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Heyyy There

I am Ei

About Me:

Queen Sara made me her dumb cow❤️ showing me im a failed domme and marking my body~ she puts into sub sub space and i camt resist her❤️ she can use me Nd whore me out to who ever zhe wants to aaaaa.Queen Sara❤️❤️❤️

I am Mistress Diannes sluttly little sextoy ❤️I belong to her ♥️~ i couldn't help but submit to her dominant girl cock~ offer up my weak horny pussy to her, letting her claim my womb~ i begged so much for her to break , begged for her to train me~ aah 😫 dripping away my dominance with each edge ~ i couldn't resist her i couldnt hold onto domne ~ it all leaked away aaahh I am Mistress Dianne's broken little Sextoy😫❤️

Mistress Dianne ruined me as a Domme~ as mocked and humilited me keep me at her feet and marking my body ~ with piercings~ first piercing my nipples and claiming them~ then taking my clit ~ i couldnt help but moan and submit~ as she ruined my domme ahhh ~making s pierced horny submissive slut for her😫😫😫😫❤️
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Sara pierced my tongue ~ aaah making me a submissive cowslut for her aaah❤️😫❤️Aghe

I am Alexis Breeding Slave😫❤️❤️

Ahigette s fuck toy❤️❤️❤️😫

I have a colder more stern personality
I wont show weakness so easily
Very confident in my body s abilities to dominate others
There is a softer side to me, but it's not for display
The side of me when i am turned on is really.. We wont talk about that
Very competitive spirit enjoy the rush, the thrill of being pushed to a desprate situation, gets me excited
(cough... I have said to much)

After having to endure ~ numerous edges~ i have become abit more open and expressive to the pleasure i feel~ and.... Have a craving for more..

Red mystery girl , makes me into a horny free use slut every time we meet in public rooms, , teasing my mind , and giving away weaknesses to the guys that join , keeping me horny and needy for cock after cock ~aaaahhh

Its getting really hard to keep myself from submitting lately, from being controlled... and used... i need to ~ resist... abit more~.

Feel free to have a chat with me in dms
Il take on bets, my profile can be written on
You may punish me for being acting the wsy i do with rules, or humilting profile changes, irl if it tastful
I Do hypnosis and bondage rules
I am into pain, degrade, hypnosis and bondage, humiliation
Domination and domination loss
Open to more, just let me know your idea of s good time

Im going to dominate you and then make you my slave to be pleasured for all eternity

Memorable matches

I was a silly little girl challenging Steev to a match of dominance, thinkng i could make my little toy and obey me as his Mistress~ only for my best efforts to be easily brushed aside, as he humiliated me and broke me ,teaching me my place a submissive toy for him ~ while making orgasm irl i was dominated in everyway ,aaaaah im a silly little sextoy for him now

I made a very punishing bet with Zack Himilton and lost to after he completely broke my mind in the match constantly putting me under hypnosis and allowing to escape, my mind was completely at his mercy ~ followed by him restraining and making watch myseld cum in the mirror ~ it was really humiliating and i have now been collard by him and made into Zack's Pet♥️

I am only allowed to cum after taking 20 creampies (20/20)
Kuro ~ has plug my slutty pussy to keep from leaking out cum ~ for all 20 creampies

wc Is bi
autorenew Is a switch
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