Olive (Level 8) mail warning

NNN Challenge Day 13: I owe 13 edges and 65 spankings.


Hi person reading my profile! 👋🥰 I’m Olive, a 23 year old ebony sweetheart! I love EF! I like being seductive and sweet, lulling my opponents into a false sense of security before draining them. It’s fun to tease you with my ass, and panties, even better when you take them off and pound my weakspot. 😏💋 My favorite mode is classic to get intimate in. I love bets, teasing, foreplay, winning 🏆😍,…. and sometimes losing 💕😖. If you want me to add your name to my list of victories (or my defeats) please message me! 🥰❤️


96% Girl
94% Brat
91% Exhibitionist
91% Voyeur
88% Slave
87% Rope Bunny
85% Degradee
84% Submissive
80% Pet
72% Masochist
71% Switch
70% Non-Monogamist
66% Primal(Prey)
63% Experimentalist
53% Vanilla
25% Dominant
22% Rigger
20% Degrader
14% Mistress
11% Primal(Hunter)
7% Sadist
3% Owner
0% Mommy
0% Brat Tamer

Olive’s No Nut November Challenge

• During November I must refrain from having an orgasm, and complete the challenges below. If I cum anytime this month I fail, must ruin every November orgasm, and must update my status to show which day I failed on. Also for the remainder of the month I must get naked before touching my opponent in each match. (Not counting socks/shoes) For each day I continue to cum I must spend 1 day naked in December with all rules active.

• Everyday in November I must win at least 1 vs player win or 3 bot wins (2 bot losses set my bot wins back to 0), If I fail to win a match I must edge the amount of times based on the day I failed. Also I must add edges for all failed attempts. (Example: Can’t win on Day 7 and lost 3 games => edge 7+3 = 10 times) Edges must owed from one day must be completed within 24 hours of that day ending. If I fail to complete my edges I forfeit the challenge. (I can start before the day ends if I choose to.)

• Everyday a new rule is added to make the challenge harder. I must follow the rule of the current day and each rule of the previous days. (For example on Day 7 I must obey the 7th Day rule and the previous 6 rules.)

Odd # rules are in-game rules
Even # rules are irl rules.
Day 1 Rule:

passed: 0 edges 0 spankings

Each time a masturbation action is available I must roll the dice. If I land on 1 I must choose the masturbation action.

Day 2 Rule:

passed: 0 edges 0 spankings

If I fail to get a win within a day, I must submit to (Day # x 5) ass spankings.

Day 3 Rule:

passed: 0 edges 0 spankings

If I am the first one naked in a match I must skip 1 turn.

Day 4 Rule:

passed 0 edges 0 spankings

If I fail to get a win within a day, I must watch the porn based on the final cum test I failed.

Day 5 Rule:

failed 11 edges 25 spankings

Roll a dice at the beginning of the game. The number I roll is the amount of cum tests I must skip before I can use one.

Day 6 Rule:

passed 0 edges 0 spankings

During an edge I must spank my tits, ass, or pussy. I can not spank the same area twice in a row.

Day 7 Rule

failed 10 edges 35 spankings

My energy cannot dip below 5. Every time it does I must skip 3 turns.

Day 8 Rule

forfeit 8 edges 40 spankings

I must hold the edge for Day # seconds. I also have Day # seconds before my next edge.

Day 9 Rule

forfeit 9 edges 45 spankings

If I’m collared I lose 2 turns.

Day 10 Rule

forfeit 10 edges 50 spankings

On days that I win a match I must still edge for each defeat I took that day.

Day 11 Rule

Skip 1 turn when my Desire stat or my Pleasure stat reaches 100. (Rule resets after an orgasm.)

Day 12 Rule

Must insert butt plug during edges on failed days.

Day 13 Rule

Anytime my opponent resists a cum test I lose a turn.

Day 14 Rule

Must convince 2 people each week to end NNN or I owe 5 more edges everyday the week after.

Day 15 Rule

Each time an opponent chooses to an action targeting my ass (groping, spanking, anal, etc) I lose a turn.

Day 16 Rule

Every IRL orgasm I have must be ruined.

Day 17 Rule

I must roll a dice on each cum test against me. If I roll a 1 I must automatically cum.

Day 18 Rule

Can no longer pass days by winning against bots.

Day 19 Rule
Day 20 Rule

Personal Challenge #1 - Complete!

Because I’ve had such wide gap between my win and losses I decided to make a challenge for myself to motivate me to win more.

Restarted by Rafa

If I reach my next 5 losses before my next 5 wins, I’ll have to strip naked before I can attack my opponent every match for a month.

