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wanna place a bet or play truth or dare irl?

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About meeee

I'm a guy 1.78m and 80kgr from Greece. I have brown hair and a muscular bodytype because I'm playing football as an amateur in a small team. Also, I'm a defender and that's why i know how to win games and keep you away from your goal ;).

As you can see below, I'm 100% switch. So I don't care if I'm the dominant or the submissive one... It depends on my mood and the partner I play with.

I love bets. So if you want to place a bet before we start our game just tell me. Anything can be a bet, change photo, be in my/your bio etc. I'm waiting to see you in game and be creative with the bets, I'm always open for new adventures.

Slave of Hong

== Results from ==
95% Switch
94% Exhibitionist
91% Voyeur
91% Experimentalist
75% Submissive
68% Dominant

Active Rules
1) When I have footfetish cumtest I need to roll dice and if I will get 1-3 I have to cum for the next 5 wins (4/5)
2) I loved Ares pussy too much, for the next 5 games, if I've got a cum test in a pussy I need to flip a coin head I cum, tail I test

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check Fantasmes OK : Domination féminine, Domination masculine, Hardcore BDSM, Chasteté, Douleur, Torture de pénis (CBT), Humiliation, Fetishisme des pieds, Chatouilles, Jeux de sperme, Hypnose, Adoration des bites, Latex
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