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3 heads for maximum semen spread!

Welcome to my profile page! Glad you could make it. I assume you came here cause you wanted to find out a little about me. So let's begin:
(Long time lurker with just a few games with bots so far).
(I'm also not a native speaker. I let autocorrect take care of most spelling mistakes, but please do excuse my grammar.)
I'm a total Switch and can go from being your good little boy to doming you any way you want whenever the situation calls for it. Mainly I tend to the shy sub-space though. But don't expect me to go down without a fight. I can (and probably will) be very bratty.
I'm bi and officially identify as non binary, accepting all pronouns. Just remember: "cum dumpster" is a gender neutral term. 😉
I also really enjoy rp and might be down for some bets, if you got any ideas.

Since I kind of have way too many kinks to list, I'll just keep it short and say I'm up for just about anything.
My biggest kinks include: Femdom, latex (the material and the player :P), BDSM and denial.
Sometimes I'm also into feminisation/sissification, but that depends very much on my current mood.
My only limits are anything public (only for the children's sake of course) and any sort of toilet/diaper play

Frequent "making Alice your Bitch" miles
So... After having Jamie beat me 4 times in a row, I have decided it might be fun to add some spiciness to the whole thing. So... If you manage to beat me the according number of times IN A ROW you will gain the respective reward, if you want them. If you have any further proposals, please do let me know and I might add it.

1st win: If I enjoyed it, I might be enticed to play a second. This doesn't actually require a win though. I'll even give this reward if I like you and the very likely case occured that you lost.
2nd win: I will give you an honorable little mention on my page
3rd win: I will follow along irl with the rp as much as I can with my toys for all following sessions.
4rd win: gain control of my lovense hush for the next session we play.
5th win: you may collar me or mark me in any way you wish and gain a special mention on my page. You may also gain master/mistress controls for my lovense plug
7th win: you may take control of my chastity keys for one whole week. You decide when or if I receive pleasure for that time.
10th win: you may lock me up for up to a month. Each consecutive win after the 10th win will reset the month. On the other hand, should we play again after the 10th win and I win, one week gets taken off the sentence.

In case you feel like you wanna spice our game up a little, I do have a moderately sized collection of toys as well, including:
Rope (tons of it (help I'm drowning in rope))
Padded leather cuffs
Nipple clamps
Ring gag
Spider gag
Harness gag
Ballgag (rubber+plastic)
A silicone chastity cage (reeeeally want the cellmate though)
A 5'' dildo 1,5'' thick (boring)
A 6'' ribbed dildo 3'' thick (short but thick)
A 7'' glow in the dark dildo 1,5'' thick (uh! Glowy!)
A 7'' vibrator 1,5'' thick
A 8'' rainbow pride dildo 3,5'' Inch thick (my favorite 🤤)
A strap-on that fits each of these
A 1m anal beads chain (more of a novelty item I guess)
A double ended dildo
Two pumps (dont ask, I got both for free...)
About 20 cock rings (again... They were free. But they vibrate~)
A bullet vibrator
One cock massager
Two small plugs (are they in yet?)
Two medium plugs
One large plug (biggest I can fit so far)
One locking plug
One inflatable plug
A prostate massager
A large lovense hush plug (internet controlled 😉)

== Results from ==
100% Rope bunny
100% Brat
100% Brat tamer
100% Switch
98% Rigger
95% Experimentalist
93% Slave
92% Submissive
91% Dominant
65% Masochist
62% Master/Mistress
56% Pet
40% Sadist
21% Vanilla
19% Exhibitionist (only irl though. Love the thought in rp though)

Memorable... Side stories? Encounters?
In a Match of Mistress Emily and m1000, I made the grave mistake of saying "hello". After quickly being spotted by another onlooker, Danny, I was quickly pulled into the edgefest that was going on. Together, Mistress Emily and Danny made me edge for them, together wirh m1000 and some others. At this point I did not know this would be the point of no return. Seeing Mistress Emily online at a later date in a match with m1000 again, I decided to join the chat once more by teasing m1000. It probably goes without saying that Mistress Emily made me pay for that quickly. After denying me my stroking, she made me deepthroad a 8'' dildo over 400 times, made me collect my spit and cover myself twice with it. After extensive teasing, she even made me get out my Lovense Lush buttplug to controll my pleasure.
With the help of the plug, she promised to condition me to be able to edge just from gagging. Ever since this, I have been her conditioning labrat.

During the big EF downtime of 2021, I met many new and amazing people on the EF discord. Including the sweet and sexy October. After a couple of kinky fun sessions, he gained control of my chastity keys for a week. Ever since, we have been constantly switching and taking control, domming and subbing for the other while playing kinky games.~

Through my encounters with Mistress Emily and through a bit of lurking with Lizzie, I stumbled across the amazing Trol. Mistress Emily quickly conviced me to give my cage keys to Trol, which I did without a second though. After just one week of being in control, my new miss milked me dry with 4 ruined orgasms in a row and 2 full orgasms to follow up. Needless to say, I could not feel my limbs anymore afterwords, but it was amazing! Ever since she has had full control. In the second week, she then proceeded to let me unlock myself for a few hours a day, for which, in return, I had to be her obedient little maid girl, shackled, gagged, plugged, clamped, collared and with cock rings on, cleaning my house while not being allowed to touch myself. Again needless to say, the cleaning quickly went from main focus to very unfocused...

