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Hi \o and nice to meet you swings his tail

I'm a little Kitsune, who find this website and decided to stay here... because... because it is a nice place!
For people who doesn't know what is a Kitsune... all you need to know is I'm a human with a fox ears and tail!

Pretty naive, a little submissive, I'm a total foot/legs/shoes lover.
But I can to be a little wild too, and makes my prey cumming hard without letting her any chance to resist~

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I love playing in Classic and Hentai
I have some difficulties with making a roleplay in Wrestling, because I have very few experience into this, but don't hesitate if you want to learn me about it!
I'm sure a Kitsune can use pretty skilled wrestling move~
I do Interactive or Femdom occasionnally, but I need to have trust into my partner, so I never go in MM for this.

I love doing roleplay.
I'm not a native english speaker, so my roleplay is not really elaborate, but I like trying to do my best to satisfy my partner!
I really love dirty talk too, so don't worry if you are afraid about a long game wih too much roleplay, I'm perfectly fine with shorter game!

And now... will you be my prey? Or will you manage to got me before I make you cum relentlessly?~
There's only one way to answer, don't you think?~

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My DM are open!
I'm a member of the welcoming Committee, so don't hesitate to send me a message!
If you want to talk about anything and nothing, to ask any question you can have about the game or even me!
Don't hesitate to send me a message!

I'll not bite you! I swear! Unless you try to touch my ears or tail... they're the most sensitive parts of my body ??

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I also wrote few stories for the blog, so if you want to know about the Kitsune's adventures on Erofights, you can peek here!

The Evil Kitsune!

Valeria, the Slut Godess, tried to tame the Evil Kitsune and milked him hard. But he finally fucked her too much, and she wasn't able to endure it, and finally surrended to him!
To punish this fool try, the kitsune collared her, and brings her with him into his Dark Castle...

But a valiant and proud Knight, Gabriella came to free her beloved.
She disguised herself into a maid, to deceive the vigilance of the Evil Kitsune, and finally found him ... but instead of a hard fight she was ready for ... she just found a needy Foxy desperate to cum...
After using her charms, and her alluring legs and feet, she finally left the Castle with her beloved, but decided to bring the Kitsune with her, restoring balance and peace in the kingdom ...

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But the Evil kitsune story wasn't over...

Despites of being now owned by the Knight who defeated him, he met another Kitsune, and decided to create an army, to one day being able to rules on the realm of Erofight!

So this is the members of the Kitsune's Army:

Of course, all Kitsune are welcome in this army!
We will makes our ranks grown up, until we can rules this world!

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Brother and Sister

In the past, me and my sister fusionned our souls.
When one of us is awake, the other is sleeping, deep inside our mind...
But we're not sharing the same body! I told you it's about spirit!
Don't try to understand it, it's Kitsune's magic~

Here's her appearance when she's awake!

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If you are not against cross gendering and if you are interested, feel free to drop a message to ask me a game with her.
I'm not available everytime, but if i'm not, we can plan a game together!

English is not my native... I'm a French Kitsune \o/
So if you are more comfortable with French during our rp, we can use it...

Otherwise, my apologies for my poor english ! But I'll give my best for you!


I participate to the December tournament with the team Sassies Skiers, and we won the best Costume contest!
Here are the costume we had for the tournament!

From left to right :
PerfectPet , Diana Adams , Me \o/ , and Felix

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During the Halloween Tournament, I was bite by a bat, and I became a Batsume!
But even in this form, I was defeated and didn't pass the pool phase ??

