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Open to new challenges

Welcome, I am Natalie... Kinky bi white female, 5'7" tall, long brunette hair. So say some nice curves, long legs, cute firm bum. Working out has certainly helped :) I am a little impartial to a good spanking and nipple play amongst other things 😉 I will tell you I don't like it and it doesn't work for me.

Here looking for sexy, kinky fighter ready and willing take any challenges from females, trans and the odd male if your not going to just run away when I kick your ass 🤭 I like a bit of rough and tumble to my matches, it is perfectly acceptable to grab me by and pull me around as you see fit...but expect the same treatment back 😉

Here for LWR, TWR and trying to learn classic, my game needs work. I am switch depending on my mood. I don't play interactive so please don't ask.

Bets is new to me but something I am happy to participate in (within reason). Use of dice in game to get out of bondage/ hypnotise holds. Please if we have a bet and the rules are decided upon don't go and manipulate said rules after. If this is done the bet is null and void

If you challenge me and make a bet please don't just disappear when I win because you don't want to face the consequences... Seems to happen often, if I win they vanish. It's all fun it's a game 🤭

I do accept IRL bets but this needs to be discussed first... No loser sessions really not for me, tried it and not worked out.

My ID is natty_94#4840

I don't mind random adds on there.. it can be easier to chat..come say hi..

Submitted by

No longer owner, will to be owned for a short time of I lose a bet only.


Seem to have acquired a new pet and he will do as he is told.

Icy Welcome to my new pet icy. She was lucky to beat me in LWR. In the post session she showed her true colours and submitted to be to be humiliated.

Belle after a glorious LWR, she submitted and has kneeled at my feet.

Mac after all the hype we finally got competitive, my thighs and breasts were too much for him and I milked him dry and make him my pet. A week in a collar for him as a forfeit (18/05/22)

Kiko I have adopted Kiko after a very sweet act of generosity on their behalf. I forgive all the curses he has stuck on my matches making me fail every cum test. Here to look after and help enjoy their kinks.


Any bets go both ways, those who want to dish them out but not do them please move on..

Whenever in a hand to hand combat, you will not have to abide by any rules, unless they were given to you by your opponent.

Rey`s Puppy
He wanted a irl bet
How does ruining yourself with a vibrator and drinking up the aftermath sound as your punishment.

Horny gym stud
For losing the first round of a best of 3:
Any time someone fucks my ass, you must roll. If under a 5, you skip that turn

The rule gets cleared after 1 more games

Horny gym stud
Any time someone eats your ass or pussy, you must roll. If under a 5, you skip that turn

The rule gets cleared after more games

Countess Isabella
~~as for you Natalie, since you like vibrators so much, for the next 3/3 games every time a vibe is used on you you don't skip your turn on 5+ ~~

Slash For having no dice luck and being beaten I now have the following rule... you cannot escape bondage except with 6 for (10) games

New pfp as per bet for losing again to [Linlin]( this was their choice so if you like it thank her if not blame her 🤭🤭

*My LWR attire *

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*One outfit for classic *

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my switch personality, who uses my crop on who?


Memorable Matches

Holy Knight Jericho Jordan
My first competitive match on EF was against the current LWR champion...she was far more experienced and she used it to get three intense organs from my beaten body.

She started by making me orgasm all over her fingers as I squirmed and screamed on the mat. This was followed by pinning me down and vining my clit into my second squirting orgasm on the way to victory leaving me quivering in a pool of my own juices as I could nothing but submitted to her superiority.

So had our awaited rematch after I owned his ass and made him wear a pink colour for a week. much trash talk we exchanged before the rematch with a bet of owning the other for a week. Unfortunately he got the luck and was able to make me squirt twice and made me his pet for the week. Roll on round 3 and another Natalie victory.

(0 - 3) I don't know what it is but I seem to be unable to resist her she cock and every time we meet I end up cumming to quickly and being defeated. She knows how to push all the right buttons 🤭 I took Linlin on during a run of loses and she added to them, she was weak too my mouth making her to cum first, even made her cum again but she clung on and her fingers first gave me an intense assgasm before she pinned me down finger fucking me into submission.
finger fucking

I was opened to the audience in a hot gangbang. I wait to get my revenge on her.

