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Catch me in MM ❤

Content Creator for Lesbian Wrestling Ring(LWR) and official GM/announcer of the Lesbian Wrestling League (LWL). Please feel free to DM me for questions about the game mode ❤.

Mockly tone "Hello there~!"

I'm Alya , a 26 years old italo-arabic girl. It doesn't take me much to open up to others, especially with funny and kind people. Bi, mostly lesbian, open minded, I try not to discourage anything, I'll just let you know if I don't like something.
Avid with my RP, I add actions during the game and I don't care about winning or losing as long as we're both having a good time.
I can RP in Italian and English. Feel free to message me but don't be too persistent please.

-Toys : are just there to be used in this game. My collection is small and i like to keep it private.
-Turn on : Fighting for dominance , desire and passion to dominate and please your partner, a good rough and hard fuck.
-Turn off : Fully sub/dom people, no consensual stuffs , hard-pain and illegal stuffs in general (drugs , alchool , blood , kidnapping, violent rape)
-Things i am okay with, but i try to avoid: Bondage, Hard BDSM, pet play, bath play.

Anna (GgGirl) is one of my best friend i have on this site. She is one of the greatest person i know online and she helped me in a lot of ways , making me , even if slightly , a better person.
Sasha Introduced me to a bigger world here on EF , helping me out of my shy-shell and also giving me some of the greatest RP games i ever had. She is my lovely Rival , and my only goal on the site is to surpass her (We are 7-2 in her favour). I'm her "Habibti" and when she whispered those words for the first time in my ear , she conquered my heart in an instant. She is My Goddess, my Ištar.
Freya is a little lovely girl that just couldn't resist collaring me after defeating me in our first match. I am her cute little slut and i can't get enough of her. She is also my beautiful wife and i love her. She is one of the funniest person i know here on EF.
Scarlet. Oh Scarlet. Say that i love her is an understatement. She has been only lovely towards me , the shoulder always here to support me and say good things when i could hear only bad ones in my head. Even if we didn't play a lot of games here on EF (dam you time zone!) i enjoy every single moment i spent with her. My dear Scarly 💕
Bradley is my sweet partner in crime. He is one of the best RPer i've ever met. He helped me gain more trust in my sexuallity and RP and played with me for more then a month! He is also funny af!

I think i never actually played with Lucifer here on EF , but just you know , he is one, if not the only man , i trust into giving me a dom session...BECAUSE HE IS SO FREAKING GOOD! Not only as a sexual dom , but also as a person. Also, he is a good sub for sweet ladies.

Carmilla gave me RP matches i only dreamed about and satisfied all my kinks in one night. She is also my rival , but don't tell her that i can beat her ass any time i want. 😉🤭
Every game i do with Seductress is memorable. I love her RP and her , she is a sweet person and i'm lucky to have the possibility to play with her.

My Bun Bun is one of the most precious and lovely girl i encountered on this server. She is my sweet personal slut and don't you dare lay hands on her! Unless she wants to have fun , in that case you can 🤭. Even if she can take care of herself very well (She is a tough bitch! 😎), I love to take care of her myself , as she is my beloved slave. I love her so much!

Juri conquered my heart , body and soul in our first game together and first game on EF for her , were we traded blows , passion and love , until she did end up on top, making me the luckiest loser around.

Alex is one of the cutest little subby girl i ever encountered and i adore her very much. It brings me joy to please her by being a dominant sex-wrestler for her. She is also a good dom girl that helps me whenever i need ❤

My EF Showcase (Where i put my current status with people, all my bets done in the game or things like that)

My short poem/story for Anna(GgGirl) after afternoons of passion:

