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Up for anything competitive + IRL

Bi / Switch

My name is Chloe, I'm 26 from the UK and I'm bi.
Blondie, ex-ice skater, turned inept sexfighter. I'm all about competition And it is important that the game always involves fighting and competing. Extremely competitive and don't like to lose, but love to put up a good fight.

I'm happy to do IRL (I almost always flick my bean along during the game anyway), but full disclosure: I AM A QUICK CUMMER (probably top10 most sensitive clits in England). For this same reason, albeit I can do some edging, I will not sign up for very long games. Also, if you ask me to use my vibrator expect me to cum FAST, shortening the game significantly. If you end up dominating me, I find it hot you mock me for cumming too fast/easily.


From David: whenever I get anal fucked I have to roll a dice and skip my turn on a 6.

The struggles of a quick cummer girl on EF so far:

I lost to David in his IRL mode by cumming twice. I am showing (some) tits in my pfp for him.

I wanted to teach Shirley a lesson, but apparently the teacher knows how it is done. I'll be back for a rematch against the best pair of tittes on EF.

The beautiful Alya got the best of me, with mere luck! We just re-matched and she beat me again, making me her slut. Now she's both my love and my greatest rival and I'm out for vengeance!

Janet is my mistress as I was such a quick-cummer slut. I played Janet special game 4 times, always cumming first.

I became the little slut of JessieX and I was showing my butt in my profile pic for her <3

I thought I could dominate Shade, but turns out he's too wild for me, now I'm his "Dommed Dom Chloe". I tried to redeem myself but got fucked again to two quivering orgasm. Now whenever I play against my master, if he calls you my Dommed Dom Chloe, I'll have to skip an action

I underestimated Michele and lost 2:1. Ended up having to edge for my Dom.

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