We first locked up during a tag match. Her and Trix were able to take the victory. I wanted to get my chance to put Belle in her place after she humiliated me post match. After much trash talk we finally met one on one. In a close and intense match I got her to cum first

She counted quick, using her dildo to make me climax

After that I was able to assert my authority on Bella, wrapping her around my fingers as I was able to make her cum twice as my tongue was too much for her.

Belle was offered up to the audience, she was well used

Hellcat Jewel
She called me out after seeing I had defeated Belle, asked if I wanted a "real" challenge.. took up her offer. I didn't expect her to be soo rough. she tired to break me her superior landing a number of painful blows... despite her assault on her she was the one to cum first as she was pinned over the ropes and fingered into submission. She quickly got me to cum too. Pinned down forced to cum cum

I just about survived and knew I had to end her as quickly as I could. Rolling her up under me ,using the strap..fucking her hard to see if she would cum.. she some more resisted, but my extra energy meant I could test her once more. Holding her down using the wand on her until she submitted. She will make a cute pet addition ❤️

No one warned my how charming he is...Kills you with kindness and then makes you orgasm on demand for him. In what is my longest match due to a pause this was split over two days probably the only reason I was able to walk away victorious. After a very sensual start things ramped up quickly with him over powering me and taking control. My moans quickly increasing, I tested his cum resistance a few times as he wanted to fuck my tight ass into submission. He eventually broke and cum only to turn it around and make me squirt for him. He quickly tried to finish me off but this time he was too quick and I was able to turn the tables on him forcing him to cum.. I leave with a white rose forcing him to cum.

In a busy day of matches it started by taking on Icy in LWR. My bad luck at failing cum tests early continued as I cam and she resisted. In the end she was too strong and made me humiliate myself by squirting all over the mat.

She gets to humiliate

This butt slut turned up kept telling me how she was going to break me and make me her bitch..again my curse of cumming early meant she had me at climax in no time. She rode her luck trying to make me cum early again.. finally able to resist I got her to cum hard cum hard

After he seen my latest rule he thought I would be easy pickings and challenged me. Making use of me having to role if my pussy or ass are licked he was able to make me orgasm first at just a low attempt. Although he tied me up and used me my pussy and mouth proved to be too much as I milked him twice as he surrendered surrendered to me.

Countess Isabella
my first encounter with this half human and half werewhore temptress. She is beautiful and strong, she quickly got the upper hand as she mercifully teased my pussy. The fight god's gifted her with an early finisher, pinning me down and using the vib on my helpless pussy making me squirt uncontrollably.. I was able to redeem myself by making her cum, only for her to get me on all fours and fuck my tight ass into submission
total submission

I will get my revenge next time

Horny gym stud (1 - 2)
He has managed to get the better of me twice out of the three matches. This is the second time I have met up with Gym stud. The first wrestling encounter, it was fiesty and heated from the outset. Given the bets meant the loser would suffer a rule, status and pfp change. Making him cum between my thighs tipped the match in my favour. He pinned and fucked me to orgasm. It was close to the finish, he was able to get a cum test before me and make me cum all over his face.

Our most recent matched ended in him submitting to me as I made him cum with my thighs


After my opponent dropped out Casual offered the opportunity to match up in a classic match which had irl elements. He looked on course to making me orgasm first and he tied me up and fucked me repeatedly. Saved by my oral skills as once my lips were wrapped around his cock he was helpless, filling my throat with his cum. He was quick to put me back in ropes and took full advantage making me quiver and cum over his cock. In a quick fight to who cums next I was able to ride him into submission. Making him lose control as he creampied my pussy


**Narmer 1 - 1
A moment of madness following Sasha's defeat I challenge the orc lord to a battle. The chance to win his axe of be a lose and lose all free will.
The match was rough as expected, thrown to the orcs and removed of my bottoms and panties. I was able to make him cum first. Things intensified as I milked him for a second time. Only for him to return in kind making me squirt surviving on 1 health point I finally broke him to claim victory

He used his ability to restart the match a round 2. offering Sasha's freedom as a reward. This time he didn't hold back as beat me up long before we got around to any sex fighting, draining my energy and health. He took advantage on my rule and fucked up ass multiple times making me skip turns. I was able to milk him twice but it again wasn't enough to defeat my stronger opponent. Instead he was able to fuck me into orgasm
He new I had a weakness for oral and he used it too full advantage as I couldn't stop myself from squirting over his face.