Lately my afternoons have been spent alone, with no company at home for several hours, trying to help me with EF or the Internet in general for some fun. It is here that I realized, as some had also pointed out to me, that my "flame" had gone out. Always looking for attention but never completely satisfied. Stress? Obsession? Nervousness? No. I just lacked the thrill ... the joy of a real fight, where winning or losing had consequences and rewards, even if minimal.
I thank all the Gods for Anna.
Not only did she awaken my waning passion for the game, but she pleased me in ways I no longer thought possible on EF. For the first time in a long, long time, I was driven by a very strong desire to please someone and conquer them, rather than being conquered and pleased.
After a few equal fights, I made up my mind to dominate Anna with my whole being. I did to her what I always wanted to receive, making her mine with sheer willpower and pedantic attitude, repeatedly humiliating her and even giving her the first loss on her main profile.
After giving her the third defeat in a row, forcing her to countless edges and hearing her scream "I'm broken" made me an immensely happy woman, and she became my lovely pet.
Having her all mine to love, cuddle, dominate, please, kiss makes me satisfied, but never as much as having her at my feet to entertain me like the little slave she is. My personal fuckdoll, a toy that I can torture and use however I want.
Having discovered this side of me, so dominant, so strong, it scares me, but it also makes me extremely proud of myself at the same time, and I owe everything to Anna for that.

