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Competitive/RP/Trash talk, finally have been winning more.

Hétéro / Dominant(e) et soumis(e)

Height: 6f
Weight: 190lbs
Cock: 8 inches

probably ef’s biggest footslut, not much into licking and worshipping them but something about them teasing me or stroking me drives me crazy…
other biggest kinks: ruins, mocking, trash talk, orgasm control

Recent Records

Angel 1-0 came to me confident she would milk my cock easily, after a lot of teasing she bounced her tight ass on my dick making me cum all over her back, I managed to make her cum with my fingers shortly after this. After a lot of back and forth action of us both resisting each other, my fingers were once again too much for her and she ended up shaking.
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Andrea 1-0 (deleted her account) our match was pretty tied at the start but once I started fucking her ass she came immediately and she just started to beg me to make her cum again right away, she still managed to blow me until I came in her mouth bit she squirted shortly after I started fucking her ass, completely submitting herself to me.
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GermanCumSlut1-0, her name doesn’t lie. She is a cumslut she tried her hardest to beat me using her mouth but she just couldn’t handle my big dick in her ass which ended up making her shake and thanking me for destroying her
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Roya1-3, a slutty cowgirl swore she would milk me dry so I had to teach her a lesson, I kept fucking her as she begged me to keep going. She did manage to make me cum but it wasn’t enough to stop I made her shake from the back and she gave in. 2 fights later she came back and ready. She kept making me cum so fast she even edged me to keep the fight going longer and ruined me. She took the lead and said I couldnt handle her. We had a 4th fight that was really close but in the end she once again used her amazing hand to end me and forced me to cum inside her pussy… I cant handle her at all. Image Title
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Karmen 1-0 said Id wouldn’t be a tough fight and kept teasing me with her feet but I stayed strong and kept resisting her, my dick was too much and she came hard from behind
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Katha 2-0 started the first match strong with her feet saying she would melt my brain with them, I kind of lost confidence after that but when I saw how she reacted after I fucked her ass I knew she would be mine in no time. She came hard as I fucked her ass ruthlessly. She asked for a revenge, it was even worse for her she barely managed to make me cum before squirting on my dick. She is now my anal slut.
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Clown 1-0 talked big saying Id end up worshipping her feet but she was wrong. She managed to make me cum with them but I fucked her silly until her stupid slut brain melted and she begged me to cum all over her.
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Riley 2-1 this "muscle mommy" thought she would destroy you me and kept calling me beta but she found out quickly that she was just going to be another one of these overconfident little sluts. She ended up shaking from the hard pounding I gave her.
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Savannah 1-1 and I had already matched in the past, I won our previous encounter so she wanted a revenge to which I obliged thinking I would beat her again… I was wrong, our match was very balanced making each other cum once until she took her socks off and gave me a footjob knowing that I cant resist them at all… I came almost as soon as her feet touched my cock and exploded all over them.
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Sacha0-4 … she is my mommy and I cannot handle AT ALL she beat me very badly 4 times without me beating her at all… she keeps ruining me and making me cum all over her feet I am her sextoy and she can huge my big cock as she wants.
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Cassie 0-1 and I had a pretty balanced match but it was clear that I could not beat her, she resisted my cock over and over and over again until but then she decided that she would be on top driving me over the edge and as soon as I was about to cum she pulled away and ruined me…
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Bente 2-3 was just way too good for me… we fought 3 times in each of which she left me in ruins with her mouth after I came too quickly. It is clear to me that she is too much to handle… to use her words, "that was quick"
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Misa 0-1 told me she would destroy me and turn me into a quick win, god did she deliver that promess. She rode me so good that I had no chance but to cum… she pulled my dick out as she was riding me and ruined me…
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Cock Swallower 0-1 made me goon for her ass for a bit and drove me crazy, I managed to make her cum first but she replied by making me cum right back and ruining me using her vibrator right after.
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Flirty and Dirty 0-2 keeps my downfall going after a best 2 out of 3, the first match was pretty close but she ended up resisting my dick too many times and made me finish inside after her amazing ride… so on the second fight I was confident I could beat her because of how close our first match was but she had other plans she started by teasing me with her perfect feet before ruining me with them and them went on to make me cum prematurely and I gave in to her calling her mommy.
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Mikaela0-1 , I messaged her feeling confident that I could beat her easily, she saud she would break that confidence and she did. I managed to make her cum first but then it all went downhill… she milked my dick with her pussy all over her just before making me cum all over her feet, she was surprised and laughed at how quick I came between her feet.
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Mia 0-1 absolutely destroyed my cock… I had no chance against despite being confident that I would tear her teen pussy up. She proved to be way better than I could handle and turned me into a good little footslut for her making me cum with her feet just after making me cum all over her stomach. I failed to even make her cum.
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Lizzeth 0-1 I messaged her thinking I would destroy her and make her my slut but she kept saying she wouldn’t lose to me and she was right she quickly made me submit and cum with her feet twice before forcing me to fuck her ass until my dick couldn’t take it which didnt take long…
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Kenzie 0-1, I told her and make her shake and lose her mind I was feeling so confident because of how small and innocent she was but she quickly brought me to reality by making me cum with her twice very fast…
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Alexa 1-0 thought she would have an easy fight. She even added a bet to it but it didnt end the way she thought. I ended up fucking her silly until she begged to stop as she was about to pass out. Image Title

Ava wanted me to show her the ropes for her first fight and I did… maybe too good because she destroyed me and called me her puppy as I was moaning her name and calling her mommy while I was cumming helplessly between her feet…
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Mia 0-1 I thought her being a sub would make this easy but I was wrong. She rode me like a goddess until I filled her up just before finishing me again using her cute face and pretty mouth and making me cum all over her face.Image Title

Lucy 0-2 this pretty blonde working the coffee shop quickly showed me how she handles a big cock, worked me up with her feet before ruining me easily with her skillful mouth leaving me shaking and begging for more… twice… Image Title Image Title

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