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After being here a while, I found it important to list this stuff in the beginning to any potential opponents. Whether its LWR or classic mode, I am here to combine an element of dice and RL experiences into the match. Allow me to list my preference of rules to be used, which can be up for discussion, but if you find yourself not wanting to play by all or most....please do not match with me.

Ideal match rules:
Dice rolls: we will use a D6 dice to break bondage/hypno in classic mode, in LWR matches it will be used for anything that has "pin" in the action (can be expanded to submission holds if discussed). Need 5 or 6 to break and take turn as normal, 1/2 must edge prior to taking turn and post in chat and then skip, 3/4 is just a normal "Skip" . 3x unsuccessful rolls = automatic break, no stacking must be one turn in between

RL interactions: any moves that involve rubbing/fingering/penetration will be done IRL, opponent to set "beat/timer" based on D7 roll, duration to be between 30seconds - 90 seconds based on roll outcome (d1 = 30, d2 = 40, d3 = 50, etc...) Beat determined by opponent and can be as fast or slow as they want. If orgasmed achieved IRL would mean surrender of match (open to allowing single or multiple orgasms)

Pace/RP Length: I enjoy a detailed RP in combination with the actions, but I also like a steady pace of play. The need to combine the two is crucial and I will only "extend" the match for delay in posts once or twice before losing my desire to remain in the match. Decent RP with steady play makes Lily a happy girl.

Show me the respect of taking the time to write this and reply with the code word and we will be off to an amazing start....if not and you ignore my preferences, don't be upset when i end the game and block you from matching. Sorry I have to say this but time is crucial and this is a way for me to experience things RL doesn't allow for so please don't waste either of our time.

Age: 28
Height: 5'5" Weight: 138lbs Bust: 34c
Hair: Dark black usually with some sort of white streaks depending on my mood and if i got to the salon recently!

**_Who I am:_**

Lily is a Korean/Irish American female. Mostly here for erotic pro-style submission matches that allow for catty techniques such as hairpulling and slapping. Yes, the pfp is me…crazy to think but I guess if someone loves me that much and they want to BE ME all the power to them. Not looking to get into a photo share contest but would be willing to swap under the right circumstances. Just ask and let’s see what happens.

Hard to “define” if I consider myself a domme/sub (which I am sure is a faux pas) in itself, but it’s true). What this means is I am someone who can go in either direction based on the ebbs and flows of the match. I truly believe I play both parts very well and you won’t be disappointed, but if you are a domme and you think you are “going to break me” don’t expect me to go down that easy or at all unless you manage to find the right triggers (see “what I like” below). If you are pure sub and looking to be dominated, I am not your girl...i seek competitive matches that can go either way. If I get a sense of this I will quit the game and likely block you...don't say I didn't warn you!

Not a big fan of punching or kicking but I love to try and immobilize my opponent and work them into any sort of submission hold possible. Ideal match would be some sort of cross between WWE and Ultimate Surrender where you can try and outlast and overcome your opponent either physically or sexually.

Looking for female opponents only at this time but might open that door later down the road...sorry guys. Just looking to try and put myself up against other sexy female fighters and see which one of us can outsmart the other with the moves they can apply and or get out of.

**_What you will get from me:_**

I have lots of experience in roleplaying and can be quite descriptive and detailed. I will fight you competitively and realistically, if at any time I feel like I can’t act based on the available choices I have no problem skipping my turn. Trash talking is an absolute favorite pastime of mine, so you should have a think skin when you decide to step into the ring with me. Don’t worry I’ll focus my taunts on just YOU…and expect you to do the same. (No family play)

Bottom line is you are going to get a fight you will always remember, maybe you will win, maybe you will lose, but either way I guarantee a good time and most definitely will have you begging for more.