[(5/5] wins!
[3/5] losses

Weaknesses and Special Rules: 0!

I take RP and IRL bets!

November Games/Record


Yugo is a cute rookie who thought he could show me my place and make NNN all the more difficult. I was delighted to show him who was really in charge… but when the match started he had me stripped completely naked almost immediately! 😖 I spent the first half of the game tied up helpless as he toyed with my soaked pussy, and taunting me, trying to make me call him daddy (I almost did!) as I quickly felt an orgasm approach. 🥵💕 However, once he stuck his cock inside my tight little pussy the tide shifted… I had him cumming and exhausted within seconds! 😈❤️ Pressing my advantage I tied him up and gave him a taste of his own medicine. He fucked me good making me cum hard on his cock right before I could 2-0 him. Afterwards I sucked him off and denied him a chance at my tight pussy as he came in my mouth again!

October Games/Record


Ending October 2021 on a high note by playing, and easily beating Kevin. The first to fail the Olive Challenge! It’s gonna be a long month of stripping naked for Kevin… and a great month for all his opponents!


King found me getting fucked by a bot and thought I’d be easy prey for him, but soon he realized he bit off more than he could chew! It wasn’t long before I had him spurting his cum all over me with a quickshot. 😂💕 He tried his best to make comeback… but in the end he couldn’t help, but cum on my back… 😜❤️


A hot stud who wanted to play, we had great chemis And the match was close, but ultimately I prevailed!


I got in the ring with steev after a long haitus. I thought my training had helped me improved, but Steev was auick to strip me completely naked. He wrestled me to exhaustion and made me tap out, begging for mercy. 😖 Afterwards he fingered me, and fucked me till I came hard on his cock. After that he made msuck my “loser cum” off his cock, before lifting me up, displaying me to the audience, and began anal fucking me into ahaego in a full nelson. 😫💕 I lost by squirting onto the audience…


Dwayne messaged me offering a ride on that Big Black Cock of his. I was super excited and a little nervous to take on such a bigger guy, but I couldn’t resist! 🙈💕 So big and strong, he stripped me easily with just a few motions. He was so dominant and commanding it made my heart beat fast! His boxers were straining trying to contain all twelve inches of that monster cock, and instinctively started sucking his hard dick once I got them off.🥵❤️ I spent so much of the match with my head down, and my ass up grinding and twerking against his cock before he finally skewered my little pussy. 😫💕 I could only scream and moan as he stretched out my kitten. I bit the pillow and clawed at the sheets as my pussy creamed all over his cock. It wasn’t long before he started fucking me and I couldn’t resist cumming hard on a low test. 😖💕 Lucky for me Dwayne was in love with stretching and fucking my drenched little snatch. He fucked me to tears as I screamed and whimpered on his cock, before filling my pussy twice, emptying all the cum out of those heavy balls. In the end I won, but I was completely dominated the entire match. It was amazing. 🥰💕


I found Dan in matchmaking looking to dominate some brats. He claimed he’d always wanted to face a dark skin beauty, and I decided to give him a match he’ll never forget! Dan’s passion made me soaked🤤💕 I quickly found his weakness. Sitting on his face, making him weak and submissive while he lapped up my wet pussy sent shivers up my spine. Seeing the tent he pitched in his boxers, and the pre cum building made me lose it! I couldn’t stop sucking his huge cock! 😍 After riding his cock he erupted spewing ropes of hot cum into the air, and decided to surrender after a powerful irl orgasm too! 😋


Challenged Wefa after he messaged me for a game. We initially agreed to make a bet for the loser. After a really close game Wefa ended up winning making me cum from anal, my biggest weakness! 😖💕 The real fun started after he told me the bet… long story short it made me masturbate everytime there were nipples on the action, one stroke per nipple per second for 30 seconds. 😱🥵💕

He immediately challenged me again to test his new rule which I agreed if we could go double or nothing on the bet. 😖 the rematch was insanely close, and I won after desperately trying to finish him with my ass! IRL my sheets were soaked from all the edging… 😅🙈


I challenged Grey after finally finding him in matchmaking. At first I thought I had real chance at beating him, stroking him with my feet, and teasing him till he burst… but Grey was too dominant! 😖💕 He exposed all of my weaknesses easily, and when he came he did on his terms filling my pussy full of his hot cum ❤️🥵❤️ By the end I was gasping and cumming all over his lap while his cock destroyed my pussy from below. In the end I ended up getting pressed to the bed and my pussy filled with his potent seed 💕😵‍💫💕


