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I started as a sub but now I've turned more into a switch now enjoying both doming and subbing. If you'd love to be my dom or be dommed by me maybe I will find you in matchmaking. Maybe you will find me. But please don’t message me.

Octa was the first person I ever played here and it was a complete accident it happened in the first place. But you know what they say some of the most beautiful things in this world are accidents. The relationship that me and Octa have formed through this site is amazing and I’m so glad that they day happened. ❤️ You Octa

Hailey has constantly turned me into her slut I try to dom her but always fail. Especially when she acts like my nurse I melt even if I’m supposed to be the dom when the session starts.

I met Zia on the Wrestling Mat and she was no match for me making her cum twice with no orgasm for myself. She then submitted to me and I brought her into an interactive game and teased her till she was begging for release. Later on in the week she came in dressed up as a doctor and was able to make me easily submit to her. She said it was strictly medical and she was just testing all of my holes but something tells me she wasn't a real doctor.

Freya challenged me to a game to see who would cum first I started of strong making her cum first. Then she put on a pair of gloves and melted my mind causing me to cum twice. Upon coming back to my senses I noticed that she put a collar around my neck with the text "Freya's personal nurse".

I noticed Raven was new and thought I could have some fun. I had even more fun then I thought I would we ended up having a second game because the one wasn’t enough and placed a bet that would give her a collar if I won. It was very close but now she wears a collar that says “makes sweet music to Bella’s ears”.

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You tell him how to stroke his cock! Glove JOI You tease the tip of his dick while stroking his shaft. Lick the tip while stroking Dressed like a sexy nurse you stroke his cock with your gloved hands! Nurse handjob They should feel like they are being touched by somebody else. So they should put on gloves. Put on Gloves You slide a pair of gloves on your hands and get them nice and wet with her juices. Soon after, you start fingering her hard trying to bring her over the edge. Finger her with gloves (Special) You tell them to put on their favorite pair of gloves. Put on gloves Finger her with gloves (Special)