Dwayne (Level 11) mail warning

Wanna join my harem? Accepting applications~

Name: Dwayne

Age: 32 years old

Height: 6'5

Weight: 245 lbs

Cock Size: !!!


Trans-women are women and are absolutely wonderful partners, please don't let the hetero tag mislead. Feminine gay males are also welcome to message me- shoot your shot!

Literate and creative top who just loves to make you scream in bliss. If you want someone to really make you squirt, look no further. Love to RP in scene along with the choices selected, adding a little flair to the actions. I am also very capable of going much deeper to lengthy para+ RP. Limitless and open to playing off partner kinks. Leave a star will ya?

Now offering Queen of Spades choker or collars for all my freshly converted fuck dolls. Inquire with me.

Just got introduced to Natalie and boy this bad girl is an absolute 💣💣💣. We got so caught up in our first meeting I just couldn't pull out. Listening to that big white ass clap back was bliss. She is just the type of girl you get addicted to. Dressing up like a model in that lingerie. Sending you sweet sexy little selfies all day. Then seeing you after work and dying to get absolutely dicked down all over them damn house. I'm telling you if you haven't had a taste of
Natalie you really missing out. Y'all gonna' catch her in a spade choker. She always on call for daddy so don't be mad if she dips on you, ha! Be sure to give that big white booty a spank for me while you at it tho.

You ever fuck someone and feel like the bar on good sex is just changed forever? Olive did that for me recently. Kind of ruined my whole year. After a few hours with that African princess I'm just not sure any other woman is ever going to live up to my new expectation. The way she screamed, moaned, begged, squirted, screamed and ultimately submitted was all too perfect. Olive the kind of woman that will make you rethink how pussy work. She will make your toes curl in a whole new type of way. That pussy on a pedestal shit? I wasn't about that life for years. After the other night I know who got that GOAT pussy. Gold medal pussy. A+ pussy. The kind of pink a nigga like me can just end up straight fucking addicted to. Dying to get my fix again~ If you get a chance with her think twice. She is going to change your life.

Some fresh ink is still healing around my hip, right above my pelvic bone on my right side. A white lilly, with white ink, the size of a silver dollar, compliments of Day. Don't you dare underestimate that little minx or she will have you screaming her name in no time. Not that I would know~

Completely addicted to Jasmine. Whenever we fuck it is always a completely balls emptying affair. She always make my dick soaking wet with those thick bimbo lips until I beat that asshole wide open and blow her back out. Those huge white ass cheeks always getting clapped whenever we together. No other woman has ever made me cum so hard, so fast, so consistently. My new favorite bimbo fuck doll has my complete attention whenever she is online. If I'm not responding I would check to see if she is around. If so, well, I'm "busy". You can call me addicted and that would be a complete understatement. I would do anything for her and she for me. We are just made for each other, get over it.

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