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RP or competitive matches

Hetero / Dom

Business is expanding, and I am here to make sure, there is nothing that can stand in the way.
What is my business about? You don't need to know unless you want to participate. I am sure I can make a good use of all of you. Subs or Domes. It doesn't matter that much. You know your place, or I cure you out of your delusion and add to my business as main attraction to play with.
What do I seek? I want to collect girls that will serve as slaves in my secret club and please every whim of my clientele.

I like hypno/bondage rules (limited or unlimited) and I am opened to bets.

I am up for any RP ideas or competitive matches in classic and wrestling and I like postmatch action, so please let me know. ;-)
Also, if you enjoy RP Bad Ends, I am into separated RP fantasy matches in that mode as well.

My strongest kinks:
BDSM, humiliation, bondage, CNC and power exchange in general. There is much more, and I am opened to almost anything.
Furthermore, I love when my partner provides some self value and puts up some fight, even if she wants to be captured in the end.

No-go zone:
Watersports, scat, sweat, blood and crossdressing.
Also, not interested in IRL

Languages: CZ/EN (English is not my native)

Feel free to message me. To the contrary of this character, I am a really nice guy. ;-)

Raisa. I really wanted to have her. But I was too late, and she was taken away from me before I even had opportunity to get her. But then she suddenly showed up in my office in her full beauty. Dominant, determined, and focused. That is how I like them the most. Why did she come? I’ve got this piece of information from her later.
She demonstrated her assertiveness over me from the start when she started to bargain by putting her heeled foot on my thigh. Very soon, she found herself in my grasp as I tried to hypnotize and tie her up. None of it held her for long, nimble girl. She managed to hypnotize and bound me and when my personal assistant came to my office, she took her as well and tied her hands to my balls and restrained myself to my own desk, so I became mind controlled and bound. Then she tried to interrogate me with my assistant forced to suck my cock and my ass threatened by a dildo, and she almost made me cum in this humiliating position.
She told me that she came for my new new pet girl, and things started to be a little more clear who sent her. Is she the first protection fee?
My assistant distracted her by sticking the dildo in her ass and I managed to get free, and this happened to be the beginning of her demise.
I’ve got her on the desk, where she held me just a few moments ago and handled her from both sides, with me in her mouth and my assistant’s dildo in her ass. I came into her mouth, and then we made her squirt from anal. As we held her on the desk, I made her look at the mess she made and forced her to watch as she has been fucked and fingered in her pussy and ass again until her final climax.
Then I showed her, who she came for to ”rescue” and after releasing my stress into my pet's mouth, I let her share it with Raisa.
At the end, I gave her a choice. Wild or Peace. And she chose…

My favourite pet is almost ready. I trained her for a long time and now is time. She was lying in her cage, but she immediately reacted to my arrival. She was so eager to suck my cock to even squeezed her tits through the bars of her cage while trying to reach my cock. I leashed her out of her cage to start her evaluation. She begged me to let her blowjob me, and I complied. I didn’t even notice, she dragged me into the trance with her hungry eyes and when she noticed my momentary lack of concentration, she let off her leash. It was a stupid mistake from me because the longer she fucked me, more and more of her training paid off against myself… Right before she brought me to climax, I was able to take over and bound her. Unfortunately, she broke free quickly and even with my slave Eva as my backup, she made me cum first while squirting herself a moment later… Then she made me cum again and because of the mistake, that stupid slut did, my pet ran away. But... it does not end here...
Caitlin5 Caitlin6

It finally happened. My little officer pet chose to escape… Unfortunately for her, I was preparing for this moment for a long time, and she had no chance… not that she would notice it until the last moment… After her “ambush” I quickly subdued her weakened mind and forced her to crawl to the dungeon where I trained her throat again and again and again. She tried to fight back, but it was futile. After that, I penetrated her ass and made her squirt on my cock and herself from anal fucking. I was very pleased with her performance so far and let her made me cum on her ass and back after a short ride.
When I was finished with her, I lifted her up on the wooden pony, intending to keep her there for some time as punishment for attacking me. She managed to escape from the bindings and desperately attacked me. I pacified her and while I fucked her, I threw her into the deep trance and made her cum. Then I used her hypnotic state and started to reprogram her… Just a little adjustment to make her more fit into the right position.
Caitlin3 Caitlin4

I hit the jackpot with little Kate. It took a very long time to arrange the interview, but it was more than worth it. I really needed a personal assistant like her. She acted honestly and shyly, even I was fooled by it, but it was just a perfect facade and when I pierced through it…
I duck taped, spanked and vibed her until she was unable to resist or even think, and then I finally fucked her into total submission.
I creampied her and made her cum on my cock twice… She signed up the contract, and she is mine now.
Kate1 Kate2

