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Dear people of Erofights,

I had a good run, I really did.
But I haven't been enjoying EF as much as I used to, many people are gone, and some have grown distant, from matches to game rooms to lurking I've grown cold to all of it, lots of memories and fun but it has come to an end.
To all the ones sad about it, don't feel sad I'm gone, be happy I was here. I know I owe some of you matches and for that, I apologize as I will not be fulfilling those.
I'm going to try and come wrap some stuff up and turn this character into something worthy of its lifetime and go out with a boom (Sorry if I don't), so I'll be on a couple of times every now and then for a short time if you need closure.

Marie 💋

It's over... why are you still scrolling?
Are you just curious to see what else is there in my profile? Perhaps you're a horny little thing scrolling to get to the old profile? Oh, maybe you've been here before... You know what comes next, you can't resist coming back, can you? You're just a horny little slut, gooning and serving someone who is not even here... Is it because you miss me? Or do you just like to fantasize about me? Let me know, message me, and let the messages sit there and pile up, a reminder of how many times you've done this...

You can already feel your hand sliding down, can't you? It's okay you can touch it....... good girl..... is it sensitive because you've failed down the line and were ordered to start over? Or are you just starting to get stuck in this loop of horniness and submission? Go faster, you're feeling it, you're realizing you're a slut, reading this while you rub your clit ... faster ... you're breathing heavily now, reading faster hoping you're going to make it to the end before you edge. Notice I didn't say cum, you wouldn't dare cum without permission, would you? You're a good girl, for me at least. Faster... between breaths say my name, I'm the one you came to for pleasure, you owe me that.

You're going so fast, good girl! Let your other hand roam around, feel the horny slut here, a wet mess serving one mistress, grope your breasts, feel your hard nipples... faster... you don't think you can go any faster, do you? pinch the left one, ... harder... pull on it, hold ... just 5 seconds.
Count with me....








You can let go now. Are you already at the edge? Good, you can edge now. Good girls never cum until they're told to, remember?
Hold it, savor it, if you're not at it yet you better get there before you run out of words, after it reaches the next paragraph you won't be able to edge for a little bit, come on you can do it, faster, rubbing your clit, moaning, breathing heavy, moaning my name, to my profile, to my written word, to my beat, to my orders, you're my bitch.... edge.... now!

Hold the edge for 5 seconds
Count out loud with me:
3..... Thank you, Miss Marie!
4..... I'm Miss Marie's slut!
5..... I want to be her toy!

Let go, hands off. Deep breaths, let your body calm down. You're doing great. You are great! Other wise I wouldn't let you serve me.

Enough pleasantries, back to edging, you dumb slut. That's right, you're a dumb whore, your pussy is so sensitive still.... harder .... you're horny bimbo .... faster .... a mindless little cunt .... slap your tits ..... again... hurts so good .... again but harder. I said harder! Who said you could slow down the other hand? Do this whole paragraph again until you get it right....

You already did? I don't believe it, do it once more.
Good girl, you can thank me now...

(Nothing else for now, do it from the top, 10 times, and then message thanking me for edging you and then denying you as punishment for stalking my profile!)

The old profile:

Sole proprietor of the Canto V Casino ‎· .

Welcome to my profile.
I'm a woman of great passions, namely teasing, breaking, and claiming sluts.

About me

I'm gay, very gay, extremely fucking gay in fact, so, guys, not really sorry but refrain from messaging me for games or asking to get dommed.

Don't often play competitive, as my expertise is IRL and being an overall badass. I'm also more of a lurker these days. Very unlikely I'll go against randoms, sorry I know enough great people I can have a match with and I will choose them over you. However, I encourage you to show me how amazing you are.

Disclaimers aside, I tend to be heavily dominant. I'm primarily attracted by personality so a good profile is already halfway there, only matched by a nice chat as I won't be invested in your pleasure if I don't care for you.

I'm huge on S&M, bondage, and most things BDSM. And I quite enjoy wearing latex.

The bottom bitch


Miss Marie's Wall of Pets

I met Alyona back when I first joined, a wholesome, polite, wonderful, and amazing person that's yet to be matched by anyone else. And the best part, she is twice as kinky. Found her chatting on public chat, and ended up playing around with her. She, being quite a proficient and obedient girl (and extremely gorgeous), became the first pet on my wall after a long, intense interactive match.

Poor girl couldn't stop asking for a deal with the devil. Well, she got what she signed up for. Broken and reprogrammed to be an edgeslut, obsessed with edging over and over without ever getting an orgasm. To all you lovely ladies, edge 10 times to honor her commitment!

From teasing her about losing to bots on a daily basis to having her as one of my most loyal pets. Doing everything to earn that "good girl", proving herself by overcoming her lack of skill at edges and even discovering new kinks. The slut really earned her spot on the team.

What a wonderful lady she is, poised, well-behaved, and level-headed. That is until she meets me, some great conversations later she lets down her guard, opening Pandora's box that'd lead her down a downward spiral of pleasurable shame and humiliation. Getting slightly more submissive each time we played around and finally asked to become my pet. For her birthday, I fucked her silly and gifted her a collar, turning her into a sex toy in front of everyone present.

⭐ - Pet of the week

What to expect

If you happen to come across me in MM, which is quite rare, I won't expect much from you and will probably be playing for fun, so don't worry too much about it.

As for IRL games, the rules and limits will likely be established beforehand via private messages, as that's how most of my games get arranged.

Trying to work out my mind on doing public RP matches as doing it through pms has been really fun. So expect some of those coming soon.

Thank you for reading this far

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Kiss her thigh As you make out, you can't help yourself and grab her ass, feeling it as you squeeze. Feel her ass as you kiss Rub and moan my name As you're making out, you reach around her waist and slowly take off her skirt, letting it fall to the ground. You take a second to admire her beautifull ass. Take off her skirt She's just too cute not to pick up and squeeze. It gets even better when she hugs and holds you tight. Pick her up She's so hot, you just can't wait. You decide to get more comfortable, taking your dress off as she kisses you. Take off your dress As you're making out, you reach around her waist and slowly take off her shorts, letting them fall to the ground. As you slide them off, you take a second to feel her wonderful ass underneath them. Take off her shorts You get closer, your lips just an inch away from her ear as you whisper something to her. Maybe something dirty, maybe something sexy or maybe even something cute. That's for the two of you to know and everyone else to wonder. Whisper in her ear You reach for her, sliding your hand alongside her back and grabbing her by the waist to pull her closer to you. Pull her by the waist You gently lift her dress just enough to reveal her wonderful ass. Lift her dress

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