I challenged Ruckus in a classic match and had a lovely time! 🥰 We made a wager, if He won I would submit to one option of my opponents choosing for the next 3 matches, and if I won Ruckus would have to take my personal challenge…
It was quite the fight not to submit. Ruckus was intent on stripping me naked, letting me know I didn’t deserve to wear clothes, that I was meant to present my nude self for everyone’s eyes to see 🙈💕 Even though his hard cock was pounding me silly I was able to hold on, and I earned to hot yummy loads of sticky cum in my wet pussy ❤️🥰❤️. After making him cum a second time I followed suit almost immediately and we basked in each other’s after glow. Good luck on your challenge Ruckus! 😘

Ben Bravo

After having Ben in my sights for a while I finally had my chance at him when he challenged me to a public classic match. 😁I had seen the reputation he had built and what he does to chicks after his victories😖💕… but still I was determined to be the outlier! Before the match he made it entirely clear he wanted me to lose my challenge, how great it would be to have me naked and exposed before every match…🙈 It really made things difficult and he was relentless! Pounding me hard from above he had me pinned down and I couldn’t help but be the first to cum!😵‍💫 I was able to make up the difference by giving him a cheeky footjob and making him spurt all over my toes. However, he managed to bend me over and stuck his fat cock in my ass, my biggest weakness! 😩 It wasn’t long before I was squirting my surrender for all to see! After his victory he continued to pound my quivering pussy. Arms tied with my bra, and gagged with my panties he made me cum 2 more times on his cock before filling my pussy with his hot sticky cum, and spreading my legs displaying me for the audience and their cameras. 💕😖💕


I was one win away from completing my challenge… until Rafa challenged me. After 5 wins long streak I was ready to complete my challenge…😖 but I wasn’t expecting to struggle so much against Rafa. After a long match struggling to control my orgasms I tried to desperately tame him with my ass💕🥵 Instead he turned the tables on me and my plan backfired! After pounding my weakspot mercilessly he ruined my squirting orgasm, taunting me as he ended my winning streak and reset my personal challenge… 😖

Victories: 15😁
Defeats: 19😖
Alex (0-1)

Pounded me silly and made me “Alex’s Slut Olive” for a week! 😖💕

Ben Bravo (0-1)

Cocky and full of puns! Don’t underestimate him! 😅💕

Bryce (0-1)

I teased him too much and he pounded me silly in return. Then he made me slurp up my juices! 😖🙈💕

Cervantes (1-1)

Both a champion, and footboy 💕😅

Dan (1-0)

High energy obedient lover. If you face him make him submit to your pussy, then he’ll melt for you! 😋💕

Detective Darkice (0-1)

Mercilessly made me cum myself silly while bound and hypnotized.

Dickmaster (1-0)

He was mastered instead! 😏💕

Dwayne (1-0)

Resident BBC of EF. Totally stretched me out and had me creaming on his cock! In the end he couldn’t resist filling me up! 🥵💕

Ego S.Q.S (0-1)

Drilled my ass with his huge cock making me squirt helplessly.

Eion (1-0)

Has an absolutely adorable subby side! 🥰

Eja (1-0)

An easy win!

Ethan (1-0)

Cutie who talked big, but couldn’t resist blowing on my toes!

Hunter (1-0)

A close match, but I prevailed!

Jack (1-0)

Fun toy to tame with my jiggly booty 🥰

Kerim (2-0)

Loves to lose to me I guess! That or just unlucky 😉❤️

Kevin (3-0)

My favorite toy 😍

King (1-0)

He fell from his throne 😏💕

LightNH20 (0-1)

Olive vs LightNH20
Pounded the cum out of my pussy before letting the crowd bang me even more 🙈.

LuckyShot (0-1)

I was super horny and threw the match like a greedy slut. 🥵💕


Pounded my ass and really made me extra addicted to spanking, taking off my panties, and Anal.

Slutty Girl (Jeanne) (0-1)

Got Revenge over being turned innocent by exposing my love for anal.💕😖💕

Rafa (0-1)

Showed me my place as I got overconfident when I almost completed my challenge. He restarted it too! 😖

Rexxx (0-2)

Really cocky fighter that can absolutely back it up. I try my hardest but end up cumming so easily around him, and he just laughs. 😖🙈💕

Ruckus (1-0)

Seems cocky, but is a real softie once you learn his weaknesses 😍

Steev (0-1)

Outwresltled and outfucked me in the ring. 😖


Rough and Dominant at first, but once he’s tired you can milk him 😋💕

The destroyer (0-2)

My king who’s absolutely dominated me twice in wrestling. 🙈💗

Wefa (1-1)

Be careful making a bet with this guy! 😅💕

Winston (0-1)

responsible for my most devastating and humiliating wrestling loss. I tapped out, I squirted, and I lost. 🙈💕

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