It was after the walk with my fuck toy, Caitlin. My mansion was compromised because a spy was caught wandering in my dungeon. She was really stubborn and strong-willed because she was able to free from my hypnosis quickly. And she almost managed to bound me in my own dungeon, but she made a great mistake... She thought, she could get help against me from my own sluts... what a stupid idea, Hehe..., I managed to slip away from the bindings and pin her down with Eva's help and fucked her. In desperation, Cammy picked up the vibrator and tried to bring an orgasm to me with it. Instead, I grabbed her hand with the vibrator and forced her to vibe herself while I fucked her hard...
She was a very skilled fighter, and she was able to make me cum inside her. Skilled little slutty spy... She has got cocky, tho. She sat on my face and forced me to lick her. Thanks to that, I was capable of hypnotizing her and made her cum easily. Since then, her fate was sealed... I could say she put up a good fuck and almost made me cum for the second time, but she was not ready to deal with me. Finally, I fucked her ass roughly and made her squirt... She really impressed me, that's for sure... Now her training began to make a proper bimbo spy from her...
Camm2 Cammy1

I don’t know how it happened, but Katha got echo about me capturing officer Caitlin, and she challenged me for her freedom.
She started aggressively by trying to collar and undress me. Luckily, I managed to break her starting rhythm by tying her with her shoes on her face and hypnotizing her. She was really slippery and strong-willed, so none of these actions held her in place for a long time. Although, she lost the initiative at that point.
After a short power struggle, she ended up under me and I could not resist a temptation of using her “damsel in distress” to sit on Katha’s pretty face while I fucked and lick this German slut into her first orgasm.
Shortly after that, she managed to make me cum on her back by shaking with her pretty ass. Unfortunately for her, she’s got tired, so I used her collar and made her crawl down to my dungeon, she has not left since. There, in desperation, she persuaded one of my slaves to help her against me, but her mutiny was short-lived. In retaliation, I tied her again and punished her nipples for this disrespect. Before she was able to free herself, I invited some of my better employees to have a fun time with her, and so they did until she finally broke.
I bound her to one of the constructions and left her there as a free use slave for the rest of the night.
Katha1 Katha2
Update: Savannah came and challenged me for Katha's ownership... And she proved to be a worthy opponent... I really underestimated her... She managed to escape every binding I brought on her and break every hypnosis quickly, and she was even able to withstand my slaves... I managed to force her orgasm on sybian, but from that moment, it was one disaster after another... Long story short, she stole one of my slaves and walked away... But this is not the end... (Katha was taken from me by Savannah)

I've met a girl. I saw her in a few matches previously. She won those, but I saw inside her, there was a very different urge... she wanted to be put in place and order around, and so I tested my hypothesis and I approached her. And I was totally right. She basically melted under my first touch. I made her crawl around, suck my cock hard... She had no limit... I found out, she is really into pain, so I gave her nice and shiny clamps on her nipples and some proper treats while I fucked her from behind... Unfortunately for her, she was just awful at her self-control, and she failed on her first orgasm. Sad. But nothing I could not fix in time... I spanked her pussy for this transgression before ordering her to fuck me, and I filled her pussy with my cum. After that, I gave her a second chance and with a little guidance, she was able to hold herself long enough to her begging reaching to me until she came again in a nice eye-rolling orgasm.
Then I took her home, where she began her training impaled on a dildo machine. She becomes a decoration in my house and a trained slut in my new company.

Productive night. I bought my first slave from Mr. Alexander. When I was on my way home with my new accessory, I was stopped by police, Cadet Caitlin. I knew from the first moment, she had to be mine. Unfortunately, our chat was disrupted by Eva in the car trunk. I was still able to surprise her, undress her and hypnotize her. She was really strong-willed and broke the trance quickly. Then she managed to use her exceptional hypnotic abilities on me and unfortunately made me cum. After that, I was capable of freeing my mind from her spell, bound her with a spreader bar and fucked her until she came twice. She had a strong will tho and it didn't break her. I decided we leave a nice gift for all her colleagues when I used a car camera in a police vehicle to record the young officer while I fucked her hard in all holes.
Caitlin1 Caitlin2
During our fun time, we were interrupted by two young guys who saw us on the side of the road, and I invited them to become part of our game. We gang banged her until she came again. Then I hogtied her, put a vibing egg into her pussy, threw her into the car trunk and drove away with now TWO additions instead of just one.
In my home, I bound her to the sofa and vibed her again. Her will really impressed me, so I decided, I will train her and keep her for my personal pleasure. In the end, I locked a wand on her pussy and let her soften a little bit during the rest of the night, while keeping a modified radio on the table in front of her, where she could listen to police frequency in desperation.
Caitlin3 Caitlin4

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