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You can't resist the onslaught of your opponent and are forced to surrender, giving your opponent a minute of complete domination. Tap out! You successfully trap your opponent into a scissorhold and you can see them squirm in pain but also pleasure. Scissorhold You pose on the ropes, teasing and taunting your opponent while you also rally and excite the crowd in your favor. Rope pose You grab her by her arm and throw her body into the corner, where she slams down on her ass. Throwing her in the corner You spread your opponent's legs, letting her believe that you will scissor her pussy-to-pussy, but instead you use your fingers too! Scissor Fingering You mercilessly rub her pussy and clit while you keep her pinned like a pretzel. Rubbing Pin (Finisher) You push her into the corner and drive your shoulder in her belly, making her moan and squeal! Shoulder Tackles You choose to grab her hair, order her to go on all fours and fuck her ass hard and good! One minute of Anal Fucking You can't wait to start! You and your opponent agree to strip into something more comfortable before the match begins. Get Ready while the Ref tells the rules. You wrestle her down and make sure she stays there by putting a foot on the back of her head while roughly fucking her with a strap-on. Stepped on strap-on (Special) You pinned her defeated body after dominating her with multiple orgasms. The loser lays on the mat motionless as you leave victorious. Pinned and Dominated You force your toes inside her pussy , pushing your foot in and out, as she does the same to you! But you clearly have the advantage! Toes Battle fucking! You move your panties to the side and sit with your pussy on her mouth and nose. Facesit Humiliation You take your time and decide to lick and suck on her beautiful pussy, making her moan. One minute of Pussy Licking You won, but the important thing is that both you and your opponent had fun! Happy Ending Your skills made her cum from her dick! She cums! You wedge yourself and push your ass on your opponents face, smothering her. Sexy Stinkface After an humiliating beating, you slowly lick your opponent's cheek, making her shiver in bliss and expectation. Tasting the prey You decide to fuck her like a real woman , as you know what would please her the most. One minute of Scissoring She resisted your move and now you feel your amrs getting tired. You are force to give her a quick last rub and let her go. She doesn't cum! She is completely defeated and owned. She submissively sucks your cock and kisses your body as you command her. Worship the winner! It is time to remove your panties, since you got pretty hard already too. Remove your panties You bring her in the hot tub and start to tease and lick her pretty pussy. Lick her pussy in the hot tub She almost faints in your choke hold and you let her go as she falls limp and spent on the mat. You lean for a pin and can't resist kissing her. Choke and kiss You pin her to the ground and thrust your dick inside her mouth. Fuck her mouth You lift her up in and then throw her down with a suplex! Suplex! After throwing your opponent down, you tease her with a sexy early pin. Wrestling Domination - Taunting Pin You bring your opponent to the ground while keeping her head lock under your armpit Naked Headlock Your opponent lays flat near the corner, trying to recover, and you can't help yourself but enjoy her beautiful body with your touch. Enjoying your prey in the corner You take her remaining clothes and take them off! Undress her She lifts you up and then slam you down directly on your back! Naked Bodyslam You take control of her with your ass, milking her cock with it. Jump on her and ride With the ref not looking, you sneak some aphrodisiac dust in your hands and blow it in her eyes with a fake kiss! Dusty kiss! You let your opponent kick your ass for a bit, as she uses you as she wishes, toying with your body. "Job" for a while You slap her pussy and then let her feel your nails on her. Pussy Claw Tired of the fight, you let your opponent kick your ass for a bit, as she uses you as she wishes, toying with your body. "Job" for her You challenge your opponent to a test of strength, and you clearly have the upper hand this time around. Test of Strength You keep her arm lock under your armpit while pushing a knee on her back. Armlock You use your momentum to hit her with your shoulder, smacking her down. Shoulder Bump You decide to start gently rubbing her pussy, slowly building her pleasure towards that defeating orgasm. One minute of pussy rubbing She is done and cums hard on your vibrator while you keep her locked in a humiliating pose. Humiliation orgasm You both are locked with each other but she sneaks on your cock and starts to suck it. You are quick and slide two fingers inside her pussy to counter attack. Fingers versus mouth You get tired and start to rub slower, as she enjoys your more tender touch. Enjoy her foot Her arms are locked tight in that chicken wing! Since she can't easily escape, you use the moment to taunt her as much as you can! Arms Hold After taking control of a long, teasing kiss you feel her strength disappear and use this moment to push her on the mat. Kiss and push You get a good grip on her , so she cannot escape you , and you start to fuck her with all your might. Conquering Strap-on You suddenly roll her shoulder down, pinning her head on the mat. Back-to-back roll up You drag her by her hair and slam her forehead against the top turnbuckle! Turnbuckle bump Your fingers makes her scream her orgasm out, as she enjoys your work too much. She surrenders her orgasm! Even if she is leading the match with her pussy, you show no fear or signs of giving up to her! Taunt her scissoring You clench your tight pussy around her dick as she thrusts in and out, working that cock, trying so hard to force her to cum inside you Let her fuck you You lock her legs with yours and push up on her crotch with your feet! Crotch Lever You keep her down while sucking and licking her pussy as hard and good as you can! Sucking Control She cums while you suck her juice in your mouth! She