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I started as a sub and it's pretty much stayed that way. Dommed somewhat in the past points to the Nut Harvester badge However, I cannot call myself a dom that's for sure giggles maybe 99 percent sub 1 percent dom. All my toys are listed accordingly only thing is there is no option for gloves which I have plenty of. If you read my profile I am sure you can see a theme with gloves haha. Here is a Song to describe me.

The only Mistress I will ever need

Mistress Vanessa

The song that reminds me of you

How we Met

One day I was scrolling through EF public games not really knowing if I wanted to come back to the site after being gone for over two years. I saw something I had not seen before a truth or dare lobby. I watched and still wasn't sure about joining then decided why not what harm could it do. Little did I know that decision of joining the truth or dare would have me meet the loveliest girl ever. When I think about everything that had to go right for us to build this connection, we have now it makes me feel all warm inside. On the last roll of the game the dice landed on me after being shook by Misses hands. I said dare not knowing where it would go, and I don't regret where it took me for a second. What was supposed to be just a couple of simple tasks has become something special.

The Dare

As I mentioned I chose to be dared instead of truth which I will never regret. The Dare was that over 7 days I would receive 7 different task. After the first task I could tell that this was someone who truly cared about me. She easily spent hours on that task all that effort just for me put me into a state of disbelief I would find someone as caring as her. It has quickly turned into so much more than a simple dare a true relationship and bond has been formed.

The Past Couple Months 💚 💙

Since then, I have become her sub who tries to be best I can possibly be, and she has become the most loving Mistress I have ever seen. She helps me relax after long days by giving me a nice massage. One night I came to her very stressed out and she helped cuddle me to sleep forgetting about the troubles I had faced during the day. I did not only find a Mistress that day I found a friend. Someone I can voice my problems to that will help make them all float away. I love that when I am with her it is not all about pleasure, she wants to make sure I am feeling okay. For me that is the most important thing I found someone who cares about me at an emotional level. I know that it is okay to be vulnerable around her, to cry in her arms. If she can be there for me she always will be. Regardless of what she may be doing, she always managed to find time for me. It feels so good to have such a caring and loving personal in my life. I feel that she wants me in her life and I know that I want her in mine. I lovies you so much Miss Vanessa you will never be able to know how much of a positive impact you have had on my life!

I feel that I am always safe when I am around her. If darkness begins to surround me she is my light. My heart beats differently when she is around 💙. I enjoy any time that we spend together regardless of what we are doing. To be doing it with you makes me have the brightest smile on my face. My life was black and white before I met Vanessa and she was the painter who brought color into my life and pulled me out of the sadness.

My Yuri Queen💙 💚

I have grown to love Yuri because of her and one thing I always look forward to is being able to watch different Yuri's with her. It has quickly became my favorite thing to do especially because I get to spend time with someone I love. We spent many nights together cuddling sharing laughs, tears, just a rollercoaster of emotions. I wish that I did a better job of not picking such sad ones that make me and her cry our eyes out but at least we are able to cry together. Which is why I have temporarily given up choosing the Yuri's we watch and leaving it all to Miss Vanessa.

Strawberry panic


My Old Matches

Hailey has constantly turned me into her slut I try to dom her but always fail. Especially when she acts like my nurse I melt even if I’m supposed to be the dom when the session starts.

I met Zia on the Wrestling Mat and she was no match for me making her cum twice with no orgasm for myself. She then submitted to me and I brought her into an interactive game and teased her till she was begging for release. Later on in the week she came in dressed up as a doctor and was able to make me easily submit to her. She said it was strictly medical and she was just testing all of my holes but something tells me she wasn't a real doctor.

Freya challenged me to a game to see who would cum first I started of strong making her cum first. Then she put on a pair of gloves and melted my mind causing me to cum twice. Upon coming back to my senses I noticed that she put a collar around my neck with the text "Freya's personal nurse".

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You tell him how to stroke his cock! Glove JOI They should feel like they are being touched by somebody else. So they should put on gloves. Put on Gloves You slide a pair of gloves on your hands and get them nice and wet with her juices. Soon after, you start fingering her hard trying to bring her over the edge. Finger her with gloves (Special) You tell them to put on their favorite pair of gloves. Put on gloves Dressed like a sexy nurse you stroke his cock with your gloved hands! Nurse handjob You tease the tip of his dick while stroking his shaft. Lick the tip while stroking Finger her with gloves (Special)