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Hello everyone, my name is Alyona. I'm a 24yo college student and baker on the side.

If you see me hanging out in public rooms feel free to engage, that's how I like to meet the people I play around with. A dm is nice too but I might take a while to get back to you on that. Don't message me asking for a match as I don't get competitive towards random people.

Not a Dom, nor a Sub nor a Switch, I'm a Bug! On a serious note, my mood switches between extremely subby and hardcore domme so I can't really tell you what to expect, though I'm more likely to make you squirm to my will once I'm first meeting you.

I like most things, feel free to ask about my limits if you need to.

I'm sorry if I take too long to answer you, I'm doing my best.

💗 My favorite people 💗
Marie - Goddess of whips and chains

I used to be one of Marie's pets back in the day.
She's a lady with a heart of gold and a fair whip that strikes only those deserving.
From making any conversation about any given topic a blessing to making me addicted to hours-long IRL matches, Marie truly won my heart. She will forever be my favorite person on the whole website. I'm in love with her and nothing will ever change that.
Perfect with IRL stuff, amazing to talk to, can play me like it's nothing, read me like she's inside my mind, program me to be her plaything, play into my deepest desires and be the best friend I could ever wish for the very next moment. I never met someone like her and don't think I'll in a long time.
She's gone for now, but will forever stay in my heart, her humor and kindness truly marked me and I hope she has all the success and love this world has to offer.
My goddess of whips and chains, and what a woman.

With love,
Your eager pet, Alyona

Lya - Queen of latex

I met Lya through her girlfriend, Marie, first as the hottest threeway matches ever written, either two beautiful women making me the happiest sub in the world or collaborating in pleasing Marie.
She's a clever and lovely girl, her writing is off the charts and her lewd (or not) DnD campaigns are the best around.
Her mere presence turns me on and she knows and takes full advantage of it.
Some people might only see her as Marie's girlfriend because she's not very active but with all the work she puts into her worlds, the quality of her RPs, and the fun she brings to our matches she's my go-to for a handful of types of fun.
I'm not sure if she's going to be back, she was barely here to begin with, but I do hope her life is full of fantasy and dreams just has she deserves.‎

Cinnamon - My thicc spice girl

Obedient, horny and eager to serve. With her cozy personality, great tits, tight wet pussy, warm smile and an ass that will have you wish you could just watch it bounce as you fuck her in all possible positions while making sure she gets a handprint to remind her of each one. Cin won me over.
In the beginning she was just another sub weaseling her way into all my favourite doms' arms. One night just wanting to show her I could have her if I wanted, I made her my stripper for the night. From then on we can't get enough of each other.
Not satisfied by branding her with a tramp stamp I decided to make it official, she's mine, I claim her pussy, her ass, her tits, her whole body and soul for my personal enjoyment.

(More coming soon)

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