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Lesbian / Switch

Welcome to my profile page! Glad you could make it. I assume you came here cause you wanted to find out a little about me. So let's begin:
(To start off I'm not a native speaker. I let autocorrect take care of most spelling mistakes, but please do excuse my grammar.)
I'm a Switch, leaning more towards submissive usually, but I will also not pass up a chance to put a cutie in their place. But be warned, even as a submissive, I won't go down with a fight, trying to brat my way to victory as much as I can... Or brat until you snap and teach me to regret my actions. Whatever comes first~

I'm bi and MtF trans, accepting all pronouns. Just remember: "cum dumpster" is a very gender neutral term. 😉
I also really enjoy rp (even if I'm very rusty concerting this) and might be down for some bets, if you got any ideas.

Since I kind of have way too many kinks to list, I'll just keep it short and say I'm up for just about anything.
My biggest kinks include: Chastitiy, latex (the material and the player :P), BDSM and denial.
My only limits are anything public (irl) (only for the children's sake of course) and any sort of toilet/diaper play

Frequent "making Alice your Bitch" miles
So... After having Jamie beat me 4 times in a row, I have decided it might be fun to add some spiciness to the whole thing. So... If you manage to beat me the according number of times IN A ROW you will gain the respective reward, if you want them. If you have any further proposals, please do let me know and I might add it.

1st win: If I enjoyed it, I might be enticed to play a second. This doesn't actually require a win though. I'll even give this reward if I like you and the very likely case occurred that you lost.
2nd win: I will give you an honorable little mention on my page
3rd win: I will follow along irl with the rp as much as I can with my toys for all following sessions.
4rd win: gain control of one of my lovense toys for the next session we play.
5th win: you may collar me or mark me in any way you wish and gain a special mention on my page. You may also gain master/mistress controls for my lovense toys
7th win: you may take control of my chastity keys for one whole week. You decide when or if I receive pleasure for that time.
10th win: you may lock me up for up to a month. Each consecutive win after the 10th win will reset the month. On the other hand, should we play again after the 10th win and I win, one week gets taken off the sentence.

In case you feel like you wanna spice our game up a little, I do have a moderately sized collection of toys as well, including:
Rope (tons of it (help I'm drowning in rope))
Padded leather cuffs
Nipple clamps
Ring gag
Spider gag
Harness gag
Ballgag (rubber+plastic)
A silicone chastity cage
A large metal cage
A flat metal cage
A internet controlled Cellmate cage (v1.0)
A 5'' dildo 1,5'' thick (boring)
A 6'' ribbed dildo 3'' thick (short but thick)
A 7'' glow in the dark dildo 1,5'' thick (uh! Glowy!)
A 7'' vibrator 1,5'' thick
A 8'' rainbow pride dildo 3,5'' Inch thick (my favorite 🤤)
A 12'' jelly dildo (way too huge for me rn)
A strap-on that fits each of these
A 1m anal beads chain (more of a novelty item I guess)
A double ended dildo
Two pumps (dont ask, I got both for free...)
About 20 cock rings (again... They were free. But they vibrate~)
A bullet vibrator
One cock massager
Two small plugs (are they in yet?)
Two medium plugs
One large plug (biggest I can fit so far)
One Y-plug
One internet controlled Qiui locking plug
Two inflatable plugs
A prostate massager
A large Lovense hush plug (internet controlled 😉)
A second, even larger hush plug (that might fit some day)
A Lovense fuck machine

== Results from ==
100% Rope bunny
100% Brat
100% Brat tamer
100% Switch
98% Rigger
95% Experimentalist
93% Slave
92% Submissive
91% Dominant
65% Masochist
62% Master/Mistress
56% Pet
40% Sadist
21% Vanilla
19% Exhibitionist (only irl though. Love the thought in rp though)

Memorable... Side stories? Encounters?

Memorable victories

Memorable losses

People I definitely want to play with

I'm not as active on the site as I used to be. I do have a full time job and a household to look after.
Sadly this limits my time severely and means I cannot be around 24/7 like I used to be.

Locked status
Currently unlocked
In possession of key:

So if you're interested (especially femboys, tomboys and trans folk), please do feel free to hit me up and we can have some fun.

Unrelated fun facts
- Did you know Echidnas have 3 headed penises? 3 heads for maximum semen spread! Sound like a good quote for Knuckles.

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