to the edge, making her moan and shiver. Rub her pussy through her panties You get your opponent to sit down on your cock. She may expect to ride you to victory but before she knows it, you have her forced against your body, your cock slamming into her pussy while you finger her ass. Those sweet moans are all you need to know about how much she enjoys getting fucked like this. Tim's wild ride You know just what your opponent needs to be pushed over the edge! Pinning her throat down, you start to work on her pussy, teasing her sensitive clit and blasting her dripping pussy. She squirms hard, trying to escape your grasp and her approaching orgasm but it may just be too late for her... Tim's choking fingerfuck You sit down on his lap with your panties still on and starting grinding your ass against his crotch. The way your butt envelops his cock and the soft feeling of your panties is getting him so horny! Grind on his cock through your panties