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Crossgendering story-telling RP character. Resident of the Shadow Manor

Hello, I'm Maëlya, a sweet musician half-kitsune. Nice to meet you.

Introduction :

Born 32 years ago in the heart of a flaming forest, Maëlya is the half-breed daughter of a kitsune. She was raised by a human named Logh that found her in half-burnt swaddling clothes, next to a golden lyre, at the bottom of a chest in the middle of the ashes of an arboreal village. Apparently a group of humans came here, but there was definitly something else. No torches could have done such a devastation.
She remained 22 years living with Logh, learning what she could about the world, discovering her innate talent for music and dance. She soon realized that she was able to influence body and soul the people who heard her play. This time also allowed her to control the flames that could emanate from her, after a few accidents which left traces in Logh's home. But in the end her new father ended sick, and the years came after him, death claiming her rights over. As a last request, Logh asked Maëlya to leave, to enjoy the world and find people she can trust to spend her life with.
So she made the promess, and during the night, she paid him a final tribute through a final recital, her silhouette twirling in the light emitted by the burning house, with the moon, the stars and a few curious animals as only witnesses of her grief.
After leaving the smoking ruins of the house, aiming to discover the world in more detail and asking herself questions about her origins, she followed Logh's advice, and for some years surveyed the countries that presented to her, but always faced rejection, fear and greed, before arriving on the outskirts of Erocity. The cosmopolitan aspect taken to the extreme immediately gave her a feeling of acceptance, despite her disgust and incomprehension of the sexual frenzy that surrounded her.
She met some funny creatures there, and as she passed some sort of inn called The Beach House, she saw another boy rushing out, who looked strangely like her with those fluffy ears. But the long bushy tail he sported made her wonder, being completely devoid of it. Curious, she then took a room with the innkeeper who was massaging his tailbone while getting up, and decided to conduct her investigation.
After a few month, having nothing to keep paying her room at the inn, she accepted an invitation to meet Aëlya. Getting to know her better, she decided to accept her offer to live in her mansion, providing only musical entertainement in exchange. And Aëlya promised her to help in her inquiry.

Appearance :

Standing about 1m70, she has a slim figure covered with a slightly tanned skin. Her long red hair with orange highlights cascades in long wide curls down to her lower back, framing a soft face with light red eyes with black almond pupils. She has fluffy red ears on top of her head, moving according to her emotions.
Usually she wears a red short dress and black stockings with golden edges, but likes also to wear a black yukata with flower patern. She never goes somewhere without her lyre.


Maëlya Yukata

Skills (may evolve along the games) :

- She has quick reflexes, and an improved earing.
- Her music can influence the spirit and body of the people hearing it.
- People can be mezmerized when she dances.
- She can create fire, either to defend herself or allow her to fly with fire wings.

About the game :

Maëlya is a virgin, pretty shy and completely ignorant in all sex matter. She can be qualified as a bisexual switch (as she doesn't know herself in those matters), with a curious, cheerful and calm character, she likes to share her passion for music.
You'll have first to convince her that this kind of activities are normal and fun.
Anyways, all of those wonderfull people are welcome, whether they are guys, girls, trangenders, strange creatures...
Plays in Classic or Hentai only, with role-play.

- Limits and turn-off : > Pain (more than spanks) on myself, and hard pain on others.
> Bathroom play.
> Harsh humiliation.
> Chocking.
> Medical stuff makes me unconfortable.
> Mommy/Daddy's play.
> Anything related to dolls, clowns and spiders.

Once again, don't forget that it's a crossgendering character, but feel free to drop a note at the manor, I'll make sure to answer if you make your point clearly and with creativity.

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