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Hi! I'm Tania, your friendly neighborough futanari!

General information

I'm a single girl in her 20, with a good-looking 25 cm cock! I had many lovers in my life, but they were all weak men who submitted and cummed just at the sight of my naked body... So that's why I'm here, making more people crumble under my sex skills and hoping to find someone to tame me and my wild and bratty personality! Outside sex fights i'm a bit shy and i can get embarassed easily, but give me an hug and i will be in my confort place :3
I'm up to play with boys, gals and nb pals, so don't be afraid to dm me! (And if you're a futa like me, i will put you on the top of my fight schedule!)


Height: 175 cm
Weight: 50kg
Hair: Blonde
Breast: 38DD

Proud owner of Michelle, my sweet princess submitted to me and rewarded with orgasms and cum ready to be eaten like a good slut

List of my personal pets and winned games:

Italian Stallion is now my pleasure pet, i drained him and forced in a chastity cage. Now he's a sucker machine at my full disposal, and I feed him with my biggest loads

Slut princess 👸 Michelle lost a bet with me and she had a day of chastity, adding to the collar putted by their domme. She fought with honor but in the end she couldn't resist to my anal skills

Cuddly Jazzy became my cute pet after being drained several times. I collared him for a while and now he's tamed and doesn't resist me anymore

Jonathan challenged me twice, but he experimented my cock-draining skills both times, giving me all the cum he had in his balls. He wants a rematch, and i will be glad to making him my cum dispenser once again

List of people who collared me and lost games:

Sweet Katy collared me after a really hard match. We were at our limits but in the end i could only submit to her power, tired and horny. Now i'm mommy's little cum toy

Diana the Hammer pounded me so hard that even my pride was broken and I was forced to submit to her hammer. She marked me as her property cumming on me after stretching my ass hole with her perfect cock

Check out my little brother and sister! I love them so much and they're a fantastic fighers (but if you hurt them without permission, i will personally beat you, and not in a pleasant way <3


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No panties, no problem! Giving your opponent a show, you demonstrate your flexibility by sucking your own cock! Self-suck your cock You've had enough! You sensually tie him up, restraining him. Then you take a cock ring and secure it to him, holding the control device! He can only try and resist the pleasure. Tie and vibe him! Your opponent is collared, and you want to make her understand her condition. You pull her leash, bringing her closer to you. She knows now that every resistance is useless... Bring her to you You're the one who make the rules here, and he will accept it. As you order him to fully undress, he obeys, showing his growing erection. Order to undress You tease your opponent by comparing your cocks, and you're sure that yours is better! She seems pissed off, but hornier than before. Compare your cocks You made him cum so hard that now his belly is a pool! You finally jerk off yourself, providing one more contribution to the humiliating puddle of cum on his chest! You made him your cum dumpster Your partner offers you his ass and you can't wait to have a piece of that. You prepare his anus, sticking a thick dildo in it, so it shouldn't be a problem for you to enter. Stretch his ass with a dildo