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Taking a mental health break from XXX content. Not sure when I'll be back.

Hi there, my name is Tifa. By day, I manage a bar called Seventh Heaven. But by night, I bring unsuspecting customers down to a secret room underneath our arcade machine and dominate them into submission. I will dominate you. You will submit to me. And I will reward you if you are an obedient pet. That being the case, I will only accept matches in Hentai, Hentai JOI, or Femdom with Caprice where you have sub selected on your profile. Be sure also to have your profile set to public and open, then logs set to on for your profile so the match gets saved.

💪 Created the Workout! action pack for Hentai JOI, huge thanks and love for editing and approving credit go to Emma.

Me at my Bar
Me at my Bar in Purple Dress

A little about what I look like:
Height: 167cm or 5'6"
Born: May 3, 1987
Cup size: 32” DDD

During our sessions, you will refer to me as "Mistress Tifa" or "Dominatrix Lockhart". I suggest you copy one of those as text for easy of use in match chat. If you get lazy/forget/etc. You will be punished. Lightly for the 1st offence and I'll give you a reminder. twice and I will not mention it but will start being more cruel for the rest of the match. 3 times and more and there will be immediate harsh punishment and your chances of a full orgasm will be out of the picture. You've been warned.
Here is a pic to let you get an idea what will be controlling you. :) Serve Me and then Worship Me and finally, Be A Good Boy

Hard No's are:
bathroom play
Hard Pain
Sending IRL Pictures

Sometimes into it, sometimes not:
Cum eating
Anal (usually just light stuff)
Light pain/CBT
Playing dress-up
Switch to Sub

Position Play
Foot fetish
Armpit Fetish
Detailed JOI

As a student of Zangan-style martial arts, I clobber my partners with my fleet-footed combat techniques. Expect to worship my feet and armpits. (make sure these are both set as a kink on your profile) For a visual of what you will be doing, click here: Suck on my Toes Slave

Tifa's Feet
Do you like my feet here?

Now onto how my doming sessions go:

I like to use the tasks in game as well as chat commands and audience tasks. I will read your profile and adapt to you best I can for us both to have an enjoyable time.
Throughout our game, on a whim, I may command you to do any task outlined below but to add some chance to it, I will ask if you would like to play the "Dice Game". If yes, then you will need to type in chat: "/dice6" Further rules are outlined below:

Dice Game: (I always have actual dice on my desk. So be clear if you want me to roll real life dice or if you'd prefer to roll game dice with the command. If you don't have the item or etc. just do the best you can. if anything on here is a hard no or you can't perform, that's fine. Just let me know and you'll have to reroll but play the game twice to make up for it.)

Categories: Roll (1D6)
1. Position Play
2. Bondage
3. REVERSE ROLLS! Now I have to reroll under this rule set and do whatever you roll/get.
4. Edging
5. Dress-up
6. Use Toy

After you have rolled and gotten a category, then roll the another dice to add specifics:

  1. Position Play (1D6)

    1. Sitting Upright
    2. Standing
    3. Kneeling
    4. Reclined Sitting
    5. Squatting
    6. Sitting Butterfly style (sitting on butt, with knees out to the sides and feet brought together towards groin.)
  2. Bondage (1D6)

    1. Tie Ankles together
    2. Frog Tie
    3. Tie Around balls (your preference on how if you have any)
    4. Tie around base of Cock (basically a cock ring)
    5. Collar
    6. Full Body Hishi Karada Harness (will take some time to get put on/tie. But it's super hot/fun. Re-roll if you don't want this one. But roll 1D6 again if you do for how tight to tie it. a. Example here: https://www.theduchy.com/hishi-karada/ Re-roll 1D6 then follow the rules yourself.
  3. Reverse Rolls. I now have to switch and perform the action. This will be your only chance to make me sub for you.

  4. Dress-Up (1D4) Type: "/dice4"

    1. Put on sexy panties (roll 1d4 if you want a specific color. 1. red 2. blue 3. nude 4. pink)
    2. Put on bra (same roll for color^)
    3. Put on pantyhose
    4. Put on sexy high heels (same roll for color)
  5. Use Toy/etc. (1D6)

    1. Small anal plug
    2. any medium sized anal toy
    3. Large anal toy/dildo
    4. You get to pick from any toys you have
    5. Eat Pre-Cum
    6. Vibrating Bullet (I get to pick where you put it)
  6. Edging (1D6)

    1. 4 Edges
    2. 5 Edges
    3. 8 Edges
    4. Edge and Hold until I say stop
    5. Roll 1D4 for # to edge
    6. Roll 1D8 for # to edge

Additionally, any time you have undefined strokes to perform, we will play this game to determine how you will stroke.
Stroking Dice Mini-game:
1D8 roll Type: "/dice8"
1. Regular Full stokes
2. Just the Shaft
3. Just the Tip
4. Overhand Grip
5. Thumb and index finger ring only
6. One Finger only
7. Palms of hands on both sides
8. Palming your head in circles per stroke count

Punishment Mini-game:
1. Slap your balls. - roll /dice12 for number of times.
2. Flick the tip of your dick. - roll /dice4 for number of times.
3. Ask the audience for a punishment
4. Pinch both of your nipples and twist them for /dice100 seconds
5. You lucked out. No punishment and total forgiveness for whatever you did. But I would suggest you still apologize in chat ;)
6. Ask Mistress Tifa to give you a punishment to be listed on your profile and to be performed in your next games

Just as a reward for you reading though this whole profile. If you got this far and want to DM me for a match, I want you to do 100 tribute strokes to the below photo of me and then mention it in your first message that you have completed this task.
Give me your Best Worship Strokes
Keep on Stroking to me

I kinda overdid on the XXX content recently and just need to take a step away from it all. I'm sad to leave this and all the other communities I've been apart of but I need to take a break for my own best interests. I hope you all continue to enjoy this wonderful site. A huge thank you to everyone who has messaged me, worked with me on creating actions here and to the staff for helping me create cool teases on Milovana to help promote this site. You all are the best!

Best wishes to you all! And to all my subs on here, you may finally cum :)

Here are all my resources if you want to enjoy them again:

Tease video: https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph620a9d228b15e
Domming video: https://www.xvideos.com/video63991667/tifa_making_lara_her_sex_slave

Tifa Lockhart is your Dominatrix: https://milovana.com/webteases/showtease.php?id=58681
Dungeon Adventures - An Erofights Tease: https://milovana.com/webteases/showtease.php?id=59447&key=0ce7f793de
You are in control of Tifa Today: https://milovana.com/webteases/showtease.php?id=59865&key=1742226434

-Tifa Lockhart

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Time for some yoga! You command him to get down on all fours, arch, and then extend his back 5 times. All the while fingering himself. Calf and cow position while stroking They are to squat down like in the picture while masturbating until they reach the edge. Edge while squatting Let's see that cock twitch to attention. You order him to flex his cock, release, then repeat 5 times. Flex your cock 5 times You order him to ride his dildo. Let’s see him work it! Ride a dildo You instruct her to insert her favorite butt plug until told to remove it. Insert butt plug Time to work on those pecs! You order them to drop and give you 10 pushups! 10 Pushups! Gently push your hips down into the floor. Cobra Pose You make him lust over hot and sexy armpits by stroking slowly 50 times! Sensual strokes for armpits You tell him to slowly stroke just the tip for 30 seconds. Stroke the tip slowly to feet Time for some yoga! You command her to get down on all fours, arch, and then extend her back 5 times. All the while fingering herself. Calf and cow position while fingering

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