Memorable victories
After threatening to make me her anal slut, Tania quickly discovered how good it could feel to just submit for once. It took a while for her to understand her place, as she made me cum twice, with the help of a friend, but after I pounded three orgasm out of her and got her and her friend locked up, she quickly decided that it was better to just obey, if she ever wanted those keys back. To even the scores, she let me fill her up one last time after the match ended, for which she also got her keys back in return. But at least she now knows where she belongs.

The sweet litte Queen Katy challenged me to a game with the intention of fucking me into the ground, making me cum beneath her cock. After managing to make me cum twice with the help of a friend, I finally showed her how good it could feel to get pounded to orgasm. She had a pretty big mouth during out match, but had to accept defeat in the end. Not accepting her defeat though, she requested a rematch with a unique challenge. Every in game orgasm leads to a real orgasm and every cum test was an edge. After keeping the Queen one orgasm ahead, it soon stood at a solid 4-4... Edging had become a burden at that point, both struggling. In the end, the Queen made my character orgasm one last time, showing how superior she is. Irl, I was drained completely though. But damn, losing has never felt so sweet.

Memorable losses
After three games against the tall fox girl Jamie the score is now 4-0 for her. In our first match, she turned me into her ass slut and has only won since. After the third game, she has also disappeared under my bed, vanishing mysteriously. After trying to find her, all I found was a maid dress suddenly laying on my bed. I can only assume what she has in store for me for our next meeting.

People I definitely want to play with
I know it's sometimes very difficult to approach people... Even if you think you they might not mind it... So, I'm just going to put a list here... If you're on it, don't be afraid to approach me at any time! My answer will always be yes! And don't worry... If you aren't on the list, you can still try messaging me, but I am quite busy normally. But hey! You might be lucky!

Mistress Emily - Oh my.. what to even say? She breaks my mind, fills it with triggers and pieces it together again each time we play, taking me deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole...

Zoe - Not sure if I want to try and break this lovely girl, or if I want to submit, but damn I know I want to have some fun with her!

Trol, the best keyholder! - The lovely Trol. Currently my keyholder... But I just always want more sessions with her! She is too much fun!

Oh my beautiful Latex Slut - such a lovely girl! She might be a cute lil subby tease on the outside.. but damn does she have a kinky side O.O

Kenny/Kelly - Swiggety Swooty, I'm coming for dat booty!!!

EvilThorn, the cute lil fox - Still want more fun with my cute little foxy boy.

Ash, the bitchmaker - Hehe~ The name says it all, I think... Kinda want to see how I could hold up in a fight against her~

Ella - had some fun with her during the EF downtime with a lil instruction.. wanted to have more fun ever since

Alex, the very hung futa - technically I beat her, so she ows me a sub-session, but I couldn't dom someone with such a superior cock

Tania - haven't had such a close battle in quite some time... but still want to know what it feels like to lose to such a cutie..

Jamie - I've lost 4 times to her so far... She was the one that made me introduce the frequent bitch miles

Nina - another of those cuties I have met lurking in games... I heard she has one hell of a pancake recipe up her sleeve... Gonna have to make sure she shares those secrets, or at least some pancakes, with me 🤭

Lizzie, the cute cat girl - See her lurking every now and then... And have wanted to play with her for so long... Still waiting, cutie ;)

Ciel - They keep teasing me with their maginificent cock... When do I get my turn???? Oh.. and thanks again for the great slogan ;)

Garden - made Garden submit once before... But damn I love her roleplay and want so much more!

Nicole Wright - seems like a gal, right up my alley. A loevely switch as it seems... Wonder how much I have to brat to get her really riled up~

goth sissy bf - Met while lurking... And damn... such a cutie! I would be interested in seeing who comes out on top of that battle....

In case you are interested in a game, here's a quick overview of when you could find me active on the site. Might change from time to time, so please do check back every once in a while..
Everything in GMT±0...
Mondays-Thursday: 3:00-4:30, 14:00-16:00, 19:00-21:00
Friday-Sunday: mostly 24/7 😁

Locked status
Currently Locked for an indefinite amount of time...
In possession of key: Trol

Just to tease my favorite lil big boy, here's a reminder of the time when ciel was our cutest maid girl on EF
Maid Ciel

So if you're interested (especially traps, femboys, futas and trans girls), please do feel free to hit me up and we can have some fun. (I'm usually on from 5AM - 4AM 😋) Just also please make sure to have public games on. It's more fun.

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