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Well hello there :3
Its seems you found me well i shoud introduce myself
Well like you can see im a kitsune~
A 6 tail kitsune make from the forest spirit but i can also do something special i can change my body in manyway just like this~An exemple ;)

My story

Well my power came from the spririt they make me what i am but one day during a walk a strange fog surounded me and sudenly a strange creature grap me.I try to resist but i was feeling weak i. The only think i remember is that i heard some whispers i was trap and chain by an entity. Lucky one day i succes to escape but i feel a sharp pain and collapse in the floor when i wake up i was curse i was..... Something else i gain some power but he leave a mark on me, that i hide and my body has change but i only show it to people that i trust

The curse

The curse made me in a shape shifter well not exactly since when i use a transformation my personality change most of the time for now there is my transformation

slime formhi really slippery ~>~

cat form he is very playfull :3

inccubus forma very seductive form

oni form a competitive rude qnd strong form

Octopus form or octono you call him like that

Mermaid form his innocent and curious

Maid outfit


I also have a bell from musashi

Link Title

Ellen the futa

Vylsya the succubus

Nurse Valentine

Ussuri the Yeti girl

Eliza the egyptian goddes

Nun double

Chiyo the geisha


I was scared of what i become but she help understand that it will be okay Erubetie
I train her and.... Humm.. Other things happen 😳

One of my companionKaeryn a dark elf that really like to tease and like to hit low. What its not like something happen between us >////<

Another companion and a creation of mine A.D.A she is a robot girl that i made and brought to life using my skill and magic.

but do you wnow what make me even stronger my conpanion of the kitsune army My boss <3
and my friends Doodette we only just beggin but together we are strong and flufy. 💜

I really like cuddle and head pats. ❤️

.Really like to cuddle and snuggle in game or when im in the public so don't be shy causes i am .👉👈🥺

well since im a kitsune what about my special body 🤔

If you want you can touch and caress my tail but don't touch my ears if i don't say you can or you gonna regret it.

what I can do to you ? 😳

Well i can use my tail to fuck you or to bound you or just to cuddle with you.

So how about me ?🌺

Im a switch i can be a good little sub or dom you depend on how i feel in the match and i really like tease and beeing tease, im also French so if you want i can speak french a bit if you want. ❤️🇫🇷💜

My kinks💜

I like most kins and open to try anything if i feel confortable with you but i really like foreplay also open for bet if you want.

The wrestling Story

If his kitsune form his a Mostly soft version when he turn into the oni he become a fierce fighter
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My notable match

With the help of Gina and Liv she make me close to cum with they feet and then she finish me with a toejob cumming on her feet🥵but after i just get to excited to make her feel good using my tongue and she cum on it😝but she directly show me how to use a mouth to please the other on my still sensitive and throbing cock i wanted her to feel good and ask her to just relax and let it go cumming on my arms while beeing pound so i win the bet and thats because she is so nice ♥️ ♥️

If you want to play with me you can send me a message

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