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I'm Pretty new to this entire thing but I've always enjoyed struggles for domination whether it's physical or sexual.

I like both doming and subbing but find the hottest thing to be whenever two people are both trying to overtake the other.

I happened to come across this game by chance and I'm really excited to see what it's like.

Please forgive me for any mistakes I make while I try to learn about everything here and I look forward to meeting you all.

I've recently started betting on here and honestly it's been a major turn on.

After being on here for a little while I've found out quite a few things about myself.

My favorite types of matches are Classic & Wrestling. Though I do enjoy Hentai as well my preference is for those two.

In classic mode I seem to have about a ~50 win rate.

In wrestling I seem to mostly lose against men and mostly win against women but either way I find the matches incredibly hot.

Oh and by luck I somehow managed to become the Wrestling Champion~

So far I've had 6 matches where adding a rule was the bet and I haven't lost. I guess maybe they make me play better.

Soooo the betting hasn't been going well for me lately.

Current Rules:

After losing a match If I get put in a full nelson, I have to flip a coin! On heads I can resist on tails on I cum for 1/3 games.
After losing a match I have to perform any oral actions that I draw until I succeed in 1/3 oral cum tests.

Completed Rules:

After losing a match whenever I can choose an action to suck I cock I have to select it. 3/3 wins.
After losing a match whenever I'm forced to suck a cock I have to skip my turn. 3/3 wins.
After losing a match I have to skip the turn I end up naked. 3/3
For the next 4 games anytime I get fingered I have to skip my turn. 4/4
After losing a match I was told I needed practice to get better at taking it in the ass. For the next 5 games anytime I get fucked in the ass I have to skip my turn. Currently 5/5
After losing a match any time an oral action is available I have to use it for 3 games. 3/3
After losing a match I have to skip my turn until my desire reaches 20 this lasts until I win a game. 1/1
After losing a match I'm weak to oral sex. Any cum tests which involve oral sex I have to choose to cum. 4/4
After a humiliating loss to Connor I have to let everyone know that he made me his fuck toy until I swallow 6 loads of cum. 6/6
After losing a match anytime I'm forced to suck a cock I have to roll a d6 and edge that number of times. 3/3

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