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Your messages together

Unable to escape your hold or endure your feet, he cums all over the ring. Orgasm on the mat! Cum from her feet! After grabbing his legs, you place a foot on his cock to give him an electric massage. He won't be able to last long! Denki Anma He could not endure your feet, causing him to explode and shoot cum all over himself! Denki Anma You finished him with your tail, and now stares at him with a kind smile ... he looks so pleased ... he's so cute ~ Game Over Let's finish him with all your power... Full Power Paizuri (Special) You use your toes to stroke his hard dick. Toejob You feel his cum between your breasts... The fight is over. Full Power Paizuri Cum Your sockjob made him cum after only a few seconds! Sockjob Cum You feel his cock twitch between your soft socks as you give him a footjob. Sockjob Unable to endure your skilled mouth any longer, you feel his semen shooting into your mouth. You let go of his cock, proudly staring up at him with your mouth full of his cum. Cum in mouth Because of your skilled toes, his cock explodes, bursting a load all over your feet! Toejob cum Placing your feet on his face, you grip his cock firmly, and jerk him mercilessly! Foot Smother Handjob You knew perfectly he couldn't handle your feet! You look at his cum covering your feet, while laughing with your friend... Teamwork Footjob Cum Time to show him how you and your friend are good with your feet! Teamwork Footjob He kept his boxer... Well, that will not prevent you to rub your foot on his crotch, feeling his penis throbbing under your sole... Foot rub through his underwear The scent of his body has attracted Kitsune in heat ...
They press against his cock, and starts to lick and sucks it hard ... Kitsune in Heat You decide to prevent her from moving ... and now, let's make her cum ! Tie and Fuck her from behind That's a good moment to give to this boy a Paizuri, his face is melting while having his cock squeezed in Nao's boobs Paizuri You restrain your opponent and offer him to the public. Let the public have fun Time to taste his semen ... Kitsune Mouth Paradise You feel her trying to resist and her face is already melting in pleasure. And her throbbing cock is telling you more than you need, she will cum for you. You increase the pace a little, and suddenly see her shooting her load all over your hands and feet. Cum on her hands and feet You stroke her with your soft hand and squeeze the base of her cock with your tender feet. Handjob with feet He couldn't handle it anymore, and while you're stopping to rubs your foot on his cock, you watch him making a mess in his boxer, while melting in pleasure... Cum in your underwear You start to massage his prostate, milking all the cum out of his balls. Prostate Milking She couldn't endure it any longer, and you just looks at the incredible amount of cum she's blowing off, astonished Cum between her feet It's time to get to serious things... You turn around, naked, and look at him. He seems to be a little impacted by the view of your cute naked body, to say the least! Removes all your clothes You targeted his weakness, and he couldn't endure it. You look at his cock, cumming from your handjob, his body squirming in pleasure. Well done~ Cum in hand, while sniffing feet The look on his face ... he's enjoying this so much~ Vis-a-vis Kitsune Footjob Harder ... Better ...  Faster ... Stronger ! 
Milk this cock !!!!!! Kitsune's magical hands You got him, and watch him cum all over your hands, before sucking and cleaning his cock, tasting his tasty semen Milked in her hands The feeling of your tail was too much for him ...
Overwhelmed by pleasure, he bursts his load into your tail ...
You smile, looking at his cum flying, while his face is melting in pleasure ... Tailjob Cum You wrap your tail around her cock, and start to stroke it... She can't help but squirm in pleasure as she tries to resist the urge to cum... Tailjob (Special) You wrap your tail around his cock, and start to stroke it ...
He can't help but squirm in pleasure as he tries to resist the urge to cum ... Tailjob (Special) He thinks he is sneaky, trying to catch you from behind like that. No way! You see him coming, and stop him with a powerful heel kick into his balls! Heel Kick Knowing he has a foot fetish, you decide to attack his weakness. Smothering him with your soft feet, you start to skillfully stroke his cock, feeling it throbbing in your hand. Foot Fetish Handjob You decide to make him cum with all that you have, and start to suck him really hard, bobbing your head back and forth and swirling your tongue around his tip. Intense Fellatio Putting your feet on her breasts, you start to play with them. Her expression is telling you all that you need to know. She has a foot fetish, and she really likes it~ Feet on breasts You launch a kick into his balls, feeling them crush under your foot. Kick Balls The feeling of your tail was too much for him... Overwhelmed by pleasure, he burst his load into your tail... You smile, looking at his cum flying, while his face is melting in pleasure... Tailjob cum As expected ~
You see his warm semen blowing out of his cock ...
It seems he couldn't endure it any longer ~ Paizuri Cum You lay his head on your lap, as you lovingly stroke his hard member. Nursing Handjob Knowing they won't be able to resist, you show your opponent your beautiful feet. Foot Show Trapping your opponent's cock between your thighs, you pump him hard by moving your legs up and down. Thighjob Just like that, you made him cum. He blows his load all over your thighs, proof of your superiority. Thighjob Cum As he seems to enjoy it, you tell him to cum while slapping his balls. Cum while slapping your balls!