cums in your mouth! You take her from behind and slam your hips on her ass cheeks. You can hear her moan just from that. Humping her from behind You apply your usual scissor hold, but you aren't satisfied. You start to rub her exposed pussy too. Scissor and rub You can't resist the onslaught of your opponent and are forced to surrender, giving your opponent a minute of complete domination. Tap out! Even if you keep trying, she resists, saying "No!" to an orgasm! She says no! The fight is going so well. Whether you win or lose, you're having a lot of fun! And you are mad horny! It is all fun at the end You keep her down with a bodyscissor while sucking her dick, but she keeps fighting with her fingers inside your pussy! Mouth versus fingers You lock her in the corner ropes and expose her wet pussy. Now it is time for your mouth to make her moan while she lays there helpless. Eat her out in the corner You pin her down and start to fuck her with your dick. Let's see if she can resist this! Missionary pin You manage to pin her down and get on top of her. You move on away her panties and start to finger fuck her! Pin her down and finger her pussy! Something has her distracted! Taking advantage of the moment, you slide your panties back on. Panties back on With a little help, you force her to the ropes and start pounding her fast and good, using her tits as support. Rope fucking As she tries to pin you and jerk you off , you show her what your tongue can do. Lick her pussy from below You jump on her back and shove your dick in her butt, making her moan and taking control of the match! Doggy Style domination She didn't cum and menage to free herself and push you off before it was too late. She pushes you off in time! You push your opponent in the corner and call your friend in for help, to pleasure this little cutie in your grasp. Corner Double Team - Titties! Alya pushes her down and presses a vib on her clit while the two are tribbing, making her moan and yelp in total bliss and submission, while she hopes to endure. Alya uses a Vibrator on you while tribbing. After stunning her on the ropes with a bunch of hits, you proceed to make things more interesting and wake her up with a few sensual licks on her tired and abused abs. Lick her abs You pin her down and start to fuck her ass, thrusting in and out hard, overwhelming her mind as she can't resist stroking herself. Fuck her ass You put her in a humiliating and restraining position and start to fuck her without hesitation. Reverse Fucking You pin her down and rub your dick in between her soft boobs. Titjob As she tries to pin you , you take the opportunity to suck her dick. Suck her dick from below It is getting too hot and even your bra is too much to wear right now. Remove your bra She can't resist your tongue and cums all over your face while pushed in the corner. She cums all over your face! You manage to keep her in your grip by kissing and teasing her sex. Sensual Kiss You suck and lick her pussy so much that she is ready to explode right in your face. Lick her pussy in the corner You pin her down and starts to taunt her by rubbing your pussy all over her dick! Rub your pussy on her dick. You made the shamefull bitch cum and squirt all over you and herself. Now is time to drop her on the mat and pin her for good. Squirting before getting drop You pinch her nipples and tug on them , forcing her to follow you wherever you want Pull her nipples You trap her in a hold and keep her down while mercilessly fingering her pussy. She has no escape. Wrestle Fingering (Special) You pin her and bend her legs under your armpits. She can only moan as you mock and taunt her. Facesit wrestling Rimmed! Your tongue is too much! Softly caressing his dick while teasing his ass pushes him over the edge, making him spurt! Cum! You humiliate her by slapping her cheeks with your battle strap-on. Strap-on Slap You get your opponent against the ropes and start to finger her pussy hard. Finger her pussy hard on the corner (Finisher) It is incredible how she can control herself so much. She edges but doesn't cum , you have to finish her in some other ways. She edges but doesn't cum! You've shown her who has the stronger pussy. Now you mock her during her orgasm. Stronger pussy shown. You keep her down with her cock in your mouth, you're trying to make her cum as soon as you can, also teasing her breasts! Reach for her boobs while sucking You let her approach before quickly taking her down with a single movement. Take her down You lure her into a kiss while she pins you, and with this distraction you manage to roll both on the side and end up on top. Luring kiss When she finally understands that pinning you is useless right now , you grab her dick and start to work on it and her ass at the same time. Suck her ass and handjob While you step on her pussy and rub your sole over it, she can't resist the humiliation, pain and pleasure and cums under your foot! Crushing orgasm! You block her arms in the ropes and start teasing her body, squeezing her breasts and rubbing her pussy with malice. Rope torture You push your feet on her face, forcing her to sniff and lick them. Your soles are making it hard to breath for her Foot smother [Special] Even with all your efforts, she resists cumming! You have to do better then that! She is resisting, somehow. You can't wait any longer and decide to remove your panties before they get too wet. Remove your panties. You can't resist and you start to squeeze and slap her breasts with desire. Slap and tease her breasts You remove her panties while wrestling and you humiliate her by using her own panties to gag her. Remove her panties and gag her You pull up her panties hard, making her moan in pain and arousal. Nasty wedgy Now almost naked, you start to move your curves to make her rush at you without hesitation. Taunt her with your body You block her in the corner and start to squeeze her tits, making her scream. Corner grope You start to suck and lick your opponent nipples, as she does the same! Titty Battle Keeping her on the mat is easier if she can only moan and has to focus on holding a powerful orgasm in. Fingering