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Ever wanted to fuck a Dragon~

Bi / Dominant(e) et soumis(e)

⚜︎About me⚜︎

Heyo I'm Ekotl, A dragon princess that's waiting for a knight to come up my tower and completely dominate me. Im a switch that heavily leans towards submissive, but there are times where i can be dominant. When we play or RP together feel free to make me choke on your cock, I promise it'll feel good for the both of us~ My scales are extremely sensitive, especially around the base of my tail so groping or spanking my ass will elicit a squeal from me though people might now focus on my butt now that I'm saying this. I've been told that I have a way with words, literally turning a switch leaning dom into a full on sub for me, so just be prepared to be serenaded into a blushing mess. I am known as the Footjob Princess, famed for how soft my feet are and how skillful I am at giving footjobs, and so far no one has been able to resist cumming all over my royal soles given the chance.

I'm mostly interested in bondage, humiliation, hypnosis, genital worship, and feet. Even though I'm bisexual cocks just turn me on a bit more than pussy does, especially if they are railing me into submission~

Let me know beforehand if you want any matches between us to be public, in which case I'll turn on the public games option

When I play Dungeon Adventures I will swap from switch to dom (goes without saying that you will have to swap to a sub for the game mode to function properly) so we can roleplay a knight or adventurer (you) rescuing a princess (me) from a tower she was trapped in.

Going to put this in here since I've been seeing an uptick in the amount of people messaging me, I DO NOT do anything that involves IRL. Nada, Zilch, so don't even try to get me involved with that stuff without so much as a by-your-leave

If you message me with an IRL profile there is a higher likelihood that I will ignore your message than if you message me with a hentai profile, and depending on the first impression you make with the first message you send that likelihood increases exponentially. Part of that is the difference in people that are behind those avatars, The people involved in the Hentai part of EF I've found to be more considerate and less likely to be silent. Of course there are exceptions to any rule, so feel free to prove them wrong if you want.

Don't try and set up a match within the first message, especially if we haven't met before somewhere like the chatrooms of another match or discord. Any messages similar to 'I challenge you' without anything else will be instantly deleted and a high likelihood you will be blocked.

Please don't message me if you have a blank profile, and try to have more than one sentence in your description.

I sometimes take a long while to respond to messages, either due to forgetfulness or not being too sure on how to respond, so sorry if that happens to you but please just be patient and I'll get back to you eventually.

I'm one of the two Game Maintainer for the Dungeon Adventures mode, so feel free to message me with any questions you may have.

🗒My Kink Lists🗒

== Results from bdsmtest.org ==
100% Rope bunny
98% Submissive
97% Exhibitionist
95% Voyeur
94% Brat
82% Non-monogamist
73% Degradee
68% Primal (Prey)
67% Switch
64% Pet
55% Experimentalist
54% Masochist
50% Slave
49% Rigger
43% Dominant
41% Primal (Hunter)
39% Vanilla
32% Brat tamer
29% Owner
20% Sadist
13% Degrader
13% Master/Mistress
0% Ageplayer
0% Daddy/Mommy
0% Boy/Girl
Ekotl's Kinklist

Notable Matches

Was bred by Draco who gave me a womb and ass tattoo, as well as 59 dragon kids
Dragon Bitch Tattoo

This little Fox kept saying I had "weak" and "stinky" feet, but he still begged to worship them! He came under my boots, cementing me as his Mistress
Ekotl vs. Foxy Bootjob

I was rescued from my tower by a absolute hunk of an Adventurer and I let him use my body as a reward for managing to do so, a reward he and his pet slime took full advantage of~
Smite using my body
Smite's pet Ellie using my body

I found this nice Kitty walking around and we instantly had a connection, one that we both knew would lead to hot and steamy sex. We headed back to my place and engaged in a long session of breeding, ensuring he'd knock up my womb with multiple litters of his kittens~
Star breeding me

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