Katy "Yuri slave and Aki slut" (Transgender) (Level 10) mail warning

I'm the best Futa succubus here, i challenge others demon Futa to prove it

Bi / Switch

like fuck some other futas, in some hard fight, i'm competitive and i like trash talking

I expect some challenges from some futa who thinks she can beat me

Now i have a new maid she Is Whore futa maid Lily, and she Is hot and horny

After an hard fought fight i have to submit to Katrina superior cock

I'm mindfucked by Adam hex(Futa), after a very rough fuck fight

After a long battle i lost a submission fight with my old rival AMY, fuck i hate her

Mari after though fight force me to admit she is the superior futa

Challenging Sasha Long was one of the biggest mistakes of my life. In the first match, she milked my cock. I thought that this was a mistake. I challenged her a second time and she was flawless in her destruction of me. I couldn’t even make her cum once, while she pulled two orgasms from me! I am her slut.

I have challenge Slash in a submission sexfight confident to beat her, but at the end she prove her superior after an hard fought match

🐯I lost a fight with Krysten so now i lost my cock for 3 fight (3/3)

Yuricame to me when I was fighting a dragon girl. She picked on me and distracted me so much I lost to that dragon girl! It made me angry that I challenged Yuri to a succubus battle to make her my slut loser! But I could not handle her body and cock. Once she gave me a pussy under my cock, she bred me and made me cum hard all over my front! She is the better succubus, though I will beat her in a rematch and turn things around!
I fight her again and she hardly beat me, breeding me so much to enlarge my womb.
Me and that bitch Yuri decided to have our final fuck to decide who the better succubus was! Our decisive battle to make the other a breeding slave to feed on...
I tried to put a mark on Yuri, but she put one on me too! It was such a hot fight...as we both tried to activate them from sex.
We had many battles, but the further we went and fucked hard, the more I gave in to her body. Now every time she has her cock out for me to use, I spread my legs out wide just so she can breed me more and fuck me HARD. I want her so badly now, I am her slave and loser succubus... I have a mark right above my womb for her to abuse, so when I want to fuck it will shine bright!
Fuck...how embarrassing...


"I'm Syorry..♥ That katy is a lewd bitch Futa succubus who has completely surrendered to Aki's paizuri and footjob techniques♥"
Katy fuck

I met Magfor the first time by chance in a random matchmaking and it was immediately rivalry at first sight, the first fight with her was for the title and we pushed our bodies to the limit, but after a very balanced fight she managed to win; so I decided to challenge her in submission sexfight; serious mistake for me this time after an initial draw he took over humiliating me properly in front of the public it was a one-way battle. Now i need to redeem myself and i will challenge her again.
I challenge her again and after a harsh fuck fight where the outcome was uncertain for all time, I have pray her to stop fuck me again.In ours last battle I finally beat her, so now I know I can win against this slut, Mag prepare yourself it's the first of many lost for you~

For 2 days, from the moment Amara first challenged me, I thought she was just an ordinary futa succubus. When we finally fought each other to clarify who was more powerful, she forced me to cum 3 times. It was a close fight, she herself also came 2 times, but in the end I had to admit defeat to her overwhelming abilities as I was completely unable to cum anymore and admitted that she is more powerful than me and let myself be made her breeding cow.
Amara 2 fight:
I was initially confident that I could beat Amara in a rematch with IRL cum rules. After some back and forth the first real challenge came, Mutual Masturbation, both jerk irl, winner is who last longer, it was a tie and we came in each others pussy. then came my time, she failed a cum test and was forced to cum again. After that it continued and I lost a cum test in the shower. I had to cum again. it was close, but then I made a fatal mistake, another mutual masturbation. I was too weak and cum again. I was drained and exhausted and admitted my defeat. after my surrender, she brnd me over and called me her breeding slut, came deep inside me and filled my womb completely with her superior sperm.

wc Is bi
autorenew Is a switch
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