control You just take a small break to breath and kiss her, remembering that this is all for fun. Be lovely on the mat You show your opponent what awaits her and how much you want to pin and fuck her soon. Something is waiting You pin her, forcing her back on the mat and tease her pussy with your thigh and knee. Thigh Grind You force her in a deep kiss while you push her to the ropes and tease her pussy. Distracting kiss You show her who is the superior woman by fucking her directly pussy-to-pussy. Scissoring Pin (Special) You pin her down and start to ride her dick! Ride her! You twerk in her face while pressing your butt on her and also rubbing her crotch. Corner Humiliation You sit on her stomach and sneak an hand on her pussy as you start to fingerblast her. Sits and finger You pin her down and remove her wrestling boots and socks, using them to gag her before you start to merciless finger her pussy. Fingering - Sock gag She cums while you fuck her ass! She can't resist any longer! You feel her orgasm explode under the thrusts of your fist! Fisting orgasm You vibrate her pussy, hoping to make her cum! Push a vibrator against her pussy [Finisher] She doesn't cum right away and your pussy starts to get crushed by her dick! She resists and starts to fuck you even harder! You and your opponent get close to each other only to tease and whisper private taunts. Tender Lock You separate from your opponent and stretch a little before going back in. Both take time to Stretch You remove your bra and top and throw them at your opponent to taunt her. Remove your bra She doesn't cum under your tongue and manages to get free from your hold by using the ropes to pull herself away. She resisted and the ropes help her! You can't resist the onslaught of your opponent and are forced to surrender, giving your opponent a minute of complete domination. Tap out! Her pussy contracts under your thrusts and she screams in pleasure as she cums on the mat after a good girl's dick pounding. She cums! You show her how to properly scissor fuck someone during a sexfight! Scissor Fuck her! After pinning her, you proceed with sliding your fingers inside her exposed pussy. Fingering Humiliation Pin You pin her on the mat in a humiliating position. Humiliating Pin You remove her panties , ready to take her cock for you! Remove her panties You keep her down in a position that allows you to lick her ass and rub her pussy freely, while she moans in bliss and despair. Lick her ass and rub her pussy While the referee checks on you , your opponent can't resist anymore and blows her load! She blows her load! After wearing her down on the mat you sit on her back and pull her body up from beneath her chin, bending her body at your mercy. She moans in agony and arousal Sexy Camel Clutch You wrestle her down and easily force a strap-on inside her pussy from behind. After that it's just rough fucking for her. Strap-on Domination You show your wrestling skill by spinning her body in the air without efforts and smashing her back on your knee. (Special) Swing Back Breaker! You block her down , squeeze her ass and suck eagerly her dick for a whole minute. One minute of sucking! You add your finger inside her ass as you suck on her dick! Suck her dick and finger her ass! (finisher) You decide to take your strap-on and fuck her tight pussy while teasing her whole body! She can't resist this! One minute of Strap-on Action! Even if you keep trying, she resists, saying "No!" to an orgasm! She says no! You can't resist the onslaught of your opponent and are forced to surrender, giving your opponent a minute of complete domination. Tap out! You can't resist the onslaught of your opponent and are forced to surrender, giving your opponent a minute of complete domination. Tap out! You jump from the second rope and lend on her chest with your body, slamming both of you down on the mat! (Special) Dive from the second rope! Attempting to overwhelm her with pleasure, you stroke her cock and shove a dildo up her butt! Dildo in her ass! (Special) Even with all your efforts, she is still not cumming. You have to do better then that! Strap-on cum fail You skilfully work her dick over the edge, her body trembling as she cums for you. She cums! You easily pin her down and sit on her while fingerblasting her pussy and making her moan in agony and pleasure. Fingering domination She resists your scissoring and now she puts you in a head scissor hold, forcing your face against her cunt. She resists your pussy You just take a small break to breathe and kiss her, remembering that this is all for fun. Be lovely on the mat She seems exhausted after all you did to her in this match, so let's remind her what would be her trophy if with some sort of miracle she manages to win. Crotch grinding You wrap her head in between your strong thighs and squeeze her tight while mocking her and stroking her hair. Head Scissor-hold After defeating your opponent, you invite the entire locker room to help you fuck her! Defeated and Gangbanged You pin her down and grab her arms, pulling her body and pussy on your strap-on, making her scream and moan in surprise. Arms pulling domination You force her to lick and suck your ass and pussy, while you take a moment to breath. Lick me! You choose to rest for a bit, teasing her with your fingers and your words. One Minute of Teasing You heard enough of her complaints! It’s time for her to shut up and have a little taste of your pussy, while you go down on hers. Gag her with your panties You mockingly rub your cock on her face, as she becomes addicted to it. Rub your cock on her face You rest for a second and calm your pussy with a few rubs. Rest and rub You start to circle around each other, while carefully observing and waiting for her next move. Stare her down and take your time You lock her head under your armpits, whispering taunting insults and naughty things to her. Taunting Headlock Your cock slides into her pussy, perfect fit, hitting the right spot in seconds, making her go into a mindless bliss. Fuck her into ahegao You spread her legs and ram your cock inside her ass without any warnings, making her roll her eyes and scream