Smite (Level 8) mail warning

Real life getting busy. May be unavailable most times.

Note: Due to some real life situations (aren't they the best?) I may not be able to have a proper game for a while. I may come back here and there for the odd match but won't be as consistent as I have been recently.


The name's Smite, and I'm here for a good time. I like a bit (or a lot) of RP and dirty talk during the match, and I'm open try new things. I'm a switch, leaning towards dom. But if someone can best me I can play the sub of your desires.

Don't be afraid to tell me how rough you want me to be during the match. I'm happy to dish out some tough punishment or gently make you melt in my hands if you'd prefer a softer approach. If you have a specific scenario in mind I'm begging you to tell me, some of the most fun I have is writing around other people's scenarios, I enjoy it a lot as long as you can back it up as well.

1x Hentai Champion

I challenged Mia to a classic match and despite starting off cocky she ended up caving to my skills and had a lovely night with yours truly.

Poc put up a tough fight as a member of the police force, but after a long hard battle, I taught her the true meaning behind "Fuck the Police" including a night that involved plenty of toys and fun.

I & Mi (IMI) were a duo who thought going two on one against me could give them a chance of winning, but instead I just had two more toys to break. Despite initial difficulty at the start I had them both bound, hypnotised, and cumming before I even came once. I had them bound and dragged away while I wait to play with them again. They may not show it but they enjoy it really rough.

Karoline was stuck in bondage from losing a bet in the last game, and being the gentleman that I am, I took advantage and used her in every way she secretly desired. Writing all the slutty names she came up for herself onto her body and breeding her against the wall. Probably was gonna happen anyway but it certainly did make it fun.

I challenged Lami to a wrestling match to see how this catgirl would fare in the ring. She started off cocky and had the skills to back it up with some strong holds. But as I took control it only got easier from there as she melted under me. I after a round of using her and sharing her with the crowd she came twice before I even finished once. After I had my fill I shared the spoils of the hunt to the crowd and they took much pleasure in playing with the trophy.
This lead to an almost immediate rematch where she wanted to redeem herself. She put up a tough fight as we were both forced to fight dirty throughout. It ended with a battle of endurance between the two of us as I fucked her against the ropes. There I took my second victory over her, but we spent a long time in that ring afterwards.
She's made me her arch nemesis, which I took wholeheartedly, if it meant I could play with my pet some more~ (2-0).


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