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I'm the girl next store... that your mommy warned you not the fuck with.
Don't let the cute exterior fool you, I will break you and leave you begging for more by the time we are done.

The fun stuff.
22 years old, and while I may not be the tallest or the strongest, I am more than enough woman to destroy whoever crosses my path.

I prefer the Wrestling modes. Even won the championship on 9/30/22
Gentlemen, if you message me asking for a game... you will more than likely be blocked. If you happen to catch me in a public lobby, you may ask for permission to DM me.
If you do not ask for permission, you will be blocked.... this is your one and only warning.
It is mandatory you have Anal Male and CBT/Pain on, failure to follow instruction will result in your profile being blocked.
(Those are my terms, if you don't like them look elsewhere)

Trans ladies.... You are more than welcome to try your luck with me in the ring, but I warn you... My strappy doesn't have to reload, and I bet you anything it will be bigger than what you are bringing to the fight~

Ladies.... Ready to test yourself and see who the superior bitch really is? (Also, would prefer Anal Kink be activated for matches)

here's a nice little bonus for reading all the way to the end.
To prove you've done this in your messages, Address me as Miss Rachel in your first sentence.
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Now get down on your knees and open wide~
(Before you ask, no it's not me in the pictures)

The quest for the demon horn strapon~
Having a desire to further my power I challenged an adorable demon to a battle for a strapon which I could control the size/width as well as transfer the pleasure it receives to myself and gaining the ability to cum with it. PHOENIX put up one hell of a fight but in the end I broke off her horn and fucked her tight little ass with it till she admitted defeat. Taking her horn and having her craft it into my new demonic strapon.
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As I've slowly taking a liking with some of the hentai gifs... only seemed fitting I added a version of myself in there as well.

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Current rules
1. For the next week if any cock is smaller than your strap on you must ask them permission to touch it before being able to do any action with your hands to a cock. (Lasts until Aug 16th)

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