in pleasure Anal Aheago You won't let her insult you like that. With a hard slap, you clap your hand against her cheek. She doesn't even flinch. Game on! Slap of defiance You grab her from behind, force her on all fours and shove your dick inside her, as she moans in bliss and pleasure. Hair pull domination She can't resist anymore and has a little orgasm just from you fucking her butt. Anal Orgasm You can't resist her body, you take her from behind and start to thrust hard in her butt. Hard Anal doggy Style As you fuck her hard and good, you give her what she really wants: some slaps on her cute ass. Slap her ass As you drive your girl cock inside her, you force your opponent to look as you fuck her silly. Force her to look You pin her down, squeezing her ass and eagerly sucking her dick, ready to take her load in your mouth! Suck her dick You slide your finger inside her ass while sucking her dick! Suck her dick and finger her ass! You thrust your cock inside one of her holes and keep her down on her shoulders in this dominant position. Piledriver position You pick her up in a tombostone piledriver , but instead of going for the wrestling move , you keep her close to you and start to eat her out , helping yourself with fingers too. The "Last Cum" You tag your partner in and with her you easily take both your opponent holes and fuck her like the bitch she is. Double penetration You and your partner take your opponent and her partner down and fuck them at the same time. Tag team domination Straddling your opponent's legs, you twist them back, exposing their abs with an abdominal stretch! Adding some pleasure to the pain, you use you free hand to grope her breasts. Sexy Abdominal Stretch You thrust your cock inside her butt and keep her down on her shoulders in this dominant position. Piledriver position Somehow she is resisting. You give small slaps to her pussy, frustrated, before letting her go. She doesn't cum! You start to finger her pussy but you menage to slide in your whole fist as you do so and you use it to make her gush. Fisting her hard (Special) You fail to make her cum and she manages to counter your hold and get free! Fail Cum! She didn't cum and you  please her clit in vain, trying to bring her to orgasm, only exhausting yourself even more! She resists! You sit her in the corner, take a few steps back and launch yourself at her, slamming your crotch on her face and chest! Bronco Buster You call your friend and with her you start to dominate this little bitch. Double-team domination [Special] You out-wrestled her to the point you can pin her down easily for the count, but you prefer to fuck her instead. Pin Strap-on You play and squeeze her breasts from behind, and while she is busy moaning, you take her bra off! Titty grope and Remove her bra You easily force your opponent onto her knees. Grabbing your battle-ready strap-on, you shove it in her mouth and make her gag! Force her to suck your strap-on You manage to block her movements and put your body on her, facing her pussy. Now, you lick her pussy and clit without mercy while she begs you to stop. 69 Hold After fucking her to the point of a squirting orgasm, you force her in a humiliating position just as she reaches the climax, ruining her squirting orgasm. Ruin her Orgasm While you make sure a sex-machine fucks her ass as you wish, you allow her to worship your beautiful cock! Sex-Machine Domination After a long fight, even after you are full of your sweat and other liquids, you still manage to lock her in this submission lock. Naked Camel Clutch You make your opponent squirt all over herself and on you, humiliating her even more. She squirts all over herself and you You made her cum while wrestling, the fingers in her pussy proving too much for her to handle. Well done! Orgasm on the mat! She cums under your thrusts and her brain seems to melt through the climax. She is dominated You dive deep in his ass with your tongue, making him shiver and moan in pleasure while you stroke his dick fast, driving him closer to an orgasm... Deep Rimjob and fast Handjob She might have exposed your breasts, but she doesn't deserve to see them. Fumbling with your bra, you quickly put it back on. Cover your titties! You start to kiss, lick and suck her pussy like a goddess, making her moan in total bliss. Cunnilingus You thrust inside her pussy with a strap-on and press a vibrator on her clit. She can only moan while you fuck her hard. Strap-on fuck and vibe her clit Like a lustful fire angel fueled by a burning desire, you heat things up! You start fucking her butt and stroking her cock at the same time! Divine Sex You hug and get close to her, pressing your boobs against hers, so you can share urethral beads. Share beads Fire Angel Encounter Adventurer Cums Her gates of heaven open as you fuck her ass. Faster and faster, you stroke her cock until she shoots an orgasmic offering for the angels! Divine Orgasm While you dominate her pussy with your strap-on, you make sure that her clit is pleased as well. Strap-on fuck and clit rubbing She is a screamer! Hearing her screaming in pleasure makes you want to never stop. Screaming Orgasm You bring in one of your friend and together you use her body as a toy for your pleasure. Use her like a toy with your friend You know she has very sensitive nipples...maybe you can make her orgasm just by pleasing them? Play with her sensitive nipples You climb on her face, leaving her no time to breathe, only time to lick. Ride her face She is milking your cock and dominating you like you are a little boy. Maybe you need a different approach and call in an old friend to distract her. Call for a feminine help You take a small break and call in your Amazonian friend, that can easily handle your opponent and fuck her silly pussy to pussy. Take a break and watch her getting fucked. You take her by the hair and, while giving her a deep and passionate kiss, you force her to ride your strap-on from above. Make her ride your strap-on You exhaust her with your holds and then force her to ride your strap-on, bringing her to the edge of a shameful orgasm! 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