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I will get around to this properly at some point soon... hmm but as a little placeholder. What to say... 🤷‍♀️ basics of 5’5-6”, 34B. Erm... slim build nice little bum~ I might start wearing a choker in the regular. Don’t read too much into that... I just think they are sexy.
And by might be wearing a choker. I mean I am now wearing a choker.

What else... I suppose I should let people know who haven’t played that if we are in a public match I am going to do my best to win. Stubborn right until the end, using whatever tactic I think is most suitable to get my partner to lose it~
Oh and more importantly... I love to create a story in my matches. So I get a little heavy on the RP, if I’m writing too much and taking too long, just give me a little slap and I’ll speed it up 😂 I’m sure there’s more interesting things to say... love to flirt, love to tease, drop me a message and I’ll get back to you? Nah that’s lame... eh. I’ll fix all this when I’m feeling more inspired. Oh! I love to give little nicknames. Which I have finally added to my bio below... 👋

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The Great Auction

An auction was once held by the Indomitable Donna. During which I came to own 4 lovely ladies... and was perhaps a special prize claimed by Donna herself... she was a fun Queen. 👑
I held a tournament between my girls to decide upon a ranking of sorts, the results of which were as follows.
1st Place. Tigresa
2nd Place. Aranei
3rd Place. Jessica Barton
4th Place. Ciel

*For reference so far...*

Jessica Barton: “Your worshipful Jess whose beauty eclipses the sun and the moon and all the stars above, who makes Helen of Troy look like a lump of wet clay, and whose every whim commands obedience and subservience” ... or so she claims. Not quite sure I believe that one.

Damn Silky: Buttercup. Owes me a new sink... shakes fist and a vibrator... I broke the bed and the silk though... message him for a game, he’s fun 😁
I think we have played 7 times now… he’s winning 5-2. Boy can really fuck…
After the 5th loss he gave me a new redheaded look for the week to remember it by…

DanaTheDominator: Muffin. Or the Subinator! She will kick your ass if you call her either without me there :P

Luna: Beautiful. Beat me in my first title match~ she’s so lovely. Called me Sunshine, which seems to have spread...

AlexTheGreat: ...Papi. He’s teaching me Spanish very poorly. The lessons are fun though... likes to feed me grapes in lobbies. I like grapes.

Dakota: Kitten. First LWR match, I won of course 😌 but she was amazing 😁

Elena: Ellie. Pretty Ellie? Maybe just Ellie depending on the mood.

Ash: CherryBomb. Because she blushes a lot and blows my mind... also ch ch ch ch ch ch ch ch Cherry boooomb!

Jessica: Sweetness. She knows why~

Gale: Another work in progress... Gave him his first true sub experience.

Dylan: ToyBoy Gave me ... the opposite of above...

Paige: American Beauty. We go back back and forth in the mornings~ love her style :P G.

Ciel: My DemonLily. Feisty sexy demon that is way too free with what they say and do...

Tigresa: Gatita. She talks dirty to me in Spanish and calls me Chica. I love it~ 🥰

Aranei: Silvie. The second place finisher in my tournament, and the snapper of chokers~ Basically made hentai mode what it is :P

Dwayne: King. An amazing fuck~ I’m wearing one of his Spades chokers. Queen to be exact. I thoroughly enjoyed showing off what I can do with my slutty side and well... check his side out.

Natasha: Spice. A total babe~ we had a great match, she naturally ended up winning… just! Called her hot stuff throughout, hence. She’s all spicy~
Had another game… she won again. Mmm…
And after the third she gave me a sexy new look…

Dan: Non yet.
Dominated me in a match, seemed to resist everything I had to offer, and whenever he put his hand around my throat… I crumbled into submission.

Cammy: Bunny. Oh my god… always something new around here, totally beat me in a new way, 100-0 just by outfucking me~ A rematch is needed… and probably another after that too!

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