Things I Like:

Did you really think I was going to give you the keys to the castle…silly girl…you gotta earn that! What I will tell you is this, if you manage to find my buttons/triggers I will absolutely emote to the truth behind it. With that being said, should you choose an action you THINK will arouse me and it actually doesn’t…I’m gonna let you know that too…so you better be paying attention!
But honestly, some things I do like:
• Using dice rolls to break pins/submissions.
• Emoting to the roleplay and what is going on in the match versus having to play to the choices/options available. It is not uncommon to see me choose an action (for the scoring only) and my emote has nothing to do with it because of the current roleplay.
• Offering the ability to tap out of either a pin or submission to break the hold (ideally would use dice for a roll off)
• IRL orgasms. Let’s be fair and honest with each other…if my emoting has you getting off or WOULD have gotten you off in the ring…just post it…no shame. No need to let the scoring make those calls. Subsequent penalties to follow of course (usually go with 3 skips for forced orgasm, 1 for tap out)
• Creative attires such as cocktail dresses, lingerie, or cosplay. Let’s be creative and have some fun. Photo sharing available once outfits agreed.

Dislikes and Hard No’s:

Not into any sort of death or dismemberment, slavery, or potty stuff. Not really into long term penalties or slavery type stakes but always open to discussing rules/penalties for losing. Not doing mixed matches at this time (to include T-Girls, but all the love and respect to you!).
Rough sex is one thing, but don’t expect me to spit or urinate all over you. Of course, I am a firm believer in the use of saliva as a lubricant, but let’s be honest…once I get my hands on you…I won’t need it.

Let’s not cheat…if you are supposed to skip your turn…don’t accidentally click a energy gain move…it’s only a game and the fun is in the roleplay…so usually I let it go once or twice because we are human but if I notice a trend…I’m leaving and you’re blocked.

This is pretty accurate if you want to do your homework on me:


Read my profile before requesting a match with me because I am going to ask you. I am going to propose certain things in our match and I will know if you didn’t take the time to read it. I took the time to write it, take the time to read it. If it is obvious that you didn’t read my profile or willing to adhere to my requests, I will leave the game. CODE WORD FOR READING : GINGERSNAP


BELLE :thought because she had some fun with some of the other girls from my nationality and the fact that I was a "rookie" she would easily be able to handle me on the mats. I warned her, told her I would take me lightly and that I would avenge those of my race and creed that she had so horrible violated if she did make a formal apology. She chose to continue her wicked ways and I was forced to leave her a soaking/squirting/dripping mess on the mats underneath my vibrator. Making her tap once to a pussy smother, and succumbing to not ONE....but TWO orgasms...that's right! Let this be a warning to all you other so called veterans out better come correct with me or i will leave you just like your other blonde haired, dumb ass American bimbo Belle...

Hehe...j/ you all but i will defeat and humiliate you all...that's a promise....just ask Belle...

Skyla : Since I started here, I have been utilizing my "rookie" status as a way to gain an early advantage and then finish off many of my opponents, when I met Skyla she must have received some secret intel because what started off as me having the clear and definitive advantage in the beginning and majority of the match quickly turned wayward. Finding myself pinned beneath her, she expertly manipulated my mind and body by essentially "grinding" the fight out of me. Two consecutive massive, body rocking orgasms were the final straw that broke this camel's back...Enjoy it now Skyla....because I will be on the lookout for my revenge!

KinkySarah : Sarah thought it a good idea to accept my challenge as I was waiting in the LWR matchmaking queue....we met in the ring and she had quite the crowd in her corner. We started off with me taking a pretty dominant lead and then all of a sudden her fans started to get involved, working me over in double team after double team as i felt the match slipping between my fingers. With a few well placed attacks and insults in her native German language, I started to see the opportunity...that's when i used her own fan base against her and paid off her fan Lisa to help me finish her off. With Lisa fucking her in the ass and me tormenting the rest of her body and mind, Sarah broke and surrendered the match. Double teaming her to the point of her cumming all over her face and body and then finally with me sitting on her face as Lisa fucked her from the front. Money well spent I would say hehe

Hitomi...aka Slutty Reiko : Hitomi and I met at a Rumble Roses convention and were the main fight for the night, we were both representing the character Reiko, she was the original character and I was dressed as the alternative Rowdy Reiko. We met to determine just who the true and best "Reiko" was and I can tell you there was no doubt left after I made her my in ring slut....forcing her to cum 3 times and leaving her to the mercy of the crowd that had assembled

I challenged Alice Rose for the LWR title and we agreed to have special stipulations...she proved to find my weaknesses and wow did she ever work to exploit them. I was forced to submit multiple times and unable to mount any sort of comeback. Dress is officially off and i am most definitely looking for my revenge!

Alice's forced dressing
More dressing
Final dressing

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