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Seeking short games, roleplays and more depending on what you're interested in doing.

Bi / Switch


Hey there! Yes, i'm talking about you! Looking for an easy fight with a submissive female who will obey every command coming from you? Then i'm sorry to say that you're going to have the exact opposite. This gal doesn't give up easily, and it's going to her best to give you the best challenge of your life, losing is not a option.

About La Pikacha (WIP)

She is, in the most clear sense of the word, a wrestler. Pikacha treats every match like a challenge, and i can guarantee she doesn't give up on almost any circumstances, surprising her opponents with a absurd amount of willpower, combined with a deadly sex drive that already gives you an 89,3% chance of releasing at least 2 orgasms in case you go against her. She has an overall positive and extroverted personality, being often smug and provocative, she has a tendency of humiliating her opponents when she's with the advantage, asking for her fans's support and encouragement, and going even further by giving the opponents an heavenly experience, just to ruin their orgasms in their last seconds of pleasure.

Another ~~victim~~ opponent dominated by La Pikacha!~

Despite that, she's kind-hearted, and outside of the ring she likes to hangout with friends, is pretty flirty, and loves to cuddle and give affection, giving great experiences to those who manage to get a bit too personal with her.

Languages supported: Brazilian Portuguese, English.

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