Jens (Level 13) mail warning

looking for some tease and denial at your mercy

In matchmaking for Femdom with Caprice...

Hetero / Switch

Open for rp, IRL, bets, challenges, dares, card- and or dice games and so on.

Active rules:


Optional irl rules (leftover rules I keep around just for fun)
So you might want to tell me if you want them activated

  1. I will edge whenever my opponent calls me a good boy,
  2. 1 edge for an action of your choice,
  3. 1 Edge/Feet action,
  4. 1 edge one time for every handjob I get,
  5. Audience participation if you can think of something?

Scroll down to see if you want to tease and deny the hell out of me ;)

What else is there to tell?

I'm as written above open for much so if you've got something in mind, chances that I won't at least try are small.

Also I'm a gambling idiot so should you be interested in bets or games and so on (depending on the outcome) just let it out...

Quick games with not much else are not necessarily preferred but are fine as well

I'm not much of a textmoaner...

irl? Yes please...

Tease/denial, edging, orgasmcontrol, feet/socks, tasks, instructions

Cei, cbt blood and the like

Profile changes and or added rules or such are welcome additions with bets

And please do let me know if you want to tease and deny the hell out of me ;)

Lovense Solace

Tribute where tribute is due:

In a game against the marvelous swedish girl


I was not only beaten properly after failing to make her cum the 2nd time, she also treated me that well, she not only took toot the time to look over my profile - Emelie23 used it well too.

Honestly I first thought I was dooming myself because of the bet I suggested (looser had to throw a dice 6 to get as many rules irl and/or ingame) but I probably knew I was at least in trouble if not done for when she took her socks off…

In addition to this small tribute in text-form I'm also not allowed to use anal-actions for the next five games (done), I am too obliged to write her personally, telling her how well she now not only owns me but my cock too (should be fun)….

Esther made me think I had her on her knees only for me to end up as her plaything.

Old rules:

Reyes has commanded me to skip my turn after you took a seat on my face because it distracts me too much anyway for 7 games or 4 wins in a row (7/7), (3/4)

Thanks to a nice "subbing-excurse" midgame with Emelie23 I'm

"Not allowed to choose pin for 5 games"(5/5)**

but at least I get to be her new favorite *posing proudly to be at her service for now^^

"for 5 games, when you've a cum test, flip coin : heads = test ; tail = cum" (5/5)

Thanks to a little gambling with Rachel I owe her
1. 30 edges (30/30) one game fdc with DM Succubus
1. 5 edges while rubbing with two fingers only (5/5)
1. And for the next 10 public games I have to obey the commands of Rachel, Jennadilla~ and Jess should they join the audience. (10/10)

27.12.23 - 07.01.2024
The marvelous Pia graced me with her presence and had me edge 10 times for every woman joining the audience, doubled for the next. After the first 70 edges there were already 1200 new edges accumulated so she forbade me to edge without premission for the game we played and kept me enterteined until she denied me.

Now I owe her 1300 edges befor I may cum again (1200 for joined woman and 100 as penalty cause I edged once without permission). See progress below...

I just quote Alice Rose:

"Anytime you skip a turn because of hypno or bondage you have to edge. Until you win 5 games"
(Bondage/Hypno-rules: 5/6 frees, 3 turns) (5/5)

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