Jessica xoxo (Level 6) mail warning

Role play or fast paced and always competition

W:4 L:5

My name is Jess I'm a 5'4 lady with an something to prove. I'm here to rack up as many wins as i possibly can to prove my dominance over the rest of you. I'm Open to any non IRL bets and encourage so You know I'm serious.

Rules/wall of conquest:
My first ever game I suffered an embarrassing loss in front of a crowd to lizabeth Rose who dominated me all game but ended it on a wholesome note

Zoro in the hentai area

Adrian: Having Bound me for most of the game Adrian made sure to make good use of all my holes face fucking, double penetrated, and finally finishing me off in a mating press not a single soul could resist. And for daring to challenge him to begin with he imosed the following rule.

for your next 5 games, you have to skip when you get fucked from behind.

Loss #3
Jude:Stepped into the ring with Jude and things went downhill right from the beginning, this was a total domination. Despite making him cum once he took full advantage of the rule imposed by Adrian and took me from behind for what felt like half the game. Bending me over time and time again untill he finishing me off.

Loss 4
The match started with a snark and bets of subjugation, but over the course of my longest slog of a game we both wore each other down finishing multiple times each. Both of us with bets related to skipping turns when our ass is fucked we took advantage of each others weaknesses no holding back. At the end of the day he broke me first finishing my off with mind-blowing oral. And ending with a mutual respect for one another. I will admit that "Hector dominated me I am his little anal slut"

Loss #?
I just took the fucking of the century by John. It was a one way domination. He fucked me senseless. Making me cum on his suck over and over. I am really just holes to a man like him. A useless toy to be used. Once he was finished wreaking my holes he threw me on the bed and cucked me with my best friend who he reminded me was so much tighter then me.

Whenever I get the option to tap I must

When I'm vibed roll a d6 on anything under a 6 I skip

Whenever I get the option to "submit to cock" I must.

your new rule is that until you win 5 games, you must skip whenever someone fucks your ass

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