He hung me off the ropes in the corner as he celebrated victory


So a new comer that though he could beat me and give me a rule where I would fail any anal cum test. Should he lose he will skip and pegging action. Although Mark acted all dom as the match flowed back and forth he quickly submitted to me once he was tied up. It wasn't long until he was forced to cum


This seemed to give him the energy to not go down without a fight, forcing me into multiple cum tests that I became helpless to resist as he made me climax over his cock.

It was a tense finish from there with it all very close. As he pinned me down to fuck me I was able to escape enough to lure him to his doom. Letting him fuck me until he filled me with his cum

A fitting end for the loser

**Collector I was approached by the collector to become his next exhibit. Looking at those he has tamed before any match was going to be difficult and this was the case as he did everything to control me. Bending me in half while roughly fucking my pussy, spanking assault on my ass and teasing my pussy with my ripping crop. Before he tied me up and vibbed my sensitive clit until I submitted and be fucked me into orgasm. climax

Only getting relief when I got free on the binds was I able to mount any offence. Showing him how good my mouth can be as I learned him in and made sure his only escape was to fill my mouth with cum.

Igniting the fire in him as he sort to make me submit once more, I was soon looking at myself in the mirror as he fucked me hard. Narrowly resisting and my fight nearly exhausted I trapped him between my breasts. This felt futile but the EF gods shone on me as he got carried away and came all over my chest. I think I got lucky and I expect he will be back to finish the job.



First match back against the gorgeous Asian lady and she was a firery as she looks. Short match with first orgasm wins, she was rough from the bell and kept targeting my pussy to wear me down. Her constant assault was too much as she forced me to climax over her fingers.



**Momo got to take her loser session. Having me beg to be allowed to cum after she used me having me crave my orgasm



It was a duel with an unexpected ending for me! First he tied me up and started playing with my body. Then he put his fat dick in my ass and started fucking me faster and faster. I was lucky to get out and put a cage on his cock. After that I made him cum from my strapon! I thought that I had already broken him, that now he is my obedient pet, but this only angered him. He jumped on me and threw me onto the bed. He fucked me like an animal and I couldn't help it. After I cum for the first time, he tied me up and fucked me with a sex-machine. I did not have a single chance to get out, and I cum second time like an obedient girl. Now I'm waiting for the next match to take revenge or be enslaved to him.




Picked a match with Connie hoping to end a very bad run. I had seen a bit of an earlier match of hers, knowing she was going to be a tough challenge...Once your down you are down and this quickly turned into a schooling for me. She fucked me a number of times as I crumbled to her cock and was made to climax quickly with no resistance.

She was able to survive a higher test than I failed too sealed my chances. By the time I got her to finally cum she was close to breaking me. She fucked me repeatedly to break my fights. I finally caved to her assault as she pounded my ass into submission. Helplessly orgasming as she claimed victory, adding to my losing streak. I look forward to have another chance to beat her.


Rey's Puppy

He asked if I wanted a match, offering a number of bet possibilities, given my recent run my luck had to change. In a close match I was able to make him cum first, letting him cum inside me.
He was quick to capitalise on how horny I was.. drilling me until I squirted.

The tension grew as each tried to work the other into a submissive state. For the second match in a row being fucked Ahegao I had no resistance, orgasming hard to yet another defeat.


Alexander von Schmorn

A member I had spoken to before but never had the chance to play against. Going into the game on the back of 4 straight loses my luck had to change. He lives to his word of not going slow as I was stripped and being fucked over and over. While I struggled to slow him down he stuck me in front of the mirror and pounded my pussy into bliss as I orgasmed hard.

Taking my change to get him to cum as I was still struggling with the aftereffects of my climax I sucked cock hard, draining him of cum. Giving him no rest as I wanted to finish him before he could break me. Riding him into submission as he filled me with his cum. Taking a well needed an highly satisfying victory.



Miss Bethany asked me to join her for a game. She certainly knows what she wants. So much so I was tied up and teased from the beginning. My mind melted that she quickly stripped and teased me while I let her have her way. Until me vibbed my pussy so much I could do nothing my climax


This was enough to make me finally get her naked but the damage was done. Doing my up most to make me cum before I crumbled into a puddle of my own juices, she finally succumbed to the anal onslaught . She could see she had me right where she wanted...leaking and needy.. dragging me into 69 and eating me into a quivering mess as she showed who was stronger.


The submissive side in me...

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