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A wrestler with good experience in roleplayer and text matches..I would define myself a switch and can be a good challenge with his fighting skills!
I am into text roleplaing while having a match and like fight with both wrestler tring to take the upper hand!
My main kinks are female domination and CBT,feel free to use this to your advantage if bearing me.

Victory to remember

I had a long hard match against the gorgeous Jude.The match went on for a couple hours but finally I made her orgasm hard.
As we bet I collared her securing the l collar on her left tits and now she is my slave for 3 days,after which maybe she will get the chance to get free.

I challenged the fascinating Shirleyand the match seemed to take a bad route for me.
I was able to counter her skills and finally forced her to submit using my skilled tongue.
Loosing hard to forget

I challenged Sonia to fight but I underestimated her and she made me submit twice in a row,so now I belong to her.
She has me by the balls and can dispose of me as she cock is her toy now and I’ll have to fulfill any desire she has till she will give me a chance of freedom

Mistress Sonia was so generous to give me a chance of get free if winning 2 on 3 matches.
Will I succeed or stay under her as a toy?
I lost the challenge after only 2 matches and so I’m still her toy for a long time,at her complete disposal

I had a hard match with Ellika.After a tense match she was able to make me orgasm on her soft tits .I paid it with an hard punishment given to my balls and now my jewells are tied till I will be able to beat her.

I challenged the stunning (Rose)[]
I was so much sure to win but she made my will submit to her incredible tits and she used them to drain my seed.
I bet my balls on this match and she claimed them without any exitation and so I will be her sperm cow to milk for the next month from 25-01


I challenged Sydney and had a very close match till she forced me to cum in her pussy keeping the belt.I had to change my name in Sidney’s stallion and now I wait for rematch

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