Jens (Emily's Plaything) (Level 7) mail warning

Looking for some fun... open for bets, dares, games...

Open for rp, IRL, bets, challenges, dares, card- and or dice games and so on.

Tease/denial, edging, orgasmcontrol, feet/socks, tasks, instructions

Cei, cbt blood and the like

Profile changes and or added rules or such are welcome additions with bets

Feel free to dm or message ingame.

Rules added from Shy-girl (

Had two very good games with a win for me first an a offered two rules for the winner rematch.

1.) Done
Until the next ten wins I have to edge for every cumtest i take (10/10)
Added dice throw for edecount.

2.) Done
Everytime I have the chance to lick a pussy I am to choose that option until I win 5 games and (Shy-girls words) lick it good (5/5)

Atm owned by Kate (Malleables good girl) and or Kates good girl aka Malleable by getting too cocky with gambling convoluted story...

Must edge every time I get to fuck someone (optional in games not with Kate)

Well lets see how this goes^^

Since I'm a gambling idiot there is more:

Emily got me good in round two...

First rule:
From now until you win 5 matches in a row, whenever you or opponent uses an action involving feet, you have to take the option if it's your action. If it's their action, you have to skip a turn in response. (4/5)

1 Edge/Feet action 10 games (6/10)

Second rule:
Whenever your opponent calls you a good boy, you will edge for them. This is in effect until you win 10 matches. (4/10)

Third rule: Done
Whenever your energy is below 4, you have to roll a dice. If you get a 3 or below you have to skip your turn. If you get a 4 or above you can continue as normal. This is in effect until you win 3 games.(3/3)

Or until somebody has mercy on you and uses a rule bet to replace it with something else. ;)

Fourth rule: Done
For the first 20 turns of your next 5 matches you aren't allowed to undress your opponent and you have to undress yourself whenever you have the opportunity. (5/5)

And your final rule:
For 10 games at the start of each match you have to ask if your opponent is interested in a bet and when they make an offer for one rule for the loser, you must ask them if they want to play for two. (6/10)

They don't have to be 10 in a row. So feel free to space them out to give yourself a fighting chance. ;)

You also don't have to win the games, of course, for it to count towards you asking

Hoping for some fun! Scratch